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Accelerating global collaboration on tropical peatlands


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Presented by Haruni Krisnawati (ITPC Lead Coordinator) at COP25, Madrid - Spain, 6 December 2019.

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Accelerating global collaboration on tropical peatlands

  1. 1. Haruni Krisnawati Session: Getting climate results by bringing peatlands science to policy through South-South & Triangular Cooperation Indonesia Pavilion COP25 | Madrid - Spain, 6 December 2019 International Tropical Peatlands Center- Accelerating global collaboration on tropical peatlands
  2. 2. History of ITPC • Brazzaville Declaration (March, 2018) • Commitment to protect peatlands in the tropics, Congo Basin • Commitment to build International Tropical Peatlands Centre • To improve capacity of GPI partners countries on peatland management
  3. 3. International Tropical Peatland Center Launches Governments of Republic of Indonesia, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Republic of Congo (ROC) signed a joint declaration: - Important role of peatlands at global, regional, and national levels in addressing climate change, protecting biodiversity, environment, and contributing to the social economic welfare of people, - The need to increase respective capacity through collaboration to promote best practices for conservation and sustainable management of peatlands, - Common interests in tropical peatland and ongoing efforts by governments and partners to conserve and manage tropical peatlands in a sustainable manner, - Strengthening networking and collaboration. The Center brings cross-cutting collaboration and innovation to study and preserve tropical peatland ecosystem – the importance of South-South exchange Jakarta, 30 October 2018
  4. 4. Objective of ITPC To ensure that policy makers, practitioners and communities have access to sound, credible and legitimate information, analyses, and all other tools needed to design and implement conservation and sustainable management of tropical peatlands In the spirit of international, multi-stakeholder and multi-donor South- South cooperation, the ITPC is built on the principle of true cross- sector collaboration and integration, building a resilient and holistic platform for science, policy and practice, and attracting the best minds working on research and practice in this field
  5. 5. Scopes of activities 1. Compile best practices. 2. Data field laboratory through MRV. 3. Producing accurate and precise data.. 4. Reducing risks. 5. Finding new pathways for green development. 6. Ensuring participation and rights. 7. Setting up the management, governance and partnership structure. 8. Supporting policies and measures. 9. Dissemination, engagement and outreach. Peru IndonesiaDemocratic Republic of Congo Republic of Congo
  6. 6. 2018 2019 Brazzaville Declaration (Brazzaville, March 2018) APRS Statement on Peat, Yogyakarta, April 2018 FAO Summit, Peat Statement (Rome, July 2018) LAUNCHING ITPC, (Jakarta, Oct 2018) Roundtable Discussion on Peat (Batam, Nov 2018) HLP Global Landscape Forum (Bonn, Dec 2018) COP 24 CC, Indonesia-Peru (Katowice, Dec 2018) Opening ITPC Secretariat (Bogor, Feb 2019) UNEA4 Peatland Resolution (Nairobi, March 2019) UN Forum on Forests (New York, May 2019) Milestones Global Landscape Forum (Kyoto, May 2019) Asia-Pasific Forestry Week (Seoul, June 2019) UN Climate Week, (New York, Sep 2019) IUFRO (Curitiba, Oct 2019) Global Landscapes Forum (New York, Sep 2019)
  7. 7. Important to strengthen capacity and collaboration actions • serves as a go-to space for South-South cooperation which will support the dissemination of strategies and practices for tropical peatland management, through coordinating and supporting collaborative international relationships and connecting different stakeholders. • Conducts and disseminates scientific research on tropical peatland management for sustainable development. • Becomes a center of excellence for tropical peatland research to support policy development. • Provides capacity building and technical services. International Tropical Peatlands Center
  8. 8. Synergizing knowledge and experiences from tropical peatlands from different stakeholders Knowledge on tropical peatlands has been widely available and is increasing rapidly in recent years, data and experience in peatland management is also spread everywhere… synergy is needed to provide right recommendation for policy decisions. The need to gather available information and knowledge and develop further capacity to improve science-based actions not only in Indonesia, but also in other tropical peatlands countries.
  9. 9. Opportunities for collaboration • ITPC welcome and invite other countries, international organizations, NGOs, donors, private sector, civil society, and research institutions to contribute and join. • Opportunities for cooperation and sharing of lessons learned in peatlands policy- and decision-making processes
  10. 10. The Center is a South-South cooperation Coordinating partners