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Building with ILP


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Interledger stack, clients, and ledger plugins. Presented at the Interledger workshop in London on 7/6/2016. Full presentation available here:

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Building with ILP

  1. 1. Building with ILP Evan Schwartz, Ben Sharafian Stack, Clients, Ledger Plugins
  2. 2. The “Five Bells” Stack f-b-wallet-client f-b-wallet-client f-b-wallet f-b-wallet f-b-ledger f-b-ledger f-b-connector Application Ledger Interledger
  3. 3. What about other ledgers?
  4. 4. Supporting Different Ledger Types f-b-ledger f-b-connector Ledger Interledger js-ilp
  5. 5. Plugins Provide Abstractions Over Different Ledgers f-b-ledger f-b-connector Ledger Interledger js-ilp js-ilp- plugin-bells js-ilp- plugin-bells
  6. 6. IL-RFC-4: Ledger Plugin Interface An abstraction interface for Interledger clients and connectors to communicate and route payments across different ledger protocols.
  7. 7.
  8. 8. Plugins For Any Type of Ledger ???-ledger f-b-connector Ledger Interledger js-ilp js-ilp- plugin-??? js-ilp- plugin-???
  9. 9. What if there is no ledger?