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The Global Impact of GMOs - IDEX Webinar August 12, 2013


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Slides of Katherine Zavala's presentation at the GMO Webinar for the Food Justice Learning Call series, organized by Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA), who are a member of the US Food Sovereignty Alliance.
The full video of the Webinar can be found here:

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The Global Impact of GMOs - IDEX Webinar August 12, 2013

  1. 1. Global Impact of GMOs August 12, 2013
  2. 2. Outline • Status of World Hunger • Green Revolution and AGRA • Cases: 1) South Africa 2) GM Corn in Mexico • Solution: Agroecology
  3. 3. Status of World Hunger • World produces enough food to feed 9 to 10 billion people • Food Sovereignty: • at least 75% of the 1,5 billion smallholders, family farmers and indigenous people • 350 million small farms • 5,000 crop varieties • 1,9 million peasant-bred plant varieties
  4. 4. Green Revolution and AGRA • 1960s: Green Revolution (GR)– a promise to end hunger through miracle seeds • GR Strategy: focused on increased production / petrol-dependent farming • 1999: AGRA – Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa • Public/private partnerships • Industrial campaign to spread GM crops • Dismal results in Africa
  5. 5. South Africa
  6. 6. GM Corn in Mexico
  7. 7. Solution: Agroecology
  8. 8. Resources: "The Scaling Up of Agroecology: spreading the hope for food sovereignty and resiliency – A contribution to discussions at Rio+20 on issues at the interface of hunger, agriculture, environment, and social justice" by Miguel Altieri. (May 2012) Http:// Lessons from the Green Revolution by Peter Rosset (April 8th 2000) – posted on Food First blog AGRA Fact Sheet – Food First by Tanya Kerssen (September 2009) 09%20by%20Tanya%20Kerssen.pdf “Mexican small farmers stand up against Monsanto’s GM corn conquest” (February 18, 2013) –