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Dave Watson - Public Sector Living Wage Champion


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Dave Watson's presentation

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Dave Watson - Public Sector Living Wage Champion

  1. 1. UNISON Scotland Dave Watson Head of Policy & Public Affairs UNISON Scotland Public Sector Employers and the Living Wage Public Sector Leadership: Anchoring Ontario’s Living Wage Movement – Feb 2018
  2. 2. UNISON Scotland Context  Since financial crash real wages fallen  Profits and dividends gone up  Impact on local economy  Impact on social security costs  More than half in work  Scottish Govt – Fair Work Convention  UK National Minimum Wage and ‘Living Wage’  ‘Social Wage’ concept
  3. 3. UNISON Scotland What is the Scottish Living Wage? Minimum income that households need in order to afford an acceptable standard of living. • Calculated by Living Wage Foundation. • Voluntary – although public procurement • Scottish Living Wage campaign. •Harder edge campaigning • Scottish Living Wage accreditation •Promotion and accreditation. •1100+ employers signed up •Almost all public sector employers
  4. 4. UNISON Scotland Canadian Dollars $12.41 $13.20 $15.40
  5. 5. UNISON Scotland Pubic policy case for the SLW • Workers get higher wages, improves health and job motivation. • Employers. reduces turnover, improves productivity and attracts better staff through reputational gain • Community benefits through lower benefit cost, less stress on the NHS and cash into the local economy. • Sub-living wage employers cost taxpayer £6bn a year in in-work benefits alone (IFS) – 500k workers below • Indirect cost on poverty is around £25bn a year.
  6. 6. UNISON Scotland Boris Johnson “I believe that paying decent wages reduces staff turnover and produces a more motivated and productive workforce”.
  7. 7. UNISON Scotland Strategy to promote SLW • Bargaining • All the public sector • Scottish Government Pay Policy • Councils and NHS Scotland • Higher and Further Education • Private sector base • Encouragement • Name and shame • Formal accreditation. Living wage employer • Scottish Government funding
  8. 8. UNISON Scotland Procurement • 11bn public spending to leverage SLW • Procurement Reform Act 2014 • EU procurement rules – limit direct compliance • Work around: o Procurement strategy – evaluation – contract • Statutory procurement guidance o Fair work – not just Scottish Living Wage • S52 guidance – ends two-tier workforce
  9. 9. UNISON Scotland Procurement Policy
  10. 10. UNISON Scotland Conclusion •Wages and growth context •Good for workers •Good for employers •Good for taxpayer •Good for local economy •Made good progress in Scotland • Government policy framework • Procurement and accreditation
  11. 11. UNISON Scotland Resources •Scottish Government – statutory guidance on Fair Work Scottish Living Wage Campaign •UNISON briefings campaigns/unison-campaigns/a-living-wage/home/ •Procurement Guidance http://www.unison- LivingWage_July2014.pdf
  12. 12. UNISON Scotland The idea behind a living wage is very simple: that a person should be paid enough to live decently and to adequately provide for their family. At its heart is an ethical argument for preventing in-work poverty and ensuring workers are not exploited through low wages.