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Radission Blu Hyderabad

  1. 1. Radisson Blu Hyderabad Website Design and Digital Plan
  2. 2. ObjectiveWebsite Design Strengthen• Add UI/UX Digital Presence elements • Search Optimization• Design to drive • Paid Search bookings • Social Media• A new domain for • Online Reputation the Hyderabad Property
  3. 3. Index• Industry Overview – Online Facts – Design Benchmarks• Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Hyderabad – Digital Audit – Areas of Improvement• Our Strategy – Website – Social Media – SEO – PPC – ORM
  4. 4. Industry Overview Online Fact
  5. 5. Online FactPurpose of visiting a hospitality website according to site visitors worldwide, (% of total): Make reservation: 26% Find hotel info: 20% Compare rates: 20% View / cancel reservation: 7% Other: 27% Source -Nooz, November 2011
  6. 6. Booking Trend Source – Google Search Report,2012
  7. 7. Industry Overview Design Benchmarks
  8. 8. Hilton Hotels & Resorts Synchronized design theme, extension panels, dynamic layout, Proper highlights and perfect images.
  9. 9. Social Media Integration – Focusing mainly on FB & Twitter
  10. 10. Screening all its awards on the home page
  11. 11. Booking Engine and all other sections aligned in a verysimple and interesting way.
  12. 12. Special offers and newsletter subscription sectionaligned in center in a beautiful and simple way.
  13. 13. Facebook Profile in Sync with the main website All tabs in sync with the theme of the hotel i.e. in blue color.
  14. 14. Twitter channel in sync with the same theme i.e. on the website and on Facebook asit makes more sense and uniformity.
  15. 15. Other hotels across the world with their websites andsocial media channels Marriott International
  16. 16. Marriott Hotels and Resorts
  17. 17. Marriott Hotels &Resorts’Facebook Page
  18. 18. Marriott Hotels &Resorts’Twitter Page
  19. 19. Radisson Blu Plaza Hyderabad Website Audit
  20. 20. The look and feel of the website is very dull and it is notconveying the vibrant, contemporary and engaging imageof the brand. So many links and back links are making the website cluttered and congested.
  21. 21. No proper use of the background. The blackbackground is giving a dull feel to the website.
  22. 22. India’s First Dilmah T-bar is not properly highlighted/promoted on the home page. This section should be promoted properly on the home page.The deals or its brief description should bevisible on the homepage itself.
  23. 23. So many navigation creates confusion. The primary andsecondary navigation should be in a proper hierarchy.
  24. 24. The inner pages ofthe website alsoincludes a plenty ofsteps to check thebasicInformation like rateand images.
  25. 25. The current statistic summary of the RadissonBlu website.
  26. 26. Website Analysis Status Suggestion Page rank is fine. Google Page Rank is largely based 5 upon the number and quality of backlinks aGoogle Page Rank (PR) webpage has. Need to increase Cached Pages, the more pages 21 cached for the website is an important factor forTotal Cached Pages in Site determining your sites rank in the search results.Total Back Link 12 Need to increase & build more Back LinksCanonical Issue Not Present Fine The domain is old; Domain age is an important 2008-06-11Web Site Age factor for search engine. The keyword density needs to improve by targeting AverageKeyword Density relevant keywords. Need to improve H Tags, for eg: - dining page - http://www.radissonblu.com/hotel- Present hyderabad/dining Here, “Fine Hotel Restaurants in Hyderabad” shouldH1, H2 Tag Optimization be H2 Need to implement relevant Meta Tags for all web PresentTitle and Meta Tag Optimization pages Need to add user friendly content and use of Average Keywords(BOLD) in content body and inter link theContent Optimization pages through keywords
  27. 27. Need to optimize all images through Alt tag. Not PresentAlt tag Optimization There is a scope of improvement in Alexa ranking 21,219Alexa Traffic RankFlash Based Website Used The Flash object is fine. Need to optimize Google Local Listing with major PresentGoogle Local Business Listing keywords Need a proper optimization strategy for site Average promotion including Content Optimization, On PageOverall Website Optimization and Off Page for SERPInternal Link Structure Average Need to Inter Link Pages through KeywordsSearch Engine and User Friendly Require Content optimization to make the site AverageWebsite search engine and user friendly. http://www.radissonblu.com/sitemap.xml need to Present update it on regular basis, it was last updated inSitemap.XML March, 2012. http://www.radissonblu.com/sitemap, It is an actual Present page of your website that outlines the completeHTML sitemap structure of your site.
  28. 28. More Suggestions:-• Need to implement “Online Chat” function. Adding live chat options (where avisitor can talk directly and instantly) to your website will help increase sales &conversions and improve customer satisfaction.• We recommended to have approx. 50-100 words content on home page(www.radissonblu.com/hotel-hyderabad) and the phone no. should appear at theright top of the page for better conversion.• Video testimonials of satisfied customers play an important role for new visitorto acquire the service from the site.• “Why choose us” section which emphasizes on the benefits of taking servicesfrom you.
  29. 29. • Testimonial page should be available on the website; it will impact on the newvisitor to acquire the services from the website.• Need to improve call to action, special discount banners should be highlighted onthe home page.• “Free call back” facility wherein a person can mention a phone number and a call ismade to them.• We would suggest you the new website on domain radissionbluhyderabad.com• We would also recommend you to build the mobile websites as most of the usersnow browse sites through their mobiles and no mobile compatible website meansyou are losing those customers.
  30. 30. Radisson Blu Plaza Hyderabad Website Design
  31. 31. Purpose Visitor SEO Needs Website MaintenaDesign Redesign nce CSS URL’s KISS
  32. 32. Design Approach• Brand enforcement  Using brand colors  Brand Logo and signs  Tag line• Web 3.0 based clean design  Interactive  Dynamic layout  Customized view  Search enabled layout• End user centric  Eased navigation  User friendly/ self help centric• Call to Action  Lead generation  User friendly - Contact Us
  33. 33. Proposed Design A B CD E F G
  34. 34. Proposed DesignA. Logo of Radission Blu would be placed on the top of the website either left or right.B. Primary links would be clearly visible on the home page promoting the services and offerings of the Hotel.C. Images would cover the maximum part of the website as images are the most important component of a Hotel Website. The images would be high resolution.D. Latest packages and latest happening /news of the hotel would pop-up in this section. The Sunday Brunch section would be promoted here.E. The testimonial videos of the pleased customers would be placed here in this section.F. The text testimonials of some VIPs and VVIPs would be shared on this section.G. Social Media channels’ link and Tripadvisor/Expedia links would be shared in this section.
  35. 35. Clean and simple secondary navigation Add a weather Plug-in so as to engage and inform people of best seasons to visit a country/ destination. This acts as an added featureAddress and contact number on the home page. Freecall no. would also be there on the home page.
  36. 36. Clean and simple internal pages with all most all relevantinformation
  37. 37. Digital Media Marketing
  38. 38. Digital Media MarketingSocial Media Plan• A revamped social media plan• Plan to promote Sunday Brunch• Offline integration with social media Search Engine Optimization • Optimized Google search results • Optimized website pages Pay Per Click • Paid Facebook, Google, TripAdvisor ads to generate leads • Ads to promote Sunday Brunch • Strategic ads which are target focused Online Reputation Management • Manage review • Content optimization through PR Channels
  39. 39. Social Media Plan
  40. 40. Completelyoptimized socialmedia channels
  41. 41. We are doing good on social media but now we need acampaign, a story. Story that your customers wouldshare(WOM).So, here we are coming up with a brand new story, a fresh campaign.
  42. 42. • We know that Customer Stories is the ace in the marketing.• Our story would create plenty of other stories that yourcustomers would share with his/her friends and family.• So let’s start with a story….
  43. 43. Meet Mr. Rohn and Miss Riya
  44. 44. Who is Mr. Rohn?• Rohn is 35 year old chef from Goa. His father is aPortuguese and his mother is from Panji.• He is married to a South Indian girl based in Hyderabad.• He is master-chef at Radission Blu Plaza Hyderabad andhas got a Hotel Management degree from IHM, Mumbai.• You can catch him at Radission Blu Plaza Hyderabadanytime.Rohn is known for his delicious continental and sea foods.Other chef call him Harry Potter. Yes, he do have a magicwand for sure 
  45. 45. Who is Riya?• Riya is a 23 year old girl born and bought up inHyderabad.• She is a waitress at Radission Blu Plaza Hyderabad.• She is been known for her hospitality and service.She is very caring and fun frolic.• If you are curious about Hyderabad, she is theright person to contact because she knows almosteverything about the city.
  46. 46. Why Rohn and Riya?• Rohn and Riya would be our tone of voice for the whole campaign.• When we would be talking about the hotel facilities, hospitality and thesightseeing then we would use Riya as our communication medium on SocialMedia.• When we would talk about F&B then Rohn would be our tone of voice.• This would break the monotonous way of promoting the hotel amenities andF&B.
  47. 47. Sample cover image on SocialMedia This dummy cover image is just for illustration purpose.
  48. 48. Sample Content
  49. 49. What else apart from such regular posts andtweets? Online Engagement Online + Offline Engagement
  50. 50. Online Engagement On Facebook: 360 Degree Treasure Hunt ContestObjective: To promote hotel properties and dining in an interesting way and to engagewith fans.Idea: The idea is to create a 360 Degree video of the hotel interior and using thatvideo we would ask some questions to our fans. Rohn and Riya would give them hintsin between the contest.Eg: Tell us the color of the saree the lady has wore in the painting on the left wall ofthe dining hall.Where we would run the contest?: On a Facebook tab and fans would answer itthrough the comment plug-in.
  51. 51. Sample screenshot of theapp
  52. 52. Sunday Brunch ContestObjective: To promote Sunday Brunch among the new and existing fans.Idea: The idea is to ask fans to share the pic of their Lunch/Dinner with an interestingcaption. Every week the most interesting entry would WIN a couple entry pass of theSunday Brunch. The winner would be chosen by Rohn and Riya from Radisson BluPlaza Hotel.Where we would run the contest?: On a Facebook app where fans would uploadtheir pictures with the caption.
  53. 53. A sample of picture upload contest
  54. 54. On Twitter: Follow and RT ContestOn Twitter we would start with the Follow and RT contest in which we would askpeople to follow us and RT a particular tweet.That particular tweet will include the message about the Sunday Brunch and the linkto the website.Eg: Follow us & RT this tweet to WIN a couple entry pass of the Sunday Brunch atRadisson Blu Plaza #Hyderabad. [Link of Sunday Brunch]
  55. 55. Hashtag based contestsHashtags are the best way to make your brand visible on Twitter.Some of the hashtags that we can use are:#myfavouriteSundayBrunch#foodformeislike#foodicantresist#SundayBrunchatRadisson#thingstodoinhyderabad#wheniwasinhyderabad#ilovehyderabadcozThese all hashtags have potential to engage our target audience and create word ofmouth and more visibility on Twitter.
  56. 56. On Instagram:• Instagram is widely used to click vintage photographs of foods and objects.• We can have a contest in which we would ask our fans to click images of dishesthrough Instagram and share it on Instagram with hashtag #ShootTheFood and themost interesting image would be selected as the winner.•The contest would be promoted through Facebook and other social media channels.
  57. 57. We would also develop a micro-portal where we will fetch all the images with thedescription #ShootTheFood from Instagram.
  58. 58. Online + Offline Engagement On Facebook: Smile with Rohn and Riya Contest• This is an interesting way of creating user generated content. In this contest wewould keep dummies of our character Rohn and Riya at the hotel.• We would ask our visitors to click their smiling image with Rohn or Riya and theywould have to upload that picture on our Facebook page. The best entry wouldWIN awesome goodies from Radisson Blu Plaza Hyderabad.
  59. 59. Do you ‘Like’ us?•This is an interesting way of integrating online and offline marketing.• Here we would build a kiosk with 2-3 iPads and we would ask our visitors to likethe Radissson Blu Plaza Hyderabad on Facebook and they would get a flat 10%discount on their total bill.• This would help us in adding our right TG on our Facebook page.
  60. 60. Sample kioskthat we willset-up at theentrance of theHotel.
  61. 61. BBM QR code Contest• QR Code of drawing online interaction with the guests• Most of the business class people have BlackBerry with them so this campaign is totarget that niche audience.• We would ask our guests to add us on their BBM list and on doing this they would get a5% off on their total bill.• We can use these BBM database to broadcast interesting offers on their mobiles.
  62. 62. E-Menu – Tablet/iPad• Self Descriptive E – Menu application, which works on Tablet computers• Ask for a Waiter/ Place an Order/ Request Cheque features• Menu Rating feature• Lead generation through login and feedback mechanism• Share to Facebook, twitter• Facebook/ Foursquare check-ins and rewards
  63. 63. • We would develop an iPad/Tablet app for taking orders at the restaurant. Theuser will have to login through Facebook/Twitter or Foursquare and once he willlogin it will automatically share the check-in and the user will be rewarded 10%discount on his/her order.• This app would give a pleasant experience to the user and will help us inbecoming viral on Social Media.
  64. 64. Search Engine Optimization
  65. 65. Search Engine OptimizationKeywords Onsite SEO Offsite SEO• Relevant • Page Titles • Builds image and combination • Meta Descriptions popularity for• Site & Industry • Copy & Content website related • 250 words/page • Increase keyword• Drives traffic to ranking in results • 2-5 % keyword website density • Affiliates with other• Competition sites • Bullet Lists consideration
  66. 66. Search Engine Optimization PhasesPhase 1 – Web Research and Analysis• Monitoring site traffic through analytics and webmaster tool• Monitor site configuration and detecting malware or crawl error etc and fix them• URL canonicallization optimization• Robots.txt Optimization• Extending (increasing number of pages) site by a deep web research for site• Tracking index and non-index pages in major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing)Phase 2 – On Page Optimization• Website Analysis and Competitor Analysis• Keywords Analysis for individual pages• Title and meta tag composition for site• Changing the website structure, navigation as per search engine algorithm• Alt Tag creation for all images• Web page content optimization• Checking the keyword density, proximity, prominence and semanticist of your keywords• Creating sitemap.xml for sites & update in google webmaster
  67. 67. Search Engine Optimization PhasesPhase 3 – Off Page Optimization• Directory submission• Article submission• Blog and Forums posting• Classified submission• RSS Create & Updating• Social bookmarking for sites• Forum submissionPhase 4 – Report Traffic Analysis & Monitoring• Web analytics traffic report (google analytics)• Generate monthly search engine ranking reports• Alexa ranking report• Website progress report• Monthly new suggestion
  68. 68. SEO Activity• Target to increase the relevant• Target group analysis – Search Trends• Meta Tags Creation• Navigation updates• Analytics code generation and• implementation• Article submission• Link exchange campaign• Content optimization
  69. 69. SEO PlanActivities- SEO Packages 15 PagesReview and analysis QuantityWebsite analysis 1Competitor Research 3keyword Research 16 - 20On-Page Optimization QuantityURL Mapping YesTitle Tag, Keyword, Description, Alt optimization 15 PagesInternal linking 15 PagesH1 ,H2 Optimization 15 PagesCreate Robot.txt YesHtml Site-Map YesXml Site-Map YesCheck Duplicate Content 15 PagesSubmit Site-Map in search Engines YesCanonical Issue resolve YesBroken Link check YesOutbound link check and implement no follow attribute YesURL Rewriting (Optional) 15 Pages
  70. 70. SEO PlanOff Page Optimization QuantityArticle Writing 6Press Release Writing 1Article Submissions 30Press Release Submissions 10Directory Submissions 300Social Bookmarking submissions 200Blog Creation 1Blog Writing 4Blog Posting 4Blog Directory Submissions 20Approved Article Link Sharing 60Blog Link Sharing 20Classified Ad Creation 2Classified Submissions 20Forum Postings 5Search Engine Submissions Yes
  71. 71. Google Local Business listing YesSEO Reports QuantityGoogle Analytics YesMonthly Seo work Report YesKeyword Report YesAchievement Report Yes
  72. 72. Pay Per Click Google PPC Facebook PPC
  73. 73. Google PPC A general search by a prospective user Google PPCYour website can be here withan effective PPC campaign
  74. 74. Facebook PPC• Promoted Ads on Facebook – Website – Facebook Page
  75. 75. Online Reputation Management
  76. 76. Online Reputation ManagementGood Online Reputation Management involves participating in the right socialmedia networks, interacting with industry bloggers & answering reviews
  77. 77. ORM Approach• Our Initiatives in Online Reputation Management Include: – Closely monitor online chatter. – Built out extensive web site and link building networks that facilitate our ability to shape search results. – Monitor your feedback on leading review channels and manage user generated content. – Monitor and manage your listing on leading review sites. Optimize listing with pictures and keywords.• For our Clients – For our clients belonging to the verticals of travel and hospitality, we cater to leading review sites like TripAdvisor, Expedia.com and Hotels.com. – We post management responses and focus not only on building your reputation but also branding your services as we focus on increasing your visibility on various review channels.
  78. 78. PR Newsletter/ Blog• Newsletter initiatives once a month to promote your property• A Public Relations oriented blog that will be included with your sub-domain will increase reach of your brand name in the virtual world