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4 Figures In 7 Days OTO


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4 Figures In 7 Days OTO

Published in: Business, Technology
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4 Figures In 7 Days OTO

  1. 1. 4 Figures In 7 Days OTO
  2. 2. • Originally Posted by bertuseng• I just finished going through most of this course (got early bird access), and I wanted to quickly take a minute and let you know what I think about it... Being a marketer with a solid business model and system that already works for me, I am rarely impressed with training courses or new money making techniques, but I can tell you I was VERY excited after going through this course. So excited, that I am seriously considering branching out my business to incorporate the strategies outlined in this step by step course. Anthony blew me away with the action orientated "do this, then do this" style of his video course. But what really impressed me and what makes this a total no-brainer recommending this to you is the scripts, and swipes that he included in his workbooks. This alone is worth the price of this product. If you take action with this product, I have NO DOUBT that you will be successful with it and land some BIG pay checks within your first week of trying this out. From my previous knowledge I already know these techniques are very successful, but with this training, he makes it SUPER EASY to succeed. For this price? Total no-brainer! Get it while the price is still this low. Thanks for providing awesome value in this forum, Anthony! - Bertus Engelbrecht
  3. 3. •• Tony has a really solid method here that Ive personally been using to make $1600 in the last few months. Tony goes about telling you exactly how to set it all up how to approach your clients and how to sell to them. If you want the inside track on a method that works time and time again this is the method for you. 5 stars highly recommended! -- Warrior Martin Colley• I have been involved with internet marketing for the past couple of years. I decided I wanted to gain a better understanding of the offline marketing approach in 2013, so I sought the guidance of Tony and was truly pleased. His customer service is second to none. A strong approach, sound process, and cant lose lead generation principles = another great product from Tony. Bottom line, his program works. I got my first "yes" in 24 hours! -- Warrior Mary Comerford• I was impressed with the whole package. If you are a newbie, Tony has shown you how to install Wordpress easily and make an attractive site. That is to be expected and is found in many courses. BUT the things that are NOT covered in other courses is the "how to find clients and close them". This is the part that stops people building a business dealing with offline business. Tony covers it very well, showing you where to find potential clients (and in a way I hadnt seen or thought of before) and how to sell to them. He talks about maximizing the ROT and also suggests some upsell opportunities. Nice clear videos and a very thorough system. -- Warrior Paul Forcey• I got my first sale today. It took some effort, but I did get it. -- Warrior Mitchell Watters•• I just wanted to leave a review for Anthonys 4 Figures in 7 Days. I was lucky enough to get an advanced review copy of his product and I have to honestly say its• one of the best products out there on todays market. Anthony shows you how to build and launch websites super fast and most importantly how to sell them for big profits. I have personlly used the techniques that Anthony shows to sell sites of my own, one of which I sold recently for $705. What I like most about Anthony and this product is he actually shows you a real world case study showing these techniques at work. Not only that but his support is amazing so you wont be left out to fend for yourself. Again I highly recommend this product...
  4. 4. • Stop chasing down $7, $17, and $27 dollar sales that you barely get to keep ANYTHING from, and…• "Watch Me As I Grab $900 With A Whopping20% Conversion Rate, Selling These Stupid Little Websites That Require Zero Technical Skill And Only Minutes To Set Up, While Beating Out Professional Companies That Specialize In This Exact Service!"
  5. 5. • The results are in... It’s possible for a first-time, internet marketing rookie to jump from $0 to hundreds, or even THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS a month! This course will help you get started, and even get paid in as little as 24 hours!• "After Applying Only One Part Of This Training, I Made A Lighting Fast $300, Followed By Another $600 From Only About 2 Hours Worth Of Work! Look…"
  6. 6. • "Stop Wasting Your Time With Systems That Require Initial Investments, Complicated Split Testing, Hours Writing Articles For SEO, And Flat-Out Luck To Get The Ball Rolling, And Create Your Own Momentum By Leveraging The Strategies Found In This System To Generate $400, $500, And $600 Sales Now."•
  7. 7. ·No SEO·No PPC·No forum or social media spamming·No CPA·No auto responders·No solo ads or list renting·No webinars·No list needed·NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY·NO RISK! (Keep reading)According to, what you are going tolearn in this training is something that more than HALFof all businesses in the United States are in desperateneed of, and are willing to pay YOU very, very well for.
  8. 8. Here is what you are going to be learning in this awesome system:Modules 1-3: An insanely fast, copy and paste website system that over half of U.S small businessesdesperately need and are willing to pay up to $1,000 dollars for! (·No more being tied down to a single miracle theme that is supposed to sell to every business.·Get a customized, killer website live for your client in as little as 24 hours!Modules 4-5: Awesome, underutilized resources for finding and profiting from waiting buyers who areindesperate need of this service!·No paid advertising, forum commenting, or SEO... just buyers who need your help.·Learn 2-3 dead giveaways that tell you if a business is in desperate need of your services.·This is the secret to the 20% conversion rates we got in testing!Modules 6-7 and “The Workbook”: Everything you need to make this system deliver you hundreds ofdollars within a week, and then some!·The most thorough, easy-to-follow strategy for selling HIGH PRICED products to anyone.·Follow in my footsteps as I EASILY generate multiple sales using the exact strategies you are about toaccess.·3 killer resources that will pull you anywhere from $300-$500 MORE from each client with only a fewclicks!!!
  9. 9. • "Sorry, But I Have 2 More Reasons Why You Have No Excuse To Not Make Money With This System Starting Today..."• Excuse Destroyer #1: 24/7 community support forum This is not your typical customer support forum at all. This is meant for more than just technical problems and introductions... My Email Consulting Is Currently Selling For $500 A Month, And You Are Getting 30 Days Of Community Support And Interaction With Me Via Our Community Support Forum Built Right Into The Training Site! Let me show you exactly what I do to make this system work... Let me help you with strategy and techniques for making the most money possible with each sale... Learn from other members as they ask questions and interact with me in a public form, yet still have access to me on a private email basis.
  10. 10. *Warning*Because I am going to be providing such a largelevel of customer support and personal, one-on-one guidance, there will be a limited number ofcopies sold!Once I feel as though enough people are takingadvantage of this awesome opportunity forpersonal interaction and support, I am closing thedoors in order to ensure that those people smartenough to jump on an opportunity like this aregiven the best support and interaction possible!
  11. 11. • "The Decision Is Easy. Take Advantage Of This Great System Offering Lighting Fast Fulfillment On High-Priced Products, Huge Upsell Potential, And Unprecedented Levels Of Support Before The Doors Close."• I am going to be 100% honest with you... Making money online takes work! I have been an offline marketing consultant for corporations and entrepreneurs, I have developed products based on business strategies like the one you are looking at right now, I have done SEO, PPC, article marketing, and just about everything else an "IMer" can do... successfully! With all of this, I have found something to be completely true... Everything takes work. The people who claim that it does not take work are people that have put a LOT of work in to get to the point where they can cruise. For the rest of us, we still need to work in order to be successful. "You, However, Have The Opportunity To Benefit From A Powerful Sales And Fulfillment Strategy That Can Close Big Ticket Sales With The Guidance Of Someone Who Has Gone Before And Had Success With This System"