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New building Boom for Offshore Drill Ships
Also featured: 10 years of fire ...
Editor’s Note
Welcome to issue 23 of surfaces
magazine as we travel far and wide,
looking at a range of new and exciting
CharteK 1709


Ten years ago, chemical company Borealis discovered heavily corroded str...
Blending the old
with the new
Since its official opening on the 3rd September 2011, Auckland Art Gallery
Toi o Tãmaki of A...
solutions FOR
Korean shipyards are currently in the midst of a newbuilding
boom for offshore drill ships. With the...
Concrete can degrade to the point where the asset – be it an industrial
infrastructure or a commercial building – can no l...
Perth Arena is Western Australia’s proud new home of entertainment,
music and sports. “This is an iconic venue...
evolution decision
OF A coating

A number of key factors have always been important when choosing a protective
coating, no...
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International paint surfaces 23


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In this issue of surfaces magazine, we travel far and wide as we take a look at a range of projects from Australia to Sweden.

- See how our Chartek® passive fire protection has been used on a chemical plant for 10 years

- Discover how Korean shipyards are experiencing a newbuilding boom for offshore drill ships

- Find out how we are helping a Chinese local water authority to cut the cost of its concrete protection

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International paint surfaces 23

  1. 1. WWW.international-pc.com ISSUETWENTYTHREE2013 New building Boom for Offshore Drill Ships Also featured: 10 years of fire protection supply, Vietnam’s largest power plant and the 2013 world building of the year
  2. 2. Editor’s Note Welcome to issue 23 of surfaces magazine as we travel far and wide, looking at a range of new and exciting projects across the oil and gas and power generation industries. We also take a look at two award winning and outstanding feats of architecture in the southern hemisphere that have, in their own right, channelled works of art into their existence. Contents Mong Duong II 3 Chartek 1709 proven corrosion & fire protection 4 Blending the old with the new 6 Coating solutions for drill ships 8 Cutting the cost of concrete protection 10 Perth Arena 12 Evolution of a coating decision 14 The Perth Arena, described by Australian Politician, WA Premier Colin Barnett as “a work of art”1 has recently been awarded the 2013 Sir Zelman Cowen Award for Public Architecture at the Australian National Architecture Awards for Public Architecture. The arena, pictured below during construction, and costing over half a billion Australian dollars to build, is multifunctional. It brings together sport and the performing arts; hosting tennis tournaments and playing host to globally recognised musical superstars. Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tãmaki also promotes the arts, but in a different way. Branded the home of the visual arts in New Zealand, the World Building of the Year 2013 brings together ‘old and new’ by incorporating heritage architecture with new age architectural forms. Moving away from the world of art and into the world of oil and gas, we cover a project based in Sweden, the Borealis Production Facility. Here International Paint’s Chartek® passive fire protection has been adopted as a solution to replace concrete fire protection covering heavily corroded structural steel. Staying with the oil and gas theme, we look at the newbuilding boom for offshore drill ships in Korea, where International Paint’s high performance protective coatings have been supplied to vessels including the Stena Drillmax ICE. In this issue we also cover Vietnam’s largest power plant to date, the Mong Duong 2 coal power station as well as how International Paint’s Intercrete® products are being used in China in our ‘Cutting the Cost of Concrete Protection’ article. It’s another jam packed issue and we hope you enjoy reading it. If you’d like to subscribe to future copies of surfaces magazine, please submit your request to pc.communication@akzonobel.com 1 - http://www.news.com.au/national-news/western-australia/ perth-arena-could-be-our-sydney-opera-house-says-premier/storyfndo4e3y-1226509418419 Mong Duong II Vietnam is one of the great growing economies in South East Asia and as with most industrialisation the need for stable power supplies is critically important in underlining economic growth. When completed, the Mong Duong II coal power station, currently under construction in the northeast of the country, will be Vietnam’s biggest power plant to date and a sign of the investment into the power infrastructure in this country. The Mong Duong II is said to typify the level of investment in Vietnam’s power sector. Things are changing all over the region and power is one of the industries where experience, multinational network and a complete coatings range can help add value for both the owner and the main contractor involved in any large project. Mong Duong II, with a capacity of 1,120 MW, is a substantial project in terms of size for Vietnam. The US$1.95 billion project is located in Vietnam’s Quang Ninh province and financed, in the majority, by the US independent power producer AES, who own a 51% equity in the project1. Korean firm Doosan Heavy Industries is the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractor, responsible for designing, building, and commissioning the project. Upon completion of the project and following its commission in 2015, the plant will supply electricity for 2.25 million households throughout Vietnam2. International Paint are supplying a range of high performance coatings to provide anticorrosive protection and aesthetics, as well as providing passive fire protection for safety and asset protection. For this particular project, the anticorrosive systems include Interzinc® 22, Intergard® 475HS and Interthane® polyurethane. For passive fire protection, Chartek® 1709 was used. Not only does it provide corrosion protection and fire protection in a single system, but it has a greatly reduced thickness and lower installed weight compared to many other passive fire protection systems. As with many of the other power projects International Paint is involved in, its global network of power market experts are working together for complete transparency. Understanding its customer’s expectations has allowed International Paint to add value as a paint supplier, delivering not only the products themselves, but also ensuring their customers’ expectations on performance and service are met in the various countries of supply, including Vietnam and Korea. Editor: Amanda Rouse Managing Editor: Stuart Byers Publisher: International Paint The application of the coatings from International Paint, to various packages, is still continuing, through to June 2014. International Paint has a wide range of coatings for power facilities and equipment. The range helps them to provide coatings not only for structural steel, but for other areas, where other coatings suppliers are either unable to provide a complete range or the experience to give peace of mind to power facility owners. This includes: • Tanks and secondary containment linings • High temperature pipes and equipment coatings • Cooling water pipe - internal and external coatings • Heavy duty coatings for areas of high abrasion • FGDs – chemical and temperature resistant products for absorbers, ducting and stacks • Temporary protection for boiler tubing • Chemically resistant linings for water treatment areas 1 http://newsroom.aes.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=202639&p=irol-newsArticle&ID=1602453&highlight=mong%20duong 2 http://www.doosan.com/doosanvina/en/pressRelease.do?cmd=viewPressRelease&no=20120808113325574091 2 www.international-pc.com www.international-pc.com 3
  3. 3. CharteK 1709 Proven CORROSION & FIRE PROTECTION Ten years ago, chemical company Borealis discovered heavily corroded structural steel beneath the concrete fire protection at its production facility in Stenungsund, Sweden. Not wanting to risk the safety of the site’s personnel, Borealis took action immediately to replace the concrete with Chartek, an epoxy intumescent fire protection from International Paint that has been proving its worth for decades. Intergard 269 Prepared steel Chartek 1709 The Borealis chemical facility, which produces ethylene and propylene for pipe and cable applications, had fallen victim to Corrosion Under Fire Protection (CUF) – the deterioration of underlying steel substrates caused by moisture seeping in through porous or compromised fire protection materials. At the Borealis production facility replacing the concrete fire protection involved working at heights of up to 30 metres, chipping the damaged concrete off the steel and preparing the steel substrate by ‘grit blasting’. Once the steel had been prepared it was primed with Intergard® 269 before applying Chartek® 1709. The impact of CUF can be far-reaching since its effects often only become apparent when the corrosion has reached a critical level. At this point there is a risk of structural collapse, with the potential for release of hydrocarbon materials that could ignite to cause a fire. If the fire protection in surrounding areas has been compromised by the effects of prolonged weathering, the fire can quickly escalate, endangering the lives of employees and the surrounding community. “Chartek 1709 has been replacing around 500m² (5382ft²) of concrete fire protection each year – obviously this demanded a lot of detailed planning to ensure that production was not interrupted,” comments Magnus Olsson, International Paint’s Protective Coatings Sales Manager and Maintenance Manager. Sven Stålblads, Project Manager Thomas Johansson at Alucrom (applicator) continued, “Our step-by-step approach has allowed the production facility to remain operational throughout the replacement process.” CUF is not uncommon; until recently, low-cost passive fire protection technologies such as ‘poured in place’ concrete were used extensively in the onshore oil and gas industries. While these technologies provided a cost effective, shortterm solution to the issue of fire safety, they proved unable to withstand prolonged periods of severe weathering and high mechanical stress. 4 www.international-pc.com Chartek 1709 is impervious to water ingress and provides combined corrosion and fire protection, eliminating the risk of CUF. The tough and durable epoxy material is also resistant to impact, vibration and mechanical damage, reducing the need for maintenance throughout the life of the system – presenting life cycle cost benefits for the customer. Chartek provides corrosion protection without the need for a protective topcoat even in severe environments; however, in this project the iscocyanate free finish Interfine® 629HS was applied, to provide the required blue aesthetic appearance required by Borealis to display their corporate colours. In some areas of the facility Intertherm® 7050 was applied before Chartek to provide insulation to high temperature piping and process equipment. Intertherm 7050 provides cost-saving benefits by reducing energy loss as well as protecting personnel from coming into contact with hot surfaces. Work will continue for a number of years to remove all of the compromised fire protection material. Once this has been completed, Borealis can expect the high performance coatings systems from International Paint to help keep operations safe for many years to come, protecting both the company’s facilities and its 950 strong work force from the risk of fire. www.international-pc.com 5
  4. 4. Blending the old with the new Since its official opening on the 3rd September 2011, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tãmaki of Auckland, New Zealand, has won 23 awards. The most recent and possibly most prestigious, was awarded in October 2013 at the World Architecture Festival (WAF) in Singapore. The building, which brings together new form architecture and the original architecture of heritage buildings through restoration and adaptation, not only won World Building of the Year at this year’s event, but it also took first prize in its respective category - ‘Completed Buildings – Culture’. During construction, care was taken to ensure local materials were used wherever possible. The building includes a system of ‘tree-like’ canopies, constructed of wood from the indigenous kauri tree and columns of the same material, standing up to 15 metres (49.2 feet) in height, connected to kauri ‘pods’ to form the canopies. These canopies cover the forecourt, atrium and gallery areas and appear to hover over the stone walls and terraces, promoting a natural feel within the space. Care has been taken to preserve heritage elements whilst introducing new and exciting methods of architectural design and building. The importance of providing a space that could cater to all needs was vital. The gallery is made up of multiple exhibition spaces, which are diverse in nature; they include fixed and flexible spaces as well as formal and informal areas, heritage-rich and contemporary spaces amongst others. In 2013, for the third consecutive year, International Paint was asked to supply high performance protective coatings to the recipient building of the World Building of the Year award. A coatings system comprising of Interzinc® 42, Intergard® 251 and Interthane® 990 was used to coat structural steel. Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki Director Rhana Devenport said, “The unswerving attention to detail from all those involved in the project, including International Paint, was maintained throughout the entire project from design to finish. This professionalism was crucial in achieving such an outstanding and remarkably beautiful result.” David Fletcher, Area Sales Manager, based in New Zealand said of the selection of International Paint’s passive fire protection solution which was also supplied, “Interchar® 963 was chosen for Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tãmaki for a number of reasons. Not only does it possess an extensive track record showing proven performance, but it is also optimised to provide fire resistance for structural steel work for up to 60 minutes.” Suitable for use with a range of topcoat finishes, Interchar 963 also ensured that aesthetics did not need to be compromised, which was vital on a project where the use of the building is centered around the look and feel of what lies within it. Photos courtesy of Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki 6 www.international-pc.com www.international-pc.com 7
  5. 5. coating solutions FOR Korean shipyards are currently in the midst of a newbuilding boom for offshore drill ships. With the predicted opening up of exploration rights in the Arctic Circle, where it is believed about 30% of the world’s unexploited gas and 13% of oil lie, drilling companies are busy future proofing their fleets. Semi submersibles and jackup drill rigs were traditionally built in Singapore. However, with the move into deep water exploration, state-of-the-art drill ships are now necessary. Due to the complex nature of these vessels there has been a shift towards the more high tech yards of South Korea. Vessels are built at Samsung Heavy Industries and, more recently, Hyundai Heavy Industries and Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering. International Paint, a supplier of coatings to all the major global drilling companies for over 30 years, has been working with a number of drilling businesses to help them upgrade their coating specifications. This includes Stena Drilling, Noble Drilling, Ocean Rig, Rowan Drilling and Songa Drilling, all of whom are taking a keen interest in the coating selection process taking place at each shipyard. With these companies working to very tight operational budgets, often embarking on six month drilling contracts in the expectation of striking oil or gas, long term coating efficiency is paramount. 8 www.international-pc.com Stena Drilling chose a coating system of Intershield® 163 Inerta 160, the first ice abrasion resistant coating to achieve class society Type Approval, to protect the hull of their ice strengthened Arctic drill ship Stena Drillmax ICE. Stena Drilling specifically requested Inerta because of its 35 year proven track record; with 1,300 applications to date it has been used by numerous marine and offshore customers. The vessel, which can operate all year round in 2.2 metre first year thick ice including old ice inclusions, was painted at Samsung Heavy Industries’ shipyard with full International Paint technical service support. International Paint’s Intershield 300 also features on a number of drill ship ballast tanks. This includes four drill ships for Noble Drilling and four for Rowan Drilling, all being built at Hyundai Heavy Industries, and four semi submersibles for Songa Drilling, which are being constructed at Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering. DrillShips “International Paint are able to offer us a complete product range and full technical support, and with Intershield 300 we know we are using a product with an outstanding track record in the industry” - teve Durham, S Songa Project Director Ballast tanks play a crucial role in drill ship operations; they are critical to providing stability during drilling operations offshore. The tanks create a very corrosive environment as they experience cyclic conditions of wet (full) and dry (empty) periods. This means highly durable coatings are required. Increasingly, drill ship owners are looking for paint systems that will reduce the dry dock times for their assets. With current day rates for drill ships at close to US$820,000 a day, no owner wants to keep their asset in dry dock any longer than needed. Intershield 300 was selected for many of these vessels as it is the only product on the market that has demonstrated a 15 year performance in water ballast tanks without maintenance. This gives owners confidence that they are getting an excellent product for this critical area. A further three drill ships for Ocean Rig have also been ordered. These will be built at Samsung Heavy Industries and are also protected with International Paint products. The onsite technical service that can be provided by International Paint was a critical reason in the selection process of the paint vendor by Ocean Rig. Besides newbuilding, International Paint supports drilling customers with their maintenance and repair programs. “Our Interplan™ corrosion survey tool allows customers to monitor corrosion development and paint performance over their vessel’s entire design life”, says Toby Stein, Upstream Oil and Gas Market Manager. “These onboard surveys take into account local and environmental issues on board an asset. The survey allows maintenance budgets to be carefully planned by both rig and fleet managers. Overall this approach is shown to be the most cost effective way of dealing with corrosion issues onboard offshore assets.” www.international-pc.com 9
  6. 6. Concrete can degrade to the point where the asset – be it an industrial infrastructure or a commercial building – can no longer function effectively. Unplanned repair can have severe cost and time implications and can even impact production – something all owners want to avoid. To address this issue, International Paint has launched a range of coatings for concrete substrates that has applications throughout an asset’s lifetime, from new construction to maintenance. Intercrete products are Portland cement-based and react chemically with the substrate to become ‘one’. They are water-based, with zero volatile organic compound (VOC) content, and can be applied to damp and ‘green’ concrete, cutting down the time an asset is out of action. This last factor was crucial for the local water authority in China’s Guangdong province when it was looking for a solution to concrete deterioration in its pump stations. Intercrete products can be applied by hand, trowel, brush and spray. strong durable versatile 10 www.international-pc.com ...three good reasons why concrete remains one of the most widely used construction materials in the world. But without adequate protection it deteriorates rapidly, costing asset owners the earth in repair and maintenance. The Intercrete range of products from International Paint extends concrete’s life cycle considerably. At Guangzhou’s Datansha No.5 Pump Station in China, it delivered significant cost savings for the owner. Alex Sandilands, International Paint’s Concrete Product Specialist says, “International Paint was already coating steel in some of their sewage and wastewater plants – handrails and water tanks, for example. In one of our discussions, the customer brought up other issues they were encountering, such as concrete deterioration, asking did we have a solution?” It appeared that the concrete in the storage tank of their pump station No. 5 at the Guangzhou Datansha sewage treatment plant was showing signs of degradation. “Because of its alkaline nature,” explains Sandilands, “concrete is susceptible to corrosion from the different chemicals used in the treatment of wastewater, which are usually highly acidic. In Guangzhou,” he adds, “the cement paste had dissolved, causing severe damage.” Two Intercrete® products were used in the repair and maintenance of the pump station: Intercrete 4801 and Intercrete 4840. Intercrete 4801 is a high build repair mortar and was employed to restore the damaged concrete. Its big advantage is that it can be applied in a single layer – most competitor materials would need at least two. Afterwards, Intercrete 4840 was then applied to ensure lasting protection; it is easy to apply, enhances the durability of concrete in acidic environments and, a significant advantage; it can be applied to damp concrete. Normally concrete has to have a moisture content of no more than 5% before any protective coating can be applied. Sandilands explains why this was so crucial for this particular project: “because of its central urban location, Guangzhou is one of China’s major cities, with a population of over 10 million - closing the pump station for any length of time would have had huge cost implications, given the tight infrastructure around the site,” explains Sandilands. “Access would have involved enormous expense, around €109,000 a day.” On top of that, ventilation was a problem, making it highly impractical to dry the concrete sufficiently to apply a conventional coating system. Another advantage of Intercrete is that, because it is water-borne, with no VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), it minimises health and safety concerns, commonly encountered when performing maintenance in confined spaces. Datansha’s Project Manager, Huang Lusheng, stresses how important this is “the confined concrete tank was poorly ventilated, dark and damp. As well as satisfying the application requirement, we needed to prevent serious secondary pollution, especially air pollution. General concrete mortar, epoxy and vinyl coatings were not options because of this. After careful consideration we chose Intercrete.” For Factory Director He Kangsheng, the time considerations were also crucial “A long shutdown time would have had a great impact on the surrounding environment. We aimed to finish a high-quality project in very limited downtime. Using Intercrete achieved this aim, and within the safety requirements.” Normal operations were indeed resumed in record time, (the whole project took only a week) cutting down labour costs and minimising shutdown. However, Sandilands stresses that the main cost savings come from the long-term protection offered by the Intercrete solution, unique in the industry. After the project was completed, mid-2012, the local authority demonstrated their faith in the product by choosing International Paint for their concrete protection in more of their pump stations. www.international-pc.com 11
  7. 7. PERTH ARENA Perth Arena is Western Australia’s proud new home of entertainment, music and sports. “This is an iconic venue for Perth for many years to come. The arena is a work of art itself!” - WA Premier Colin Barnett 1 The AUS$540M arena is located on Wellington Street, near the site of the former Perth Entertainment Centre, and was officially opened on 10th November 2012 with an inaugural concert featuring Elton John. for touring trucks, which can drive directly onto the arena floor. The stadium’s very flexible design allows for crowds of up to 15,500 in general admission concert mode and up to 14,000 in tennis mode. The venue has 36 luxury appointed corporate suites, a 680-bay underground car park, five dedicated function spaces and space Alternatively the arena can be closed down for an intimate concert with 3,000 people, through Vector Lifting’s Retractable Roof. The moving roof weighs 320 tonnes and closes in approximately 10 minutes, with a state-of-the-art tracking system. Made from two separate roof panels, each panel is controlled independently to provide shade for spectators, protect the bowl area from inclement weather and to track the sun to prevent shadows being cast on the court. The striking building design was inspired by the 12-sided Round House in Fremantle and the 209 irregular shaped pieces of Christopher Moncktons Eternity puzzle. “This landmark building has been designed to provoke symbolic interpretation, create direct visual responses from all approaches, and become an integral part of the city’s overall urban design and architectural strategy” said Design Director Howard Raggatt. 2 The very complex structural steel skeleton for the Perth Arena consumed 40,000 litres (8,799 gallons) of protective coatings from International Paint. The majority of blast cleaning and painting of the structural steel for this project was conducted by FerroClean Pty Ltd, a Perth-based company established almost 50 years ago, which specializes in applying protective coatings to steelwork for projects in Infrastructure, Mining and Oil and Gas industries. “During the colder winter months of the 3-year construction period, paint curing times were a challenge” Ferro-Clean’s CEO said. “In order to have the mega-truss roof frames ready for permit transportation into the inner-city site, International Paint’s low temperature, rapid cure coating made it possible to meet the very tight construction deadlines and therefore we were able to maintain a high level of throughput at our multiple facilities” he added. Bob Parry, Area Manager for International Paint, is extremely satisfied with the high performance acrylic polysiloxane finish on the exposed surfaces of the megastructure, “Their long lasting appearance will truly complement this iconic building for years to come” he said. 1 - http://www.news.com.au/national-news/western-australia/perth-arena-could-be-our-sydney-opera-house-says-premier/story-fndo4e3y-1226509418419 2 - http://www.a-r-m.com.au/projects_PerthArena.html 12 www.international-pc.com www.international-pc.com 13
  8. 8. evolution decision OF A coating A number of key factors have always been important when choosing a protective coating, no matter what environment it is being chosen to perform in. These include a coating’s durability, its colour and its functional protection. But over recent decades, factors including a coating’s sustainability credentials have become just as important. COLOUR Internal structural steel would typically be hidden but with the recent evolution in architectural design and engineering, and the development in coatings for structural steel, we’ve seen the likes of traditional ‘alkyds’ being replaced with coatings with increased levels of durability. This has allowed structural steel to be used as a design feature and become exposed where it once went unnoticed. The introduction of new substrates during the 1960s revealed a whole new world of design opportunities in construction. Since then, the impetus for the coatings industry has been to develop products that will stay looking-good for longer than ever before. Resistance to moisture, heat and sunlight is vital and often assessed via improved colour retention properties on external facades. DURABILITY In the construction industry, durability is one of the key challenges faced with any material. Maintenance of a coating needs to be taken into account from the very moment it is applied at the new construction stage; ensuring a coating has a long time to first maintenance is essential. Owners of buildings that have already cost millions to construct want to ensure it is going to be as cost effective throughout its life as possible, which is why, when it comes to coatings, durability is of such high importance. Striking effects are becoming increasingly popular and in the context of tall buildings globally, some very unique and creative design elements would not be possible without the recent advances in coating technology. A metallic effect, particular on tubular steel, is a difficult art to master, but with advances in metallic coating technology from International Paint, this is now a possibility with its Interthane® 990 Metallic coating. Visual appearance is just as important to the new buildings of today as it is to the iconic buildings of tomorrow. However, in order for these buildings to still be held in high regard tomorrow and years into the future, colour and gloss retention are two areas where coatings have had to progress and develop over recent years. Although that isn’t all that coatings are doing for this award winning building, International Paint’s Interchar® fire protection, whilst providing excellent aesthetics, is also providing functional protection through passive fire protection. FUNCTIONAL PROTECTION SUSTAINABILITY 14 www.international-pc.com From their origins in the space vehicle re-entry program of the 1970s, passive fire protection coatings have evolved and been adopted across both the construction and oil and gas industries. As the desire to expose steelwork in construction increased, so did the need for a more aesthetically pleasing approach to protecting structural steel from the effects of fire. International Paint, as part of its Interchar passive fire protection range, offers a number products that whilst being extremely durable, they also have 100% volume solids; that’s almost a level of zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Thus making them a sustainable option in a world where sustainability is at the forefront of a coatings decision maker’s mind. This is particularly prevalent in regions where VOC legislation is becoming tighter and where assessment methods such as LEAD and BREEAM are becoming increasingly important. Colour retention on striking structures like the World Building of the Year 2011; the Media-TIC Building, is vital. Exposed to high levels of heat and sunlight, the vibrant green of the exterior of the building sets it apart from its surroundings. It is so important that it continues to ‘wow’ passers-by for years to come. Functional protection means a lot of things to a lot of people. The steelwork industry has embraced the use of intumescent fire protection coatings over the past 20 years, moving away from traditional methods of concrete and board fire protection in buildings. It’s only within this time that fire protection solutions have been able to meet the ever demanding needs of the construction industry, not only in terms of functional protection, but also in terms of colour, aesthetics and sustainability credentials. International Paint’s Interchar products are the perfect example of how coatings have evolved over recent years. As construction trends have changed, so has the capability of coatings to provide the solutions to a coating decision maker’s problems. www.international-pc.com 15
  9. 9. international-pc.com/surfaces