K K Mookhey - Wireless And Mobile Security: Advanced Solutions - interop Mumbai 2009


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A recent survey by a research firm found out that a majority of wireless networks in Indian enterprises were vulnerable. While industry solutions are available, few Indian enterprises are aware of standard best practices. This session will present some of the upcoming technologies being deployed by organizations to combat the ever-growing threats from using Wireless Technologies. K K Mookhey will introduce the features and benefits of some of the newer solutions as well as advancements from existing solution providers to secure Wireless technologies. This session will also highlight how Wireless LANs can be securely integrated with Wired LANs to ensure that corporate data security is not compromised.

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K K Mookhey - Wireless And Mobile Security: Advanced Solutions - interop Mumbai 2009

  1. 1. Wireless and Mobile Security Advanced Solutions K. K. Mookhey, Principal Consultant
  2. 2. Agenda Challenges Solutions WLAN Security WLAN Identity Management Preventing Dual Connectivity WLAN IDS/IPS Blocking Rogue APs and Connections Summary
  3. 3. Challenges Weak WLAN configurations W-WAN configuration consistency User identity management and authentication Rogue access points Users who connect to insecure/guest network while on the corporate network Monitoring WLAN attacks VA of WLAN
  4. 4. Wireless LAN Controller Corporate-wide or campus-wide implementation of Wi- Fi Features: Configure all Access Points with identical parameters LDAP-based authentication Identify and block rogue Access Points Implement access control lists to restrict WLAN access from Corporate Network Implement Wireless IDS/IPS capability Integrate with NAC for endpoint security
  5. 5. WLAN Controller
  6. 6. WLAN Controller – Enforce Encryption
  7. 7. WLAN Controller ACL Capabilities
  8. 8. WLAN IDS/IPS Features
  9. 9. Rogue APs - Detection
  10. 10. WLAN-NAC Interfacing Identify the user Interfaces with standards-based policy Identify servers – Microsoft NAP, Cisco NAC, Juniper UAC, others compliant with privileges of the Trusted Network Connect (TNC) user Enforce compliance on end-devices Verify user’s device configuration Anti-virus Patch levels Policy- compliance
  11. 11. WLAN Management Solutions Real-time monitoring of every user, AP, controller Inventory, usage, and trend reports Detect new WiFi and other devices connected on the network Group-based policy definition Distribute patches and updates across the network Audit device configurations Support for multiple devices Diagnostics and alarms Support for multiple types of wireless technology Integrate with NMS
  12. 12. Vendors & Solutions to Consider
  13. 13. Thank you! Questions / Queries K K MOOKHEY PRINCIPAL CONSULTANT NETWORK INTELLIGENCE INDIA PVT. LTD. AN ISO/IEC 27001:2005 CERTIFIED COMPANY Web http://www.niiconsulting.com Email kkmookhey@niiconsulting.com Tel +91-22-2839-2628 +91-22-4005-2628 Fax +91-22-2837-5454