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Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 as an application development platform to build real world business solutions that go beyond what you think of as "Just CRM." This presentation was delivered as part of Intergen's Twilight seminar series.

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xRM Twilight Presentation

  1. 1. xRM Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 as an application development platform to build real world business solutions that go beyond what you think of as quot;Just CRM.quot;
  2. 2. Twilight: xRM Session Objectives Show how Dynamics CRM provides a configurable and extensible app platform Discuss and demonstrate how Dynamics CRM and various Microsoft technologies can be used to deliver fantastic solutions
  3. 3. Twilight: xRM Agenda CRM concepts Platform basics User experience Demos Decent Time for Discussion
  4. 4. Twilight: xRM Introduction Chris Auld Executive Director of Strategy & Innovation Microsoft Regional Director Implementing „Out of the Box‟ ideas in Microsoft CRM since version 1.2
  5. 5. Twilight: xRM The Challenge of Business Apps
  6. 6. Twilight: xRM Traditional CRM
  7. 7. Twilight: xRM Microsoft Dynamics CRM Suite
  8. 8. Twilight: xRM xRM “Anything” or eXtended Relationship Management Business application modelling for anything that is relationship oriented and workflow driven Particularly suited to ad-hoc human workflow Examples Certification processing Job logging and tracking Manufacturing defects and recalls Customer surveys Funding application processing Tribe or Iwi Management
  9. 9. Twilight: xRM Plays Well in the Sandpit Flexible deployment Choose Outlook, browser, or mobile device Choose to deploy as on-premise or hosted or Live Standard Toolsets Relies on common tools and skills Office, SQL Server, Visual Studio, XML … Integration and Extensibility Native Web services / service-oriented architecture (SOA) Connect multiple systems in real-time
  10. 10. Twilight: xRM xRM – Key Themes Flexible Data Model Data Model, business layer and UI automatically updated Relationship Oriented Data 1:N and N:N relationships Workflows and eventing Change status, create new entities, assign entities Model users accounts or queues Items can be assigned to people or queues
  11. 11. Twilight: xRM xRM Key Themes Scheduling and Task management Entities can be people of groups and can be assigned tasks dependent on skills or other entities Email Integration Can attach emails to entities or create new ones Declarative Design System is configuration driven Designed to handle change Reporting Web UI report builder
  12. 12. Twilight: xRM Data Modeling & Data Management Declarative data modeling All done via the UI – No SQL Ninja Skills Required Model real world business problems Flexible Relationships One to Many Many To One Many To Many Metadata API – Read and Write Access Interogate data structure at runtime Generate user interface based metadata Import and Export Schema to re-use
  13. 13. Twilight: xRM The User Experience • Natural extension to Microsoft Office • Adaptive form navigation and information delivery • Personalized for each user according to job role • Offline data synchronization and mobile access Outlook Browser Mobile Portal Custom
  14. 14. Twilight: xRM Accessing the Data Dynamically generated Web Services Provides Typed Data Access Enforces domain validation Standards based – use from .NET or other language SQL Views (Filtered Views ) Implements platform security model
  15. 15. Twilight: xRM Plugging In… Stage #1 • Pre-Operation Stage #2 • Pre-Operation – System Stage #3 • Platform Operation Stage #4 • Post-Operation-System Stage #5 • Post-Operation
  16. 16. Twilight: xRM Workflow Windows Workflow Foundation Workflow Wizard Visual Studio Designer Fully integrated with platform
  17. 17. Twilight: xRM Reporting Report Wizard or Visual Studio
  18. 18. Twilight: xRM Reporting Report Wizard Visual Studio SharePoint Analysis Services
  19. 19. Twilight: xRM User Experience OOB Web Browser Microsoft Outlook ( Online / Offline ) Mobile Devices (Browser or Smart Device Application)
  20. 20. Twilight: xRM Dynamics CRM Out of the Box UX Choice: Outlook (Online and Offline capabilities) Web Client Mobile Clients Configuration: Entities, Forms, Views, Menus, Toolbars, iFrames, Javascript and Custom UI Microsoft Office: Excel and Word integration
  21. 21. Twilight: xRM Staff Managemen
  22. 22. Twilight: xRM Customer Portals
  23. 23. Demo: MedRecruit Rewards Page
  24. 24. Twilight: xRM Citizen Portals
  25. 25. Demo: Browsing the Charities Register
  26. 26. Twilight: xRM Local Government Land Use Tracking Integrated Virtual Integrated Earth Land Usage Document Mgmt
  27. 27. Twilight: xRM Registrations and Event Management
  28. 28. Demo: Event Management CRM Accelerator
  29. 29. Twilight: xRM Summary CRM as an App Dev Platform Data management Workflow and process management Customizable UI Out Of Box Browser Based Portal Integration with other systems