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Rapid Results 48 Hour Client B


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Rapid Results 48 Hour Client B

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Rapid Results 48 Hour Client B

  1. 1. Rapid Results: 48 Hour Client B
  2. 2. • From The Desk Of: Jimmy Reilly April 06, 2013• Dear Friend:• Local business owners have a growing problem on the internet that is murdering their business...• ...and this very problem is also a major money-making opportunity for anyone who is willing to learn a few simple steps, and get in early.• Why?• Because this urgent problem is easy to fix...• ...and biz owners will pay absurd amounts of money to anyone who can do it. (It will save their business after all!)• Im talking big, 4-figure pay days in your bank account like these:
  3. 3. • Heres the problem: Review Sites like Yelp, and Yahoo Local have become a dumping ground for disgruntled customers who want to vent their frustration.• The result?• These negative reviews about the business begin to pile up for any new customer to see - with few, if any positive comments appearing to help balance things out...• Fact #1: A customer with a complaint is 10x more likely to post a review online than a satisfied customer.• And with these review sites often ranking higher in Googles search than the business own website...• ...their online reputation gets demolished, and they lose the majority of new business to the competition.• Fact #2: 60% of customers will search for reviews before doing business with any company.