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Social media new trends

  1. 1. New Trends in CRM Brought to you by
  2. 2. Part: 1 2 3 4 5 6New Trends in CRM4 I ntroduction Dave Brock | President and CEO, Partners in EXCELLENCE8 P art 1: Exceed Your Sales Expectations David Tyner | Director of Sales, KinetiCast12 P art 2: Triple The Effectiveness Of Your Best Sales People Ben Bradley | Managing Director, Macon Raine15 P art 3: How Social Media Are Ruining Your Lead Qualification Strategy Charles Green | Founder and CEO, Trusted Advisor Associates18 P art 4: Use Social CRM to Improve Communications Cheryl Hanna | Blogger, Service Untitled20 P art 5: Is Social CRM Compatible with Enterprise 2.0? Esteban Kolsky | President, thinkJar22 P art 6: Four Experts On How To Turn Social Media Into Sales J.D. Lasica | CEO, 3 24
  3. 3. Part: 1 2 3 4 5 6The New Trends in CRM e-Book is brought to you byThe leading online, member-driven community focused on Sales and Marketing Professionals.Visit us, register and contribute at the sponsorship ofCloud-based CRM that fits.Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is a cloud-based CRM solution that fits business. It’s the onlyCRM solution that works in Microsoft Outlook, the application your people use most, making itfamiliar and easy to use right away. And it is flexible and scalable, providing a single CRM systemthat connects across your organization so everyone is on the same page—with real-time data inpersonalized dashboards and automated processes you can customize to fit your unique needs.Find out how Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online can help your team spend more time with yourcustomers and less time managing your CRM tool.See product demos and hear from customers at’t Get Forced. Get What Fits. 3 34
  4. 4. Part: 1 2 3 4 5 6IntroductionDave Brock | President and CEO, Partners in EXCELLENCECustomer relationship management (CRM) software and • ngage their customers in new ways. Eso-called Sales 2.0 tools have been hot topics in the • ain additional insight into customers, markets, Gsales community for many years. Salespeople usually and prospects.scoff at CRM: “It’s just management’s way of looking • et important feedback about their own products, Gover my shoulder at everything I do.” Or: “Spending the competition, or their company’s performance.all this time updating the system just takes away from • mprove personal and organizational productivity Imy selling time. Does management want me to be an or efficiency.administrator or a salesperson?” If these are not sufficient reasons to delve more deeplyFrom sales management’s view, the complaints into CRM, here is another view: Your customers andtake another tack: “We’ve spent so much money in prospects are leveraging CRM tools, the Web, and socialimplementing our CRM system, but we still aren’t buying more than ever. The importance of these toolsgetting the results we expected!” The picture gets and their utilization by customers will only increase ineven cloudier when marketing folk start to leverage coming years. If we are not intercepting our customersCRM data, integrating their marketing tools with and prospects where they are, we are going to bethe sales tools. Arguments, finger pointing, and missing more and more opportunities.excuses proliferate. This e-book offers a variety of provocative perspectivesI’m not one to back away from a heated discussion, from thought leaders. They are designed to helpso here’s my two cents: I cannot imagine an individual you think about leveraging CRM and related tools toor organization wanting to perform at the highest achieve concrete results.possible level without leveraging these tools totheir utmost! The tools give sales and marketing Too often I find that discussions about CRM, SCRM,professionals the capabilities to: and all the other alphabet combinations miss the point. These conversations focus on the tools, when in reality the tools are simply enablers and not ends in themselves. Continued on next page 3 44
  5. 5. Part: 1 2 3 4 5 6Introduction (cont’d)The articles in this collection focus on crucial David Tyner offers a view on sales forecasting accuracyquestions such as: in “Exceed Your Sales Expectations.” An expectation• hat are your business strategies and priorities? W of every buyer of a CRM system is dramatically• ho are your customers? Why do they buy, and how W increased forecasting accuracy—after all, with all this do they buy? How do they want to be engaged? information in the system, won’t forecasting accuracy• hat role does each part of the organization W be improved? David suggests the challenge is not the (particularly sales and marketing) play in engaging system, but the underlying methods that organizations and communicating with the customer? use to assess the likelihood of winning a deal. He• ow do marketing and sales integrate more H suggests that our error is grouping all prospects into effectively in the new buying environment? How a single category and treating them the same. David do you refocus marketing and sales, focusing on provides an alternative approach by differentiating the collaboration and eliminating the traditional silos? type of prospects and how to work with each type.• ow do you create value for your customers? How do H you create a compelling and differentiated customer In “Triple The Effectiveness Of Your Best Sales People,” experience? Ben Bradley offers insight on how to organize and• hat are the key drivers to performance in your W integrate your sales and marketing more effectively. organization? How do you build your processes Improving focus, decrapifying marketing, developing or define roles and responsibilities to optimize core competencies around lead generation, and performance? How do you measure and track leveraging data in more comprehensive ways can all help performance—both within your organization and in improve the effectiveness of your people, freeing them terms of your customers? up to focus on interacting directly with customers.Until you answer these questions, it’s impossible to The role of the salesperson is changing. Additionally,get the greatest value from CRM, SCRM, Sales 2.0, the role of marketing and how we qualify leads is alsoor whatever other tools you might be using. But if changing. Charles Green talks about this in “How Socialyou take the time to articulate your strategies and Media Are Ruining Your Lead Qualification Strategy.”priorities, then these tools can dramatically improve All the old rules and assumptions on which we baseyour organization’s productivity and efficiency. our traditional lead generation programs must change Continued on next page 3 54
  6. 6. Part: 1 2 3 4 5 6Introduction (cont’d)in the social world and with social customers. As When I talk to executives about incorporating socialCharles points out, this is actually good—as long as we media and networking into the marketing and salesrecognize the changes and leverage them in our lead programs their organizations conduct, I always getgeneration programs. Social media offer us tremendous the question, “How do we turn our investmentadvantage in reaching out to customers, engaging in social media into sales and orders?” In his essaythem, leveraging their conversations, and generating “Four Experts On How To Turn Social Media Into Sales,”leads in new ways. JD Lasica synthesizes the views of leading social media practitioners.In “Using Social CRM To Improve Communications,”Cheryl and Douglas Hanna explain how today’s social How many times have you wished that you knew whatCRM systems invite customers to interact directly with your customers thought about a given issue? In thethe company, helping us engage and communicate with old world, you might have done some market researchcustomers and prospects. or convened a focus group. These methods tended to be limited, expensive, and slow in yielding results. InEsteban Kolsky shifts the conversation from technology today’s world, all you have to do is listen/engage/ goal alignment, collaboration, and integration in“Is Social CRM Compatible With Enterprise 2.0?” This I started this discussion with the bold statement,is an important discussion because the whole point “I can’t imagine any high-performing individual orof all this technology is to help us reach our goals of organization not leveraging these tools to theirengaging and working with customers and prospects. utmost.” The articles in this e-book are just theThe best way to maximize the capabilities of these new beginning of the is to define strategic goals and then leveragetechnology platforms in support of strategy. Read these articles and discuss the ideas inside your organization. Then start staking out your strategies and positions in the new worlds of marketing, selling, and buying! Continued on next page 3 64
  7. 7. Part: 1 2 3 4 5 6Introduction (cont’d)Dave Brock is President and CEO of Partners InEXCELLENCE, a global consulting company focused onhelping organizations achieve the highest levels ofperformance in sales, marketing, customer service,and business strategy. He helps individuals andorganizations develop and execute strategies tooutPerform, outSell, and outCompete their competition.Dave is an internationally recognized speaker,writer, and thought leader in leadership, sales, valuepropositions, marketing, strategic alliances andpartnering, business strategy, and 3 74
  8. 8. Part: 1 2 3 4 5 6Part 1:Exceed Your Sales ExpectationsDavid Tyner | Director of Sales, KinetiCastHave you ever had a sales manager tell you that he was will remain in your pipeline and the likelihood that itunhappy with how long prospects were lingering in your will survive to become a happy customer. Therefore, Isales pipeline? If so, please forward this to him. suggest that you define the lead source at a very high level. In my CRM system, I have just three differentLook at any CRM system and you’ll find plenty of lead sources. They are:common elements. They include fields for sales stage(with a default win probability), expected close Seekers—these are prospects that seek you outdate, and expected revenue. Using these elements, Sought—these are prospects that you seek outmanagement typically forecasts by discounting the Suggested—these are prospects that were referred to youexpected revenue based on the win probability (per thesales stage) and organizing opportunities according to It is important to think of these categories whenexpected close date. Thus management has an idea of engaging with your prospects, forecasting yourwhat it can expect in terms of revenue over the next pipeline, and managing sales expectations.several months. This is all very basic Sales 101 stuff,but is often the source of unmet expectations between The Seekersales managers and their sales forces. On the surface, this prospect appears to be the best. After all, she is most like your mother in that sheDisconnects between sales forecast and subsequent recognizes just how special you are. She hassales performance usually arise because win probability demonstrated admirable wisdom by successfullyis tied to the sales stage of the opportunity. For identifying you as someone who can potentiallyexample, if an opportunity is identified, it has a solve her particular problem. Perhaps she looked you10 percent chance of closing; if it’s contacted, up through a web search, found you through social20 percent; qualified, 50 percent; and proposed, media or just somehow innately knew that you were67 percent. It is my experience that, when looking at ‘the (wo)man!’ More likely, she is using one of yoursales pipelines from a macro perspective, the source of competitors and has decided, for one reason orthe lead is the single best indicator of how long a lead another, to contact you. Continued on next page 3 84
  9. 9. Part: 1 2 3 4 5 6Exceed Your Sales Expectations (cont’d)Unless you represent the clear-cut industry leader, the spent with profitable customers was cut. I was notnotion of a prospect seeking you out should actually able to methodically sell and produce the “right” kindbe cause for some concern. It should raise a red flag of business.for you when companies look to spontaneously replacetheir current vendor. If they were a good customer, Eventually, the reasons why this company left itspaid their bills on time and worked in partnership incumbent supplier became painfully obvious. In anwith their current vendor, why would they be looking unprecedented move, I presented a business case forelsewhere? If they were indeed a good customer and why our company should fire this customer and nothe incumbent vendor were moderately competent, longer do business with them. We gave them 30 daysthat vendor, its sales team, and customer service staff to find a new vendor. Despite the loss of this revenue, Iwould be bending over backwards to make sure their was able to sell far past the deficit and ended up in thegood customer was happy. top 1 percent among all sales people globally for my company. I still say that my best and most profitableCase in point, I was once contacted by one of my “sale” that year was selling my company on the idea ofcompetitor’s largest customers. They called me in for cutting that customer loose.a meeting and already had all of the information Iwould normally solicit waiting for me, accompanied The moral of the story: be very cautious when aby a list of one-sided, ridiculous demands. Against my prospect seeks you out. Find out why they have soughtrecommendation, our company met their demands for you out. Be very slow to give concessions. Mostreduced pricing and extended billing cycles as well as importantly, establish a balanced, open communicationsome other one-sided concessions. They quickly became system with them so that they view you as a respectedmy fourth largest customer from a revenue perspective. partner and not a pawn.Frankly, I looked like a hero for the quarter. However,the stringent requirements of this customer caused me The Soughtto have the lowest year-over-year growth of my sales The Sought are the most challenging and have, by far,career! My prospecting time was diminished and time the lowest conversion rate. However, these prospects Continued on next page 3 94
  10. 10. Part: 1 2 3 4 5 6Exceed Your Sales Expectations (cont’d)are the key to success for the B2B sales elite. If you been, “If you are happy with them, wait until you getwant the highest quality leads, you have to seek and a load of me!” Of course I’m kidding, but seriously, theengage them for yourself. No one knows more about fact that they are happy with their current supplier isyour product’s strengths and potential for success than some of the best news you can hear. It may have moreyou. No one knows more about the types of businesses to do with their being a perfect customer than theirthat will have a painful problem that your company supplier making them happy. Your job is to get to thecan solve. No one is as invested in wanting to close right person or people with the right message at thethe right kind of business than you are! This is the right time.prospect you are cold-calling, sending more informationto, and trying to get time with in order to engage the The Suggestedright buying influences. These are relatively rare in B2B sales. When you can get them, they can be fantastic. Though not alwaysThe big challenge with these prospects is that they are an easy sale, they represent the opportunity to workextremely difficult to accurately forecast in your sales from a position of mutual, professional respect.pipeline. A symphony of sales activity must take place, Unfortunately this is uncommon at the beginning ofrapport built, relationships established, knowledge a sales cycle. The main challenge with The Suggestedexchanged, and persuasion gently applied. After first is that they are often not properly, the entire sales process must be executedwith flawless precision. Keep in mind that this prospect I recommend that you try to introduce as many ofmay shut you down at any time because, after all, these prospects into your pipeline as you possibly can.they did not seek you out. Unlike The Seekers and Sources can include your own marketing department,The Suggested, The Sought have no initial reason to current clients, social media, and your oldest andengage with you. dearest friends. The B2B sales elite treats all prospects with the utmost professionalism. However, it’sOften The Sought will tell you that they are happy with especially important to go the extra mile with thesetheir current supplier. To that, my response has always prospects. Remember, your actions reflect not only on Continued on next page 3104
  11. 11. Part: 1 2 3 4 5 6Exceed Your Sales Expectations (cont’d)you but on the person that referred you. If you do your David Tyner has 18 years of experience as a top-job well, you will have done the person who referred level performer in sales and operations. He has beenyou the business a favor by making them look very a perennial President’s Club member throughout hissmart for recommending such an outstanding company career. Currently, Dave serves as the director of sales forand sales professional. Lastly, make sure you report KinetiCast, the simple, powerful, and proven online salesback the results to your referral source and, if possible, presentation tool for the B2B sales elite. As the directorreciprocate by providing them with leads as well of sales, he helps sales people and sales organizations to(e-mail me and I’d be glad to share some ideas on how exceed their quotas. He is the author of the KinetiCast-best to do this). sponsored “Sales Salve” blog and has been featured as a guest author for many top sales blogs. Dave lives inRealizing that there are salient differences among upstate New York with his wife and their two daughters.the types of prospects is one of the first steps inunderstanding a sales pipeline. In reviewing potentialsales opportunities, as a sales manager, ‘how did theyget here?’ should be one of your first questions. Thiswill help you manage actions and exceed expectations. 3114
  12. 12. Part: 1 2 3 4 5 6Part 2:Triple The Effectiveness Of Your Best Sales PeopleBen Bradley | Managing Director, Macon RaineWhen did the job of selling get lumped in with At some point, as your sales organization grows, you’lleverything else? Asking a great sales person to clean find it more cost effective to insert specialists intoCRM data, lick envelopes and turn over rocks looking the process rather than ask your closers to manage thefor prospects is not a good use of skills, time or money. entire process. To triple sales, instead of tripling theMaybe this is why CSO Insights reported that only 52% size of the sales organization, the smart money looksof sales reps met their quota in 2009? for ways to triple the effectiveness of the best closers. �Selling is the management of a very complex business So how should you do this? What is the fastest way toprocess. It is complex because customers aren’t break away from the old habits and build new, scalable,predictable and they don’t always act reasonably. repeatable and affordable processes for creating newThey need sales because they value the continuity of sales opportunities for your best closers?contact. Customers can’t have a relationship with yourbrand; they need a person to have a relationship with. The first task is the task of definition: Don’t fight it anymore. Go ahead and ignore the marketing puristsDo the math: a top closer with a $2 million who believe sales and marketing are different. For you,annual quota creates value worth $1000 per hour now, as you think about taking the next step in the($2,000,000/2000 hours=$1000/hour). Asking your top evolution of your sales organization and as you try torelationship managers to turn over stones looking for stretch your very limited budget, the job of marketingleads and updating CRM is costing your organization is to create new opportunities for sales. Period. Thebig. Prospecting is expensive. end. The job of sales is to carefully manage those opportunities and relationships until they are readyIn the 2010 Miller Heiman Sales Best Practices to become customers and provide feedback on ways toStudy, fewer than one out of five study participants streamline and improve the marketing activities.reported using a prospecting plan. Yet, a full threequarters of top-performing sales organizations said Get on the same page. Get on the same page withthey were consistent in this activity. There is a what a customer actually looks like … less than a thirddisconnect somewhere. of Miller Heiman’s study participants agreed that their Continued on next page 3124
  13. 13. Part: 1 2 3 4 5 6Triple the Effectiveness of Your Best Sales People (cont’d)sales and marketing organizations were aligned in what program of long-tail content, SEO and word of mouththeir customers want and need. marketing will become your primary source of leads. The time is now to start understanding this reality andDecrapify your marketing: A January 2009 Customer begin preparing your organization for the inevitable.Experience Panel conducted by IDC Global asked “whichof the following is the #1 thing a rep can do to improve Simple data matters: In B2B, it doesn’t take a rocketthe value of your relationships with the sales team and scientist to know that you can’t sell something tothe vendor they represent?” More than 40 percent of someone unless you know their e-mail, title, mailingrespondents said: “Put aside the generic sales pitch.” address, company affiliation, and phone number. InThis means—it is okay to go ‘off message’ or off-brand other words, you can’t sell something to someoneas you help your people build sustainable relationships unless you know who they are. Getting the right data,with your customers. keeping the data clean and cultivating the contact data until the prospective customer is ready to have aGive sales people time to do what they do best: conversation matters more than most think. If you loveIt is easy to under-estimate the amount of work your data, your data will love you back.required to convert a qualified lead into a sale. Fromjustifying ROI, recruiting and coaching an internal Slightly more complex data is even better: Oncechampion, managing expectations and competitive your data is clean, you are then ready for the big timepositioning, the skills required for successful selling with lead scoring and modeling “online body language”are very different from the skills required for successful by tracking a prospect’s visits to the website, webinarprospecting. Expecting the same person to excel at attendance, downloads and other behavior to determineboth is unreasonable. the best times to enage the sales team. You can’t do the fun stuff until you get your data under control.Lead generation must become a core competency:Cold calling, trade shows, advertising and other big How many net new names did you add to the CRMmarketing tactics still work for lead generation. each month? Don’t be content with the existingHowever, the time is not far away when a consistent database. Every month there should be a concerted Continued on next page 3134
  14. 14. Part: 1 2 3 4 5 6Triple the Effectiveness of Your Best Sales People (cont’d)effort to bring new names into the CRM. Even if you Ben Bradley is managing director of Macon Raine,have a huge flow of inbound leads into your website a public relations and marketing agency. Known foreach month, the acquisition of new names ensures your wearing plaid and sweater vests before they weremarketing remains proactive as you hunt for new popular, he writes about the intersection of marketing,key accounts. technology, and business. As an avid indoorsman, his primary interests include technology adoption, changeThe type of person who is comfortable cleaning data, management, micro-finance, network and physicalwho understands key account selling and is happy security, collaboration, networks, and groupware.being the guardian of data is very different from thetype of person who is happiest in front of customers.It may be the best qualified person for this role isnot a sales person at all—but rather a specialist thatunderstands the tools and techniques of marketingAND selling. 3144
  15. 15. Part: 1 2 3 4 5 6Part 3:How Social Media are RuiningYour Lead Qualification StrategyCharles Green | Founder and CEO, Trusted Advisor AssociatesYou may have noticed it already, or it may be lurking in In other words: the goal of most approaches to leadthe background. You’ll see it soon enough. qualification is to get rid of those least likely to buy, in the least costly manner possible. And as long as theYour traditional lead qualification methods are under two implicit beliefs hold true—there is an unlimitedattack from new social media. And that is not a bad number of leads, and they are all independent of eachthing: it’s a good thing. As long as you recognize it. other—no problem.Traditional Lead Qualification How Social Media Changes the GameTraditional lead qualification strategies are based on Enter new social media. Suddenly assumption numbertwo implicit assumptions. First, that there is an infinite one looks naïve. It always was naïve; we all knew innumber of leads. Second, that those leads are largely the back of our minds it was naïve, but we could affordindependent of each other. to ignore it. But now that you can slice and dice data about potential customers in infinite ways, the finiteThe combination of those assumptions leads most nature of that number appears much more clearly.businesses to think of lead qualification as an exercisein efficiency. Here’s a sample quote from one lead- Yet the real killer is assumption two. The whole pointqualification vendor’s website: of all social media is that they are, in fact, social. Your customers talk to each other. In a nutshell, that’s … your selling assets can spend their valuable the revolution. time “selling” to prospects that have the need, the budgets and the necessary decision making As I heard SAP put it a few months ago, CRM systems ability to purchase. No longer will your sales used to capture all the dialogue—between seller and arm have to waste time flailing around trying customer. Only now, they’ve realized that was only to find the gold nuggets within an inquiry pool. 5 percent of the real dialogue. The other 95 percent of the real dialogue happens between customers. Continued on next page 3154
  16. 16. Part: 1 2 3 4 5 6How Social Media are Ruining Your Lead Qualification Strategy (cont’d)How Social Media Impact Lead Qualification Suddenly, the old approach to lead qualification isNow we can see the impending collision. If your destroying marketing effectiveness.attempts at lead qualification are based solely on sellers’efficiencies, then they are likely to be fast, impersonal, The New Lead Qualificationmachine- and bureaucratic-driven, and low on customer The implication is that no longer can we separatesensitivity. Phone sales reps will be incented to get lead qualification from marketing. The way you handleyou off the phone ASAP, impersonal website forms are potential customers is intimately bound up with thedesigned to shunt you off to another machine as soon creation of the company’s image—every bit as much asas possible. Massive efficiency-driven lead qualification customer service, or existing marketing programs.programs are practically designed from the outset to cutrelationships off as soon as possible, keeping just a few From here on, lead qualification has to take its cuehigh-potential opportunities. from the inbound marketing movement. How you treat people affects how they treat you—and word getsBut now customers—and potential customers—can around. Lead qualification now has to be viewed inand do talk to each other. And the more they talk, they a longer time context, and as part of an integratedmore they build impressions. In the old days, the rule approach to branding, image enhancement, and demandof thumb was that a good experience would be relayed five people, a bad experience to maybe 20. In thedays of social media, you can add several zeros to those In simpler terms: take 10–20 percent more time tonumbers. And the elapsed time can be days, even hours. help your leads, offer them value, make a positive impression, create future demand—call it what youSuddenly, efficiency-driven seller-centric lead will. Just don’t treat them as unlimited, unconnected,qualification programs can be seen as brand-name blank faces to be harvested; how you treat them is howdestroyers; marketing-killers; and a fast route to the world will treat you.downgrading the company’s reputation. Continued on next page 3164
  17. 17. Part: 1 2 3 4 5 6How Social Media are Ruining Your Lead Qualification Strategy (cont’d)Charles Green is an author, speaker, and world experton trust-based relationships and sales in complexbusinesses. Founder and CEO of Trusted AdvisorAssociates, he is author of Trust-based Selling andco-author of The Trusted Advisor. He has worked witha wide range of global industries and functions. Charlesworks with complex organizations to improve trust insales, internal trust between organizations, and trustedadvisor relationships with external clients and customers.He spent 20 years in management consulting. Hemajored in philosophy at Columbia University and hasan MBA from Harvard. A widely sought-after speaker,he has published articles in Harvard Business Review,Directorship Magazine, Management Consulting News,CPA Journal, American Lawyer, Investments and WealthMonitor, and Commercial Lending Review, and is acontributing editor at 3174
  18. 18. Part: 1 2 3 4 5 6Part 4:Use Social CRM to Improve CommunicationsCheryl Hanna | Blogger, Service UntitledCustomer Relationship Management began as a Twitter’s unique visitors have increased 1,382process to help companies manage their customers percent since 2009. So why not use this popular lineand potential customers using a database full of of communication to positively engage customersinformation about their buying habits. It helped and build trust and brand loyalty? Here are somecompanies maintain and improve customer relationships suggestions to help you leverage Twitter and Socialand hone in on the most successful and promising CRM generally:target audiences. From there an organization couldconcentrate on potential new sales, support, and • rand Auditing—Be aware of what is being said Bmarketing strategies to retain customers and find about your company’s brand. Watch criticism, reviewnew ones. feedback, and pay attention to marketing successes and failures.Now we have progressed to Social CRM, which takesthe original CRM concept and adds new communication • aking the Personal Connection—Smart salespeople Mchannels via the social web, all with the goal of have always gathered personal details about theircreating better customer relationships. No longer customers. They have always used this informationdo customers just call and speak to customer service to deepen relationships with clients by sending themrepresentatives; customers speak to each other, birthday cards, communion cards, favorite chocolatescomment on articles, research common opinions, and the like. But now we have the Get Social Twitterand blog. The emergence of social media forces Pro Module, which helps companies leverage customercompanies to track what is being said about them and relationships by tracking a client’s last 20 Tweetswho is saying it. When a company isn’t aware of public to develop insight about the client’s life andsentiment, clients and customers may perceive that daily activities.the company just doesn’t care enough to respond. • arket Tracking—Companies can track users and MA recent Nielsen survey found that Twitter is consumers who love a product but aren’t necessarilythe primary online communication medium today. customers of a particular brand. For instance, I have Continued on next page 3184
  19. 19. Part: 1 2 3 4 5 6Use Social CRM to Improve Communications (cont’d) a Keurig coffee maker which I find incredible, yet I was not the purchaser. Still, positive consumers like me are potential customers.• ompany Support—Social CRM systems can track C keywords and give continued support about a product. When someone from the company is listening, angry customers can be immediately identified and referred to a customer service agent who can act upon negative comments and avoid potential damage.Practicing Social CRM invites customers and clientsto interact with a company and manage customerrelationships with more success while saving moneyfrom potential unknown fire storms and risking theloss of valuable customers.Cheryl Hanna is a real estate agent and freelancewriter living in South Florida. She writes aboutcustomer service and the customer service experienceat You can email her or see her posts at Service Untitled. 3194
  20. 20. Part: 1 2 3 4 5 6Part 5:Is Social CRM Compatible with Enterprise 2.0?Esteban Kolsky | President, thinkJarAt a high level, Social CRM vendors and Enterprise 2.0 Talk is cheap. Wihle CRM and Enterprise 2.0 initiativesvendors are pitching the same product. often gather customer feedback, that feedback is seldom used or even understood. Whatever goodThey use similar words: collaboration, share, intentions are present in trying to make CRM andengagement, conversation, and social (oops, maybe not Social CRM more customer-centric, vanish in the realityall the same words). The concepts of what they deliver of implementation.are very similar as well: collaborate with customers tobuild a better business, collaborate with employees to Hmmm. Maybe, just maybe there are similarities we canbuild a better business. work on.Unfortunately, that is where the similarities end. The two initiatives want to be customer-centric, both want to be more collaborative, and both are notAs strange as it may sound, I have encountered no getting it right the first time around. Maybe, justEnterprise 2.0 initiatives that have actually made maybe…direct contact with the customer. Almost as if doingsomething for them is sufficient and talking to them Compatibility through goals? Sure.would ruin it. In spite of all the talk of customer-centricity, the Enterprise 2.0 projects are still pretty As a matter of fact, the proposal of building a socialmuch company-centric. business on the way to creating a collaborative enterprise relies on that compatibility of goals. TheThe reverse of the coin is not much better. CRM and concept of creating a shared platform where customersSocial CRM projects have been bragging about their and organizations can work together to create a bettercustomer focus for quite some time as well. They point process that will deliver greater value to both of themto different implementations of Customer Experience is not flawed—it has been proven to work quite well.Management or similar CX initiatives as proof that they Organizations that work jointly with their customers,care about the customer. giving them access to the necessary systems as if they were employees, tend to have happier customers. Continued on next page 3204
  21. 21. Part: 1 2 3 4 5 6Is Social CRM Compatible with Enterprise 2.0? (cont’d)There is something to that idea … Convergence will be less about technology and goals, those are easy, and more about making itIs compatibility of goals the only area where all work together.Social CRM and Enterprise 2.0 are pulling in thesame direction? Don’t you think?If you dig a little deeper, the two projects leverage Esteban Kolsky Esteban Kolsky is the founder ofsimilar tools. Features, bells, and whistles may vary thinkJar, a consultancy and think tank specializing infrom one camp to the other. But at the core, the basic helping vendors develop better enterprise applicationsfunctions are the same. and users create awesome strategic customer experiences. Collaboration, Integration, and Platform-driven He previously was an analyst with Gartner, researchingdevelopment are the same whether you are talking customer service and customer experience, and assistedabout customers, consumers, partners, or employees with the planning and deployment of several hundredand functions. The jobs may differ, but the tools CRM, call center, and contact center solutions for Globalused and the systems and platforms they rely on are 2000 organizations.similar. Vendors have not explored these similaritiesin details. It’s here that the promise of collaborative Today he continues to help vendors and organizationsenterprise shines. to improve their relationships with customers and is recognized as a thought leader in the areas ofWe have similar goals, similar infrastructure—what collaborative enterprise, social business, social CRM, andabout similar operating principles? all matters related to customer interaction management.This is going to be the critical point in blending thesetwo disciplines going forward—how they operate sothat all stakeholders benefit, while building value forthe organization. 3214
  22. 22. Part: 1 2 3 4 5 6Part 6:Four Experts on How to Turn Social Media into SalesJ.D. Lasica | CEO, Socialmedia.bizOne of the enduring questions in the social media brand, so engage with them directly. “I dream of a daylandscape is: Can we really use social tools to move the when I have a team dedicated to positive and negativeneedle financially? That topic was met head-on recently responses” on these an event in San Francisco titled How to Turn Word ofMouth and Social Media into Sales. (Disclosure: I’m a member of the Intel Insiders social media advisory group.)Here are some takeaways from the speakers’ remarks atthe sold-out gathering: Who: Tony Lee, Vice President of Marketing, TiVo Who: Becky Brown, Director of Social Comments: Summed up the credo Media Strategy, Intel of Silicon Valley well: “If you’re not Comments: The brand advocacy failing quickly, you’re not doing an program is a huge part of how we interesting enough experiment.” Take measure social media success at chances. Launch multiple programs and initiatives. Intel. We listen to influencers whoare talking about Intel. The company uses two main TiVo stands traditional marketing on its head withsocial media tools: Radian6 to measure sentiment its decision to incentivize and reward its long-timeand Objective Marketer to manage campaigns. “Be customers over newcomers just coming into theresourced,” Becky said. “Use employees and advocates showroom floor. “We now give our best deals to ourand agencies.” best customers.” (Yay! I’ve had two TiVos since 2004 and wrote about the company in my book Darknet.)She said it was important to use listening tools “tofind people who are not your brand advocates, who “Your customers aren’t stupid. There are times whenare negative advocates.” And take it on yourself. You you need to listen. If a customer is screaming andcannot ask an agency to read all your posts for you. rude, others will understand. It’s OK to ignore peopleYou cannot get college grads to handle your Twitter who are rude.”account. These are real customers talking about your Continued on next page 3224
  23. 23. Part: 1 2 3 4 5 6Four Experts on How to Turn Social Media into Sales (cont’d) Who: Rob Fuggetta, CEO, Zuberance purchased memberships. You can measure with great Comments: Rob cited a company specificity the results you get from social marketing. that assayed customer loyalty with the “ultimate question”: “How likely Final words of wisdom? “Put in $1 and get $10 back” are you to recommend our brand by launching a word of mouth campaign that stokes or product to a friend?” Customers genuine conversations about a product or service. “Thisresponding 0-6 were considered a “detractor”; 7-8 a is earned media, not paid media,” where fabrication“passive”; 9-10 an “advocate.” and marketingspeak hold sway.Great advice: Rob told brands to involve customers by Who: Michael Brito, Vice President ofinviting them to respond to questions and “make it Social Media, Edelman Digitaleasy for your advocates to engage with your brand.” Comments: Michael underscored theHe pointed to a campaign by HomeAway, a vacation difference between a brand influencerrental site, and said that its success lay in interactions and an advocate. “Advocates are talkingwith its community—“we just gave them a way to about your brand even if you ignoreconnect”—rather than offering giveaways or free T-shirts. them. Influencers, for the most part, require incentives.” They offer insights into a product in exchange for a quidHe pointed to a lawsuit just brought against pro quo, such as access to write a story.TripAdvisor, which was sued for defamationbecause, the litigants alleged, the hotel guests It all comes down to trust. Edelman issues an annualposted ‘inaccurate’ reviews. Audience reaction? trust barometer, where publishers and journalists areOverwhelmingly on the side of TripAdvisor and the high on the list (first time I’ve heard that in a decade!)unfettered flow of opinions, right or wrong. while marketers are not. “If you look at your advocatesHe talked about a $20,000 investment by ClubOne that across the Web, their reach is much greater than beingled to a $180,000 return—69 percent of participants featured on the front page of TechCrunch,” he a 14-day free offer brought a form into ClubOne to Listening and doing nothing is worse than not listeningtry out a membership, and 15 percent of those people in the first place. Continued on next page 3234
  24. 24. Part: 1 2 3 4 5 64 Experts on How to Turn Social Media into Sales (cont’d)J.D. Lasica, one of the earliest social-media strategists,is a consultant to Fortune 1000 companies as well asmid-size companies, startups, and nonprofits. He is widelyconsidered one of the world’s leading authorities onsocial media and the revolution in user-created media.J.D. is chief executive of, wrote the bookDarknet, about emerging media, founded Ourmedia, thefirst (free) video hosting site, and speaks at a wide rangeof conferences. J.D. lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. 3244