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About Greifswald and the World


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Presented by Hans Joosten (Greifswald Mire Centre) at COP25, Madrid - Spain, 6 December 2019.

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About Greifswald and the World

  1. 1. About Greifswald and the World
  2. 2. Why Greifswald? 200 years of peatland research in Greifswald 1820: C.F. Hornschuch founded peatland science Greifswald 1824: Adelbert von Chamisso published about peatland near Greifswald lagoon
  3. 3. • Greifswald University • Michael Succow Foundation • DUENE e.V. Peatland-related activities since 2015:  external joint branding  internal coordinated planning
  4. 4. • Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Universität Greifswald  Wissenschaft • Michael Succow Stiftung  Umsetzung • DUENE e.V.  Politikberatung • Greifswald University • Michael Succow Foundation • DUENE e.V.
  5. 5. • a strategic cooperation between the three institutions • major topics: Climate protection: Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from peatlands and ecosystem-based adaptation Biodiversity: Conservation and restoration of peatlands Other ecosystem services: Knowledge, valuation and protection Sustainable use: Paludiculture and innovative financing What is the GMC?
  6. 6. Vision Our vision is a world in which • peatlands are seen and understood as vital and vulnerable systems, • natural peatlands are conserved, • degraded peatlands are restored, and • any use of peatlands is sustainable. Mission The Greifswald Mire Centre is - as an interface between science, policy and practice – innovator and originator in solutions for peatlands, locally and worldwide.
  7. 7. Currently ~75 peatland scientists on one spot
  8. 8. GMC has global orientation with respect to collecting/integrating data and developing concepts and methodologies Research and implementation projects mainly in temperate latitudes
  9. 9. • Greifswald University  science • Michael Succow Foundation  implementation • DUENE e.V.  advice GPD PeNCILDPPP
  10. 10. • Database on peatlands worldwide • Integration of data and own mapping Global Peatland Database (GPD)
  11. 11. Website:
  12. 12. Book launch at UNFCCC side event in May 2017 in Bonn: Handing over to Indonesia (Nur Masripatin, Head of Delegation): heavy N-S transfer ;-)
  13. 13. • Worldwide research on plants for paludiculture • Current state: >1,000 plant portraits Database of Potential Paludiculture- Plants (DPPP) Fodder Energy Food Medicine Fibres
  14. 14. Arif Havas Oegroseno, ambassador of Indonesia in Germany, inspecting GMC paludiculture demonstration site
  15. 15. Advice/lobby: 04.12.2019 with CAP reporter and EPP vice president on peatlands and paludiculture...
  16. 16. Peatland library (PeNCIL) • ~ 25.000 publications • Special collection of the library of Greifswald University
  17. 17. Old manuscripts of Betje Polak (1939) in the library led to ‘rediscovery’ of Rawa Lakbok peatland on Java 2013 Java
  18. 18. …which even made it to National Geographic Indonesia …
  19. 19. Research (University) Advise (DUENE) Implementation (Succow Foundation) GMC Example: Rewetting and paludiculture
  20. 20.  2017-2020 (5 Mio Euro) Renewed peat formation after rewetting Research
  21. 21.  Restoration of >60,000 ha peatland Implementation
  22. 22. Paludiculture suitability map of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (NE-Germany) Class 1, suitable for any type of paludiculture (85,000 ha) Class 2, suitable but plantations need approval (50,000 ha) Class 3, suitable excl. plantations (29,000 ha) Class 4, not suitable (1,500 ha) Peatland not under EU agricultural funding Advise
  23. 23. GMC: Early founding member of the… Similar teamwork of science/policy/ implementation: To address the global peatland challenges jointly!
  24. 24. www. @greifswaldmoor GMC: always open for cooperation: Because it is necessary and because it makes fun!