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Intern In Michigan was developed in partnership between
the Detroit Regional Chamber and West Michigan Strategic
Interns Wanted!                                                             Statewide Benefit                             ...
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Intern In Michigan Employer Brochure


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A comprehensive brochure explaining the strategy behind, why talent retention and attraction is important to Michigan and how employers can use this tool to hire interns and/or entry-level talent.

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Intern In Michigan Employer Brochure

  1. 1. Intern In Michigan was developed in partnership between the Detroit Regional Chamber and West Michigan Strategic Alliance, along with support from Michigan's higher education community. The program is funded by public and private grants. For more information, visit Join the conversation online! Fan us on Facebook - InternInMichigan Connect with us on LinkedIn - Group: Intern in Michigan Follow us on Twitter - @InternInMich Intern In Michigan Contact Info: Britany Affolter-Caine, PhD Director, Intern In Michigan One Woodward Avenue, Suite 1900 Detroit, Michigan 48226 (313) 596-0432 An initiative of:
  2. 2. Interns Wanted! Statewide Benefit Getting Started and Using the Site For employers, finding quality candidates to fill available internships can The launch of Intern In Michigan comes at a time when the state faces Intern In Michigan matches students and employers seem like a daunting task, but with the launch of the Intern In Michigan the challenge of keeping its brightest young talent here in Michigan, and according to desirable skills, interests and objectives, making program, tapping into Michigan's brightest young talent has never been while employers statewide are exploring cost-effective ways to address it easy and convenient for employers to recruit interns. Once easier! staffing needs. on the site, employers can create a profile by clicking on the blue ‘For Employers’ tab. From there can begin completing Intern In Michigan simplifies the recruiting process by connecting Along with providing a convenient medium for students and employers employer profile. Michigan-based employers and college students in a unique online to interact with one another, serves as a one-stop environment. By logging onto, and creating a interactive tool promoting the assets of Michigan. It illustrates why living Employer Profile Page profile for your organization and listing your internships, you can gain in Michigan is attractive to our young professionals, while also educating Start with listing the basics about your organization: a company access to the largest pool of college educated talent in the state. The employers about the benefits and value of creating comprehensive name and a comprehensive description of who you are and site also provides you with a means to enhance your organization's internship programs. what your organization does. You also will need to identify a profile while attracting talent, and building relationships with Michigan's primary contact for internship opportunity communications. If top colleges and universities. The success of this program will mean there are multiple internship opportunities or multiple internship our young educated talent will have sites, several different contacts may be listed or one person an opportunity to gain valuable work can serve as the point of contact for all listings. experience in-state that could Why Intern In Michigan? create a pathway to a life-long When completing the profile, some fields are mandatory. career in Michigan. This effort Please keep in mind, the more information you complete, the contributes to long-term economic better the system will do at matching your opportunities to vitality and competitiveness of students looking for internships. We ask our employers for Internships are a great way Michigan by increasing the depth a Tax ID because our college partners have requested that we take Finding Talent for employers to address and experience of its workforce. steps to protect students from unwanted solicitations. While we have Employers have the option of allowing interns to directly contact them, staffing needs not made this field mandatory, it helps us to validate you as a legitimate or to be proactive in searching for qualified interns. To begin identifying employer and it is one more check in your favor. interns that meet your needs, go to the 'search page' and input the Creating a profile is data for the type of intern your organization is seeking. For best results, start with only the criteria you deem most important. If you find too FREE and easy, for Lastly, employers will be asked to create a password. The password provides employers with future access to the site and their profile many candidate matches, you can easily increase the specificity of your both employers information. The next step is to follow the prompts and begin posting search to get to a manageable level of candidates. Multiple searches and students can be created and saved under different names to be reused later as your internships. the student population in the system changes. Direct access to thousands of Michigan’s talented college students. Searchable student profiles featuring resumes “This Web site is dedicated specifically to helping Michigan college students find internships.” “Internship-seeking college students now will have access FREE toolkits and support for creating and to a broader pool of Michigan employers, thanks to the - WXYZ-TV, 7 Action News, maintaining an effective internship program April 23, 2009 Intern In Michigan Web site.” ( - University of Michigan’s Record Online, April 27, 2009 “Looking for young talent? This site should be your first stop.” Unique opportunity to promote your - Crain’s Detroit Business, April 27, 2009 organization to college graduates