Ultimate SEO 2013


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Ultimate SEO 2013

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Ultimate SEO 2013

  1. 1. Ultimate SEO 2013This is the Best, Most CompleteSEO Product Available. If You are Serious About Wanting Great Traffic From Google, You Need This!
  2. 2. • Reviews from the 2013 version• Originally Posted by Andy Black Seo• Probably the most comprehensive guide to SEO in 2013. Leo covers just about every angle of SEO you can think of. Brilliantly layed out for easy referencing and implementation. If you want your SEO to sizzle this summer then this is well worth the investment!• Originally Posted by Philip John• I run a SEO agency and to stay on top of my game I have bought a ton of different SEO products over the last few years and thought I had seen them all...until now... This is a complete and comprehensive course on SEO, with a few new ideas (and how to apply some of the forgotten basics). Pay attention to what he teaches in this course and take action, because he reveals some of the BEST resources and tricks (ALL WHITEHAT) that I have seen - and will surely build your websites authority, getting you more traffic and quality visitors. I love this product and highly recommend it...grab it now - its well worth it...• It is actually pretty darn simple. This is the ONE SEO Reference That You Need This Year. Instead of getting one tiny piece of SEO information at a time, get it all at once. Traffic equals money. great SEO traffic means MORE money.
  3. 3. What Do You Get?Hundreds of Dollars Worth of Value: •The BIG Book (in-depth encyclopedia of SEO) in PDF form Covers 12 different types of SEO •Totally up to date including the most recent continuing Google updates •Over 300 pages of paperback book sized content •Organized so that you can find and jump to the exact information you need quickly •Practical questions used to evaluate how well a site is doing for each SEO type •Practical checklists to help you implement each type of SEO effectively
  4. 4. • Bonuses! Bonus #1: SEO for WordPress -- How to set up a WordPress site for great SEO with free or paid plugins• Bonus #2 from Andy Black (AndyBlackSEO): Bulk PR Checker and Google Parser• Bonus #3 from Peter Jones: SEO Rank Boss• Buy with Confidence! 30 Day NO QUESTIONS Money-Back Guarantee If this product doesnt meet your needs, just open a support ticket and we will happily refund your money. Period.
  5. 5. DetailsUltimate SEO 2013 is a set of products that cover Search Engine Optimization in an extremely completemanner. The products emphasize Google-friendly (white hat) approaches that work well now, and willcontinue to work in the future as Google and Bing further refine their algorithms. These productsprovide an update incorporating the very latest changes from Google.The primary customer benefit of SEO is traffic generation that is useful for a variety ofpurposes, including ecommerce, ad revenue generation, or just plain traffic desired by all websites.The primary difference between these materials and other WSOs (and FSOs) is their completeness.Other materials typically either cover a small subsection of SEO, or cover various parts in a cursorymanner. These materials undertake to cover a broad scope of SEO in a reasonably complete (althoughnot exhaustive) manner. For example, in my materials, I cover twelve different aspects of SEO, instead ofthe two usually covered.The core product is a book of about 300 pages of paperback book-sized content. OTO1 consists of a setof videos covering the same material, but recorded live with fresh insights and information. In the 2012version, the book was more of a transcript of the videos instead of a separate work. The 2012 videos rana bit over 4 hours long. The 2013 videos are a bit longer than the 2012 version.