Thermal Motorsports


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Thermal Motorsports

  2. 2. W e lc o m e t o T h e r m a l the FUtURe WesteRn home oF motoRsPoRt s In AmeRIcA RiveRside Raceway ciRca 1960. RiveRside inteRnational automotive museum collection
  3. 3. e t h o sthermal motorsports track and club is destined to becomenorth america’s premier luxury racing club. nestled into thesweeping desert landscape of greater Palm springs, thermal is aninvitation only members’ club that brings together the rich traditionsof California motorsports and first-class amenities to create anexperience of unparalleled style, performance and sophistication.more than just a place, it is a lifestyle and vision drenched in wonder,forward design and an ongoing love affair with machine. within closeproximity to los angeles, las vegas, orange county, san diegoand Phoenix, renowned five-star amenities, and numerous culturallandmarks, thermal will be both an oasis and destination for modernliving and the thrill of speed.welcome to thermal motorsports track and club.P A s t m e e t s P R e s e n tcalifornia racing history is steeped in traditions of man’s endlesspursuit of speed and excellence. such tracks as the Riversideinternational Raceway and ontario motor speedway are littered “The long time needwith stories of power, winning and the legends of north america’sgreatest racers. thermal motorsports track and club is building off for a world class roadof these traditions with a modern drivers’ club structured around astate-of-the-art 4.5-mile racetrack that will host both amateur and course facility in our areaclub racing, setting the stage for both driver and enthusiast topush their limits. would be finally, and greatly fulfilled by this project.” PA R N E L L I J O N E S LEGENDARY RACING CHAMPION PaRnelli Jones, 1970 RiveRside inteRnational automotive museum collection
  4. 4. R e s o R t D e s t I n A t I o n e n t e R P R I s e & e m P o W e R m e n tlocated amidst the scenic vistas of the greater Palm springs,california area, thermal motorsports track and club is a destination thermal motosports track and club will be located in an areaunlike any other. more than just a track and racing club, thermal where businesses can benefit from tax incentives under statehas teamed up with the legendary la Quinta Resort & club and PGa and federal enterprise Zone and empowerment Zone programs.west to offer a full range of lifestyle amenities including six golf california enterprise Zone incentives may include employer hiringcourses, tennis, swimming and fitness. With close proximity to the credits, sales credits and increased business expense deductions.Hits equestrian center, the legendary empire Polo Grounds (also in addition, thermal’s location in the coachella valley allows thehome to the coachella and stagecoach music festivals) and some of potential for special federal empowerment Zone advantages likecalifornia’s most exclusive boutique shopping, thermal provides an higher employment credits, low-cost loan eligibility and potentiallyencompassing desert lifestyle of both heritage and sport. lower tax rates for those who operate their businesses here. of course, advantages under these programs are not related to the thermal motorsports track and club, and anyone interested in coming to do business here in Thermal and potentially benefitting under enterprise Zone or empowerment Zone provisions, should contact their tax and legal advisors. PHoto by evan scHilleR
  5. 5. s I t e P l A n Note: Final Track Design and Garage Lot Locations, Subject To Change G a r aG e lO T S • design and build your own private m o D e R n A m e n I t I e s off-track or trackside garage. in addition to the track, thermal will include such modern m o t o R s P o R t s t R A c K & c l U B • whether for the individual driver, amenities as garage lots, members’ only garages and a collector or for corporate and luxurious 10,000 square-foot LEED certified clubhouse n manufacturer use you will be able designed by Guy dreier. the past will meet present as to share with friends and clients a t R A c K s t A t I s t I c s prospective members experience the beauty of california day at the track like never before. racing and the thrill of modern engineering and design both • 3 Independent Courses with a total of 9 Configurations on and off the track. GaraGe lOTS include: • timing tower with meeting Rooms • 2500 Ft. Main Straightaway • Plans for Multi-Car Garage • Full Course 4.5 Miles in Length “Thermal Motorsports Park is showroom with motorcoach and/or transport Parking • 200 Trackside Lots Available, 254 Total the synthesis of my 30 plus • upper level suite with • members clubhouse and car storage Garage years of global architectural entertainment lounge, Kitchen, Washrooms, Offices and • Kart Track Featuring 2 Independent Courses innovation, creative concepts trackside or Greenbelt Patios • alan wilson Project design and passion for racing.” • Phase One, 344 Acres g R A P h I c K e y • built for safety and speed Guy dREIER Guy Dreier Designs ON-tRACk GARAGE LOt = Note: Final Track Design and Garage Lot Winner 2009 Robb Report “Home of the Year” locations, subject to change OFF-tRACk GARAGE LOt = tRACk = SCALE 1.75 INCHES = 0.25 MILEclub House toweR RendeRinG by Guy dReieR
  6. 6. J A c q U e l I n e c o c h R A n R e g I o n A l A I R P o R t T h e r m a l m O T O r S p O r T S pa r k i S lO c aT e d j u S T S O u T hwhat makes thermal motorsports track and club truly aircrafT cOncierGe Of The airSTripunique is the unprecedented ease of both international • NATA Safety First Certified Line • Plane side concierges • service technicians • on site/Plane side Rental car service * Track Not Shown To Scale and Subject To Changeand domestic accessibility. located immediately adjacentto the track is the Jacqueline cochran Regional airport, • Full Service Fueling – Jet A & Avgas • Personal vehicle valet servicewhich offers world-class air service and 8,500 feet of • Quick turn around service • Hotel Guide and Reservationsrunway capable of handling anything from smaller private • Fully Insulated Hangar Storage - 100,000 sq.ft. • Restaurant Guide and Reservations • Ramp 360,000 sq.ft.jets to the boeing 767. • Aircraft Towing – Lectros and Conventional fa c i l i T y • deluxe catering • comfortable customer lobbyIt is desert affluence at its finest, providing exclusive • lavatory servicing • business servicesease of access to Forbes 500, celebrities, athletes and • Potable water • Pilot loungeaficionados from around the globe. Thermal’s direct • baggage Handling & storage • Flight Planning Room Ta h O e / r e n O (507mi)positioning against the runway and amidst the quiet • Ground Power • dedicated Pilot computer (4 8 8 m i ) San franciScOdesert skies will allow members to spend less time in • oxygen and Printertransit and more time on the track. • nitrogen (tires only) • wsi weather service • On-Site Flight School • wireless internet connectionDaily commercial non-stop flights directly to Palm Springs • On-Site Aircraft Maintenance • Refreshment center laS VeGaS (259mi)international airport (PsP) are also readily available, • On-Site Aircraft Detailing • limousine and taxi serviceleaving visitors with a short commute to thermal • 24 Hour Service – On Call After Hours • crew cars pa l m S p r i n G Sat just 29 miles away. • complimentary ice, coffee & newspapers • Canine Friendly (107mi) lO S a n G e l e S phOeniX (269mi) (139mi) San dieGO PA l m s P R I n g s C A L I f O R N I A U S A
  7. 7. P A R t n e R s h I P s “As a seasoned professional in the Grand Am andour strategic partnerships provide members a gatewayto the legends of a storied past and the technology of American Le Mans Series, I have the privilege ofthe present racer while enjoying the finest of off-trackamenities, further building thermal’s mission to become driving the finest tracks in North America and Europe.the global proving ground for style, affluence andhigh-powered luxury. We are constantly developing our In my opinion, Thermal Motorsports Park is destinednetwork of corporate partnerships to deliver exceptionalinsights and value to our facility and membership base. to become one of the finest motorsports country clubs in the world!” d A R R E N L Aw Champion 2009 Rolex Grand Am 24 Hours of Daytona RiveRside Raceway ciRca 1960. RiveRside inteRnational automotive museum collection
  8. 8. l A q U I n tA R e s o R t & c lU B A n D t h e c lU B At P g A W e s t members of thermal will also enjoy privileges at the historic la Quinta Resort & club and iconic PGA WEST, providing them, and their family access to the finest off-track activities and amenities; sports coaching and crafts for kids and the monumental golf courses of Palmer, nicklaus, norman and dye for adults. when it’s time to refuel, members will be able to enjoy a signature spa treatment or indulge in the James beard award winning cuisine of renowned chef Jimmy schmidt at the legendary morgan’s in the desert. in the end, the thermal motorsports track and club with la Quinta Resort & club and PGa west creates an encompassing modern club experience of track and turf that is steeped in timeless heritage, family and modern luxury. I n v I t A t I o n thermal motorsports track and club is being developed by tRm 122, llc, a california limited liability company (“tRm”). we would like to extend to our friends and business associates an invitation to join us with your families for a weekend experiencing la Quinta Resort & club and PGa west and getting a preview and site tour of our much anticipated project. Please contact our concierge at (424) 253-4281 or via email at“you want the moon? to arrange your tour.Just say the word and i’llthrow a lasso around it neither this brochure nor such visit will constitute any kind of an offer to sell anything. an invitation toand pull it down.” become a member in the thermal club at thermal motorsports track and club may be made only by invitation from tRm after a prospective member has been received from tRm a package of documents including a Confidential Private Offering Memorandum, has had full opportunity to review documents, has submitted a signed membership application and membership agreement to tRm, and has been approvedGEORGE BAILEy for membership by TRM. All statements made in this brochure are qualified in their entirely by, and subjectIt’s a Wonderful Life 1946 to, the provisions of the Confidential Private Offering Memorandum.Frank Caprawritten at la Quinta Resort & club
  9. 9. B Y I N V I T A T I O N O N LY P h o n e : (4 2 4 ) 2 5 3 - 4 2 8 1 | e m A I l : I n q U I R I e s @ I n t e R lU x e g R o U P. c o mDAN GURNEY, CIRCA 1965RiveRside inteRnational automotive museum collection