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Content Strategy: Create & Promote Digital Assets by Jim Boykin #clickz



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Content Strategy: Create & Promote Digital Assets by Jim Boykin #clickz

  1. 1. An Hour with Jim Boykin CEO & Founder of Internet Marketing Ninjas Owner of WebmasterWorld, Devshed, SEOChat, Cre8asiteForums, Threadwatch The Power of Digital Assets and how they can raise Brand Awareness /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  2. 2. You may know some of our Communities /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  3. 3. You may know some of these Ninjas /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin Ann Smarty Chris Boggs Kris Jones Jen Van Iderstyne Bonnie Stefanick Joe Hall Sean Cohen Suzy Gray – Sarah Russell Jim Boykin Bill Atchison Neil Marshall Chris Sullivan
  4. 4. Over 15 Years in Business 13th Year Attending SES/ClickZ Events 9TH Year Speaking. /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  5. 5. /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  6. 6. /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  7. 7. /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  8. 8. /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  9. 9. /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  10. 10. /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  11. 11. /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  12. 12. I will stop chasing short tail and I will do great things to build my brand from now on. /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  13. 13. Links as a measurement are not going away “It turns out backlinks, even though there’s some noise, and certainly a lot of spam, for the most part are still a really, really big win in terms of quality for search results.” Matt Cutts Feb 19th 2014 /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  14. 14. What are Good Signals? Google and other engines will always trust what others say about you, more than what you say about you. So you have to get others to talk about you to earn trust in the eyes of the engines. This comes first, before anything else. All you great design, and programming, and usability, and conversion optimization, an on-page optimization, and everything else, is worthless if others aren’t talking about you….The more people/sites that talk about you, the higher you’ll rank in the engines. Jim Boykin /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  15. 15. What Can I do that will send the good signals /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin to Search Engines?
  16. 16. /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  17. 17. /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin “…The Objective is not to “Make your links appear natural” The Objective is that your links ARE natural. “ Matt Cutts
  18. 18. The Benefits of Digital Assets Increased traffic to your site /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  19. 19. The Benefits of Digital Assets Sharing on Social leads to Positive Brand Recognition /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  20. 20. The Benefits of Digital Assets Social Sharing can also lead to your Digital Asset being shared on prominent websites that have been known to provide follow links /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  21. 21. The Benefits of Digital Assets This all leads to be a BIGGER AUDIENCE /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  22. 22. Create Great Digital Assets Which can bring you Shares, Likes, Tweets, Plus’s, Pins, Links, Traffic, BRAND MENTIONS Which Send Great Signals to Search Engines And brings you Higher Rankings. /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  23. 23. The Benefits of Digital Assets MOST IMPORTANTLY Lasting positive effects for your brand, site, and audience The SEO Ripple Effect As your Digital Asset goes further, it will continue to go grow with each social share, and will continue to build links organically /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  24. 24. Some Examples of Types of Digital Assets /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin Pdf’s Slideshows and Presentations Ebooks White Papers Polls Q and A’s Forums/Communities Excel Documents Word Documents Pictures Recording Google Hangouts Videos (YouTube) Video Transcripts Podcasts Blog Posts Tools Widgets Contests Apps In-debth Articles
  25. 25. Be Everywhere! /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  26. 26. Do brands worry about getting links? I don’t have to ask for links /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  27. 27. Our Digital Assets – Free SEO Tools /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  28. 28. Our Digital Assets – Our Blog /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  29. 29. Our Digital Assets – Guides and How To’s /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  30. 30. Our Digital Assets - Ebooks /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  31. 31. Our Digital Assets - Contests /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  32. 32. Our Digital Assets – Videos /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  33. 33. Our Digital Assets – Presentations (ppt) /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  34. 34. Our Digital Assets – Owner of Communities /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  35. 35. Some Examples of Types of Digital Assets /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin Pdf’s Slideshows and Presentations Ebooks White Papers Polls Q and A’s Forums/Communities Excel Documents Word Documents Pictures Recording Google Hangouts Videos (YouTube) Video Transcripts Podcasts Blog Posts Tools Widgets Contests Apps In-debth Articles
  36. 36. Brainstorming The first step to developing any successful digital asset. /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  37. 37. Brainstorming Put yourself in the shoes of the audience that you're trying to reach... What Would They Share? /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  38. 38. Brainstorming Search for your audience and find things that have gone viral /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  39. 39. Brainstorming Go to Infographic sharing sites, like What has the most views, favorites, and shares? Note the style, content, and format. /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  40. 40. Brainstorming Be up-to-date on any and all new trends in your industry Don't be this guy /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  41. 41. Brainstorming Content /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  42. 42. Brainstorming Titles /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  43. 43. Some Tools to Help with Linkbait Titles Portent Content Idea Generator: HubSpot Blog Topic Idea Generator Content Forest Title Tool Generator /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  44. 44. The Different Types of Digital Assets /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  45. 45. Creative Blog Posts /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  46. 46. Some ideas of things to write about or to explore. /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  47. 47. Blogging for the sake of blogging is not going to help you.. /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  48. 48. /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  49. 49. /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin Videos YouTube processes 3 billion searches a month.
  50. 50. /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin Quizze s
  51. 51. Quizzes /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  52. 52. /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  53. 53. /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  54. 54. /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin Widgets
  55. 55. /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  56. 56. /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  57. 57. Contests /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  58. 58. Contests /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  59. 59. Create Guides and Learning materials /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  60. 60. /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin In-Depth Articles
  61. 61. Example of Titles for in-depth Articles Elementary School Guide to Computers How to keep your kids safe online The Father of Modern Computer Science, Alan Turing The science behind how cleaning chemicals work Sir Isaac Newton & the Law of Gravitation Aviation Legends: The Tuskegee Airmen The science behind flight. Guide for Students Traveling Abroad A Guide to Wind Energy Light Energy: The Electromagnetic Spectrum A guide to Solar Energy /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  62. 62. In-Depth Article Schema Code at /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  63. 63. /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin Pictures
  64. 64. /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  65. 65. Awards and Badges /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  66. 66. /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin Infographics
  67. 67. /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  68. 68. Infographics Contests Tools to create infographics /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  69. 69. Pinteres t Pin your infographics to Pinterest /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  70. 70. Facebook Applications Interactive Software Applications, such as quizzes and games, that use Facebook as a hosting platform /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  71. 71. Facebook Applications /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  72. 72. To share with friends /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  73. 73. Developers Guide to Creating Facebook Apps /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  74. 74. /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin Polls
  75. 75. /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin Poll Tools
  76. 76. /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin Industry Experts Writing for you.
  77. 77. /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin Interviews
  78. 78. /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  79. 79. A study by New York Times shows: 49% say sharing allows them to inform others of products they care about and potentially change opinions or encourage action. 94% carefully consider how the information they share will be useful to the recipient.| 68% share to give people a better sense of who they are and what they care about. 73% share information because it helps them connect with others who share their interests. 78% share information online because it lets them stay connected to people they may not otherwise stay in touch with. 69% share information because it allows them to feel more involved in the world 84% share because it is a way to support causes or issues they care about. /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  80. 80. /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  81. 81. Paying to Promote on Reddit /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  82. 82. Who Is Advertising With Reddit? /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  83. 83. Paid Reddit Ads can reach millions Reddit Ads can be aimed at specific Subreddits and fit nearly any advertising budget, no matter how big or how small. /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  84. 84. Organic Reddit Posting Organic posting on Reddit can give you a real-feel for how your Digital Asset is intepreted by a core group inside your target audience. Search Reddit to find Subreddits for your client's core audience, then post your infographic in those subreddits and see how users react to it. /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  85. 85. /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  86. 86. Infographic Promotion Sites /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  87. 87. Paid Infographic Promotion Sites These sites all guarantee you a certain level of promotion based on what you pay up front. Many of these have different levels of promotion, all to fit your budget /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  88. 88. Paid Infographic Promotion Sites /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  89. 89. Organic Infographic Promotion Sites These sites allow you to submit your infographics for exposure and publication consideration /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  90. 90. Organic Infographic Promotion Sites /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin YES! !
  91. 91. Promoting on Social Media /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  92. 92. The Limitless Social Space /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  93. 93. Because everyone is on it, Jackie /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  94. 94. Facebook You can even increase promotion through paid Facebook Ads /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  95. 95. Twitte r An effective use of hashtags can go a very long way /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  96. 96. Google+ You can reach thousands of people by sharing your content in the right Google+ communities /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  97. 97. LinkedIn Promote in LinkedIn Groups for even more exposure /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  98. 98. Tools to help you with LinkBait. 1. Create Content that is buzz-worthy:,,, Klout 2. Make sure your content is sharable. 3. Outreach: In-house, client emails, Follower Wonk, Zoom Profiler, Etc 4. Promote: Paid Stumbles, Facebook Ads, Promoted Tweet, Google Adwords 5. Syndication: Outbrain, Taboola, Zemanta, Pay for Awesome, Viral Content Buzz /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  99. 99. How We Can Help You /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin
  100. 100. How We Can Help You Work closely with your brand to develop assets based on your needs and audience interests Assist your brand in the proper publication and launch of your assets Assist your brand in the proper promotion of your assets Actively promote your assets to your brand's core audience Provide a report at the end of the promotion which details the impact of your assets /SEOJim /JimBoykin /+JimBoykin

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