Auction Sniper eSnipe Awarded Coveted, Secure “Green Bar” Browser Technology


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Like eBay and PayPal, leading <b>auction sniper</b> firm eSnipe has invested heavily in the “green bar” technology (technical term: extended validation SSL) that uniquely identifies a site for anti-phishing purposes and encrypts all communications between user and site.

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Auction Sniper eSnipe Awarded Coveted, Secure “Green Bar” Browser Technology

  1. 1. Contact: Tom Campbell eSnipe, Inc. 12819 SE 38th St. PMB 293 Bellevue, WA 98006 Office: (425) 260-5292 Fax: (623) 321-6087 www.esnipe.comFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASELeading Auction Sniper eSnipe AwardedCoveted, Secure “Green Bar” BrowserTechnologyAuction Sniper Pioneer Moves Industry State of the ArtForward-AgainSummary: Like eBay and PayPal, leading auction sniper firm eSnipe has investedheavily in the “green bar” technology (technical term: extended validation SSL) thatuniquely identifies a site for anti-phishing purposes and encrypts all communicationsbetween user and site.Bellevue, WA, For Immediate Release - Pioneering auction sniper firm eSnipe, Inc. hasbeen awarded a “green bar” browser address and icon for high-level encryption of databetween the customer’s browser and the eSnipe site, sharply reducing any possibilityof “phishing” attacks and ensuring customers that the site they are using is, in fact,eSnipe.The “green bar”, more formally known as Extended Validation Standard SecureSockets Layer (or EV SSL) is both a technical standard requiring a high level ofencryption between server and browser, and the fruit of extensive investigation fromthe certificate provider that the certificate holder is who they claim to be.Green Bar Proves Site is GenuineThe browser’s address bar displays the website’s URL in using a distinct color schemeto indicate that the URL matches profile information unique to the company hosting thewebsite, and that at time of issue the company’s particulars were verified by humanagents, including but not limited to: ● A minimum number of full-time employees ● Dun & Bradstreet listing information ● Address of service (a physical location for formal lawsuit filings)In addition to the confirmation of company data EV SSL communication uses thehighest possible level of encryption between browser and server.Wall Street Journal: “A Boon For Consumers”
  2. 2. The Wall Street Journal called the “green bar” “a boon for consumers” in an articledetailing the expense and difficulty of attaining the EV SSL certification. It is expensiveand time-consuming, requiring multiple channels of contact with the certificate holder,and other third-party recognition through such sources and Dun & Bradstreet.“No wonder the green bar is so highly coveted”, says eSnipe CEO Tom Campbell,who actually uses words like “coveted” in everday conversation. “They really do someserious investigation of your company. It took us a few tries to get all the informationright; we’re run much more informally than your typical enterprise.”An image of eSnipe’s URL as it appears in the Firefox browser bar can be seen here: eSnipe, Inc.eSnipe places bids for eBay users during the last few seconds of the auction, a practicecalled "sniping" in online auction parlance. eSnipe launched in 1999 as one of the earlyeBay sniper services run on high-speed dedicated servers. eSnipes multiple serversplaced over $300 million worth of bids on eBay in 2010 alone. eSnipe CEO and formerMicrosoft program manager Tom Campbell made eSnipe one of the first pay sites onthe Internet in June, 2001. To keep merchant account charges low he was forced todevise the first profitable micropayment system on the web. It has been in unbrokenoperation since--and profitable longer than eSnipe has a generousfree trial period in which no payment method or credit card is required at ###Copyright © 2011 eSnipeSM, Inc. All Rights Reserved. eSnipeSM, SnipeIt!SM,RovatronSM, and BidWizardSM are registered service marks of, Inc. (