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Growth Mindset: in the classroom

My presentation at St. Joseph's Institution, Singapore

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Growth Mindset: in the classroom

  1. 1. Growth Mindset: an introduction Shona Schwartz, MA: Education S2 Training and Development SJI, Singapore
  2. 2. Fixed Mindset Growth Mindset Intelligence and ability is innate. People are either smart or not. They are born with talent. Intelligence and ability is developed through effort. Intelligence can be improved. Talents can be learned. Traits: ● Blames others ● Ignores feedback ● Gives up ● Avoids challenges ● Sees effort as a waste of time Traits: ● Takes responsibility ● Accepts critique and feedback ● Persists ● Accepts challenges ● Sees effort as a path to improvement I can not. I am. How can I? What can I do? S2 Training and Development
  3. 3. What to say… You’ve done your best effort to study You’re smart, you’ve got this I’m proud that you didn’t procrastinate Of course you’ll be ok, you always do well I’m sorry you were frustrated, what can you do different next time? Math isn’t your thing, it’s OK I noticed that you put in a lot of effort to work collaboratively with others You’re the smartest one in the group It always takes lots of practice to learn new things Here, I’ll do it for you Give it a try- here’s an idea of a way to do it No one in our family was ever good at that S2 Training and Development Growth mindset:(On process) Fixed mindset: (On product)
  4. 4. The Research
  5. 5. Effort +Persistence =Talent S2 Training and Development
  6. 6. Fixed Mindset Growth Mindset ME S2 Training and Development
  7. 7. I didn’t really mean it!
  8. 8. Singapore: learning to fail “This notion of failing and learning fast was raised by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong during the launch of the Smart Nation programme... Singapore schools need to imbue students with tech skills as well as the Silicon Valley mindset of "fail fast, learn quickly" so that they can create the technology of the future, he said.” “ he [Minister for Environment and Water Resources, Vivian Balakrishnan] said Singaporeans need to overcome their fear of failure and be prepared to keep experimenting rather than give up in despair.”
  9. 9. in the classroom implementing a growth mindset
  10. 10. Step 1: Teach it
  11. 11. Step 2: Own it
  12. 12. Step 3: Make it the culture
  13. 13. Step 1: Develop a curriculum Literature/pop culture S2 Training and Development
  14. 14. Step 1: Develop a curriculum Research on Growth Mindset
  15. 15. Step 1: Develop a curriculum Classroom Posters
  16. 16. Step 1: Develop a curriculum Student worksheets
  17. 17. Step 2: Adjust your classroom norms: Student revisions Multiple opportunity for mastery
  18. 18. Step 2: Adjust your classroom norms: Encourage Challenge
  19. 19. Step 2: Adjust your classroom norms: Room for failure
  20. 20. Step 2: Adjust your classroom norms: Strategy conferencing “Praise the effort and the strategy and tie it to the outcome” (Dweck)
  21. 21. Step 2: Adjust your classroom norms: Feedback loop
  22. 22. Step 2: Adjust your classroom norms: Self-Evaluation opportunities
  23. 23. Step 3: Make it the culture! Common language
  24. 24. Step 3: Make it the culture! School signs/motos
  25. 25. Step 3: Make it the culture! Parent training
  26. 26. Practical strategies for everyday: “Go To” phrases Student signs Rubrics
  27. 27. ‘Go To’ phrases - “I appreciate your persistence” - “Not quite right-can you try again?” - “Let’s think of another strategy” - “Who can accept the challenge” S2 Training and Development
  28. 28. Student Signs - I need some support - I’m accepting the challenge - I’m going to try again - I need more tools S2 Training and Development
  29. 29. Rubrics - Focus on specific and clear standards - Use growth-mindset language in titles - Create space for self-evaluation - Create column titled “strategy for improvement/growth” - Include ‘process’ and ‘product’ side S2 Training and Development
  30. 30. Event Date Time Comments Hrs Workshop for Teachers 3 Mar 2.30pm-4pm Printed slides 1.5 Lesson Training 1 23 Mar (introduce growth mindset) 1.30pm-2.30pm 1 Actual Lesson 1 30 Mar 1.30pm-2.30pm Lesson Training 2 6 Apr. Research about mindset + famous people 1.30pm-2.30pm 1 Actual lesson 2 13 Apr 1.30pm-2.30pm Lesson Training 3 14 Apr (student reflection worksheets/classroom posters) 2.30pm-3.30pm Dept 1 Actual Lesson 3 4 May 1.30pm-2.30pm Workshop GMS in curriculum 5 May 2.30pm-3.30pm Exams for S2-4, Lvl Meeting 1 Workshop GMS in curriculum 11 May 1.30pm-2.30pm 1
  31. 31. Thank you for your time! For questions or comments, please contact me at