Engineered Coating Solutions For New Construction And Maintenance Projects


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International Paint supports your needs for coating selection by providing engineered coating solutions for new construction and maintenance projects in a variety of industries. We provide solutions for structural steel, piping, equipment, storage tanks, pressure vessels, and secondary containment with our line of products which include fireproofing, aesthetic and corrosion resistant coatings, high-temperature resistant coatings, chemical resistant linings, and concrete repair.

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Engineered Coating Solutions For New Construction And Maintenance Projects

  1. 1. Engineered Coating Solutions for New Construction and Maintenance Projects International Paint
  2. 2. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by AkzoNobel, all products supplied together with all technical service, information, advice and recommendations given are subject to our standard terms and conditions of sale which are available on request. Any information given here is for guidance only and is provided without any representation or warranty of any kind, express or otherwise. Further, AkzoNobel accepts no control or liability for the appropriateness of any product or the surface, structure or design to which our products are applied or the application process itself. You should seek independent expert advice as to the appropriateness of a particular design or structure for use of our products. We also strongly recommend that independent testing and/or assessment is carried out prior to the application of any product to determine suitability for use. Our Coatings Expertise 2Protective Coatings | Structural Steel Piping & Equipment Storage Tanks & Pressure Vessels Secondary Containment Fireproofing High-Temp Operations Exterior Aesthetic & Corrosion Resistant Coatings Concrete Crack Bridging Aesthetic and Corrosion Resistant Coatings Temperature Resistance Ranging from -321℉ to 1202℉ (-196℃ to 650℃) Chemical Resistant Linings Hinge Joints Maintenance and Repair Corrosion Under Insulation Protection High-temperature and Pressure Resistant Linings Damaged Concrete Repair Our focus span a variety of industries in all construction phases around the globe.
  3. 3. Structural Steel Fireproofing Trust International’s industry leading brands to provide long term fireproofing performance from cellulosic, hydrocarbon or jet fires in industrial and architectural applications. Our full range includes intumescent and cementitious fireproofing. 3Protective Coatings |
  4. 4. Structural Steel Aesthetic and Corrosion Resistant Coatings Your steel can look better, for longer, and minimize maintenance costs long term. Anti- corrosive protection is available in one to three coat systems in a range of colors, gloss, flexible application, and drying times. 4Protective Coatings |
  5. 5. Structural Steel Maintenance and Repair Maintenance budgets don’t always provide flexibility. We can help develop a system (aesthetic refresher coat or corrosion protection down to the substrate) to meet your specific needs of a facility or project, under almost any circumstance. 5Protective Coatings |
  6. 6. Piping & Equipment High Temperature Operations With so many unique situations and requirements to consider, how do you protect against all high temperature applications? Fortunately, we can help answer that question and keep high temperature operations running which are critical to your production. 6Protective Coatings |
  7. 7. Piping & Equipment Temperature Resistance Ranging from -321℉to 1202℉ (-196℃ to 650℃) Process temperature swings from cryogenic to well above ambient can cause anyone heartache, our Universal Pipe Coating and high heat solutions can handle any temperature in- between; insulated or un-insulated. 7Protective Coatings |
  8. 8. Piping & Equipment Corrosion under Insulation Protection Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) is a costly and dangerous hazard for facility owners. Ease your concerns on this hidden problem with our tested and proven temperature resistant CUI preventative coatings. 8Protective Coatings |
  9. 9. Storage Tanks & Pressure Vessels Exterior Aesthetic & Corrosion Resistant Coatings In an industry with constantly changing requirements, expect our exterior coatings to be at the forefront of innovation for long term protection and performance. 9Protective Coatings |
  10. 10. Storage Tanks & Pressure Vessels Chemical Resistant Linings If chemical protection, longevity, durability and product purity are all things you are looking for in a lining, then we have the answers. Our broad range of chemically resistant linings can provide the essential properties your cargo requires. 10Protective Coatings |
  11. 11. Storage Tanks & Pressure Vessels High-Temperature and Pressure Resistant Linings We prevail where others fail under heat, pressure, and stress. We have proven solutions we recommend for your high temp and pressure resistance challenges. We will look at all facets of your project to ensure the correct lining is recommended for each specific tank or vessel. 11Protective Coatings |
  12. 12. Secondary Containment Concrete Crack Bridging & Repair As concrete is always prone to cracking, let us help you develop a specification to address problematic areas before they become an issue, and protect what is under the lining. 12Protective Coatings |
  13. 13. Secondary Containment Hinge Joints Minute details in concrete construction can often be overlooked. Our vast experience has led to development of technical bulletins which ensure the particular lining is installed properly for you every time. 13Protective Coatings |
  14. 14. Secondary Containment Damaged Concrete Repair Existing assets often require restoration of degraded concrete. Our user friendly repair systems can bring your concrete back to an acceptable level prior to recoating. 14Protective Coatings |
  15. 15. Can we help you? 15 We can provide: • Global manufacturing and ISO-12944 approved coating and lining solutions for steel and concrete. • NACE Certified representatives and technical service to answer the most challenging questions. • Comprehensive chemical resistant linings to protect your tanks or vessels. • Time tested fireproofing systems for structural steel. • Coating simplicity for piping & equipment at various temperatures. • Proven concrete and secondary containment solutions. • Optimized plant asset surveys for maintenance planning and corrosion control. Protective Coatings |
  16. 16. Questions? Contact us. TEL: USA 1-800-589-1267 CAN 1-855-480-8127 Web: Submit your questions. or Contact a Coatings or Fireproofing specialists.