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International Dance Retreat is a one of a kind, 4-day long artistic festival that aims at promoting cultural dialog and exchange between people from around the world. It features the best International Choreographers and Musicians in the industry today.

Some Names Include:

Esteban Olives - Paris, France
Wim Boussery - Gent, Belgium

Dolores Parisi - Bergamo, Italy

Aparna Nagesh - Chennai, India

Swapnil Dagliya - Pune, India

* More artists to be announced soon

In the year 2013, The International Dance Retreat will be held in Auroville in Pondicherry from the 8th of August to the 11th of August.

At the International Dance Retreat we aim to present people with an opportunity to study dance from various International Artists in a non-comptetive environment. You can relax at the pool, get a massage or spa treatment, visit the french colonies, dance, listen to live music, watch movies and do so much more.

More artists and exciting classes and curriculum to be announced soon. Please refer to the sample schedule for more information.

Your IDR weekend includes:


-Non-stop classes all day long

-Live Music Performances

-Movie Screenings

-Pool Party & Brunch

-Group Discounts (Groups of 5 or more)

-Accommodation - Standard & Premium

All the ticketing packages include the following: Free

-Mixed Group Classes in various styles that include Tango, Bollywood, Voguing and other popular styles

-Sunday Brunch and Pool Party( Starting with a guided yoga/movement session in the pool)

-Dance Movie Night - Showcasing the best dance movies from around the world

-Live Music Night by artists from Coke Studio and NH7 Weekender

-Dj Party Night with the best of World Music ranging from Salsa, Tango to Bollywood,Hip-Hop and so much more.


You can visit the following website for best options for your stay:

We recommend the following options and request you to book your stay with them well in advance.

Premium Options: Gaia's Garden, Mango Hill, Sharnga Guest House

Standard Options: Certitude, Gratitude Guest House

* 8th August is a Pay as you like day for Aurovilians at the International Dance Retreat.

* All classes on the 9th & 10th of August will be available to Aurovilians at a nominal rate of Rs.200 per class*

* Parents can opt only for accommodations and bring in their child to train at the retreat*

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International Dance Retreat

  1. 1. Dance Workshops | Vacation | Movie Screenings | Pool Parties | Live Musicians| And more2013 - Auroville, Pondicherry ( 8th August to 11 th August )
  2. 2. ABOUT
  3. 3. International Dance Retreat is an artistic festival that is thebrainchild of Aparna Nagesh, Esteban Olives, Swapnil Dagliya& Wim Boussery. The Retreat aims at promoting dialogue &cultural exchange between the Aurovilians & the people ofthe world. Along with providing people across the world anexcuse to get away from their 9 to 5s and experience Indianculture first hand.The August International Dance Retreat is a 4 day weekendheld in Auroville, Pondicherry from the 8th of August to the11th of August.The Retreat aims at promoting dialogue & cultural exchangebetween the Aurovillians & the people of the world andpresents an opportunity to study dance from variousInternational Artists in a non- competitive environment andto work towards creating awareness on dance knowledgeand celebrating dance and movement arts.
  5. 5. AUROVILLEAuroville (City of Dawn) is an township in Viluppuram district in thestate of Tamil Nadu, India, near Pondicherry in South India. Pondyis a blend of spiritual aura, French colonial heritage, Tamil culture,virgin beaches and the cosmopolitan flair of many nationalities in asmall but varied city.Auroville is a place where people from all over the world come tostay, the main attraction being the calm and peaceful living thatthey experience.It brims with activities like organic agriculture, village development,town planning community services to name a few, not to mentionthe array of multi-cuisine restaurants in and around the area.The Auroville Performing Arts, is set up with the view of connectingwith people and cultures within and beyond Auroville .CRIPA i.e.Centre for Research in Performing Arts is a( 557sqm long hall withwooden flooring) studio set up at Kalabhumi in Auroville for thesame motive where events of music, dance, theatre, etc take place.
  6. 6. Auroville is the first and only internationally endorsedongoing experiment in human unity and researching into -sustainable living and the future cultural, environmental,social and spiritual needs of mankind.Dance is the art form in which human movement becomesthe medium for sensing, understanding, and communicatingideas, feelings, and experiences.Auroville would thus be the most ideal for a dance retreatwhich as the name suggests, would be a way for people totake a break from the busy life, to learn some new dancestyles and have a good time while doing it.
  8. 8. Esteban Olives is a modern/contemporary choreographerbased inParis, France.He has worked and trained with world renowned dancecompanieslike the Alvin Ailey Dance Repertory Ensemble, HubbartStreetChicago, Houston Ballet and many more.Influenced by Martha Graham and Lester Horton, theEstebanOlives technique ranges from classical to jazz; combiningflexibility, strength, muscle force and balance of the humanbody.In his class, each muscle is carefully awoken and each part ofthebody isolated. The solar plexus (torso) are considered to betheheart of all movement to which Esteban Olives adds theimportanceof shoulders, chest, diaphragm and pelvis.All the elements explored in the warm-up can be performedwith aslow or a rapid tempo as well as while turning, jumping orglidingthrough the space.Finally, his technique enables a quick thorough warm-up ofthebody to fully exploit the capacity of the dancers to expressthemselves freely through their art.ESTEBAN OLIVES
  9. 9. Esteban teaches :Horton Technique class(All Levels)Modern Dance Class(Contemporary Jazz)Choreographic workshop(Pas de deux, floor work, exploring the space)He has worked in companies in both Franceand abroad as a dancer before becoming achoreographer and dancer.
  10. 10. Dolores Parisi, Artistic Director of B.MusicHip-Hop School in Bergamo, Italy and partof the house of Ninja, has completed hertraining in the International Student VisaProgram in New York City and at thePerforming Arts Academy MAS in Milan.She has choreographed various danceproductions, been on television, dancedin music videos and toured with variousartists like American Idols Robbie Rosen,Marina Star and Jim Lineham.Her street jazz/ hip-hop class is a truecollaboration of all techniques and stylesof dance and she focuses on the lines ofthe body, maturity of movement andsensuality. She also teaches StilettoHeels, Video Dance, Voguing andWaacking Classes in Europe and USA.DOLORES PARISI
  11. 11. Wim Boussery started dancing salsa andtango about 25 years ago, in a period salsaand tango was unknown in Europe andteachers were almost not to find in Europe.He learned it from the best Salsa (Cuban)and Argentinean teachers who visit Europeoften.He has been teaching for more then 15years now and has one of the biggestschools in Belgium. He has taught morethan 10,000 students during this time. Hehas a very atypical, “easy going way” ofteaching, with a lot of attention totechnique, but he also lets you freely feelthe music and dance to it. It is amazing howonly after only a few lessons his studentsare all ready to dance confidently.WIM BOUSSERY
  12. 12. Swapnils dance education involves training and graduating from Broadway DanceCenter in New York City. He trained in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip-Hop and variousother styles. He has also attended workshops with the Pulse Faculty (Choreographers onSo You Think You Can Dance) and with the critically acclaimed Pilobolus DanceTheatre/Company.He also teaches the B.A. and M.A students of theatre and dance at the Lalit Kala Kendrain the University of Pune. He recently finished schooling at Opus ballet in Florence, Italyand just got back to resume classes.His contemporary class focuses on understanding of the body, body alignment, innerorganic expression and musicality.SWAPNIL DAGLIYA
  13. 13. Aparna Nagesh is a versatile danceprofessional with over 14 years of training,teaching and performance experience. Shehas trained extensively in dance styles such asJazz, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Flamenco, Modern,Contemporary and various Latin and Ballroomstyles.A certified Reebok fitness instructor, she isalso recently a graduate of the ISVP dancecourse at Broadway Dance Center, New Yorkwith a certificate of excellence. She alsochoreographed and acted in Dirty Dancing –The Musical produced by StageFrightProductions .Currently she runs her own all girl danceensemble, High Kicks as well as ShowstoppersINC which is a talent management andentertainment solutions brand whichidentifies and promotes young, upcomingtalents in the performing arts. She is currentlyin the process of setting up Chennai’s firstlifestyle studio and performing arts school, aswell as being involved in a number ofinternational projects of repute.APARNA NAGESH
  14. 14. She is the recipient of a prestigiousTEDx Chennai Star Award and Ba’haiRose of Ridvan Award in 2012. Shewas also an inspirationalspeaker/performer at the TEDxHindustan Event held in 2013She teaches movement therapy at theLotus Foundation School for AutisticChildren and is currently under theprocess of being registered as a memberof the International Dance Council,UNESCO.
  15. 15. ACTIVITIES
  16. 16. Workshops in various stylesSalsaTangoAfro JazzContemporaryBollywoodPhysical TheaterContact Improvisation
  17. 17. A visit to the French colonies and temples, a massage or spatreatment or simply just relaxing at the pool are some ofthe added advantages one would get among various otheractivities planned for the retreat.Master ClassesMovie screeningLive musicBrunch and pool Parties