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Windows Accelerate IT Pro Bootcamp: Closing (Module 8 of 8)


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We ran the "Windows Accelerate IT Pro Bootcamp" one day hands-on workshop in early June 2014. These eight modules were designed to get IT managers, project managers, sysadmin and devops up to speed with the new Windows 8.1 and Office 2013. The bootcamp focused on how to move off earlier versions of Windows and Office to a modern desktop and tablet platforms with the latest security and mobility technologies.

Keep an eye in our SlideShare feed for all eight modules:

Windows Accelerate IT Pro Bootcamp: Introduction (Module 1 of 8)
Windows Accelerate IT Pro Bootcamp: Platform Delivery (Module 2 of 8)
Windows Accelerate IT Pro Bootcamp: Windows ToGo (Module 3 of 8)
Windows Accelerate IT Pro Bootcamp: Security (Module 4 of 8)
Windows Accelerate IT Pro Bootcamp: UE-V (Module 5 of 8)
Windows Accelerate IT Pro Bootcamp: App-V (Module 6 of 8)
Windows Accelerate IT Pro Bootcamp: Devices (Module 7 of 8)
Windows Accelerate IT Pro Bootcamp: Closing (Module 8 of 8)

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Windows Accelerate IT Pro Bootcamp: Closing (Module 8 of 8)

  1. 1. Module 8: Closeout and Next Steps Name Title The CA Accelerate 1:M IT Pro Boot Camp
  2. 2. What we’ve covered CA Accelerate 1:M IT Pro Bootcamp Agenda • Image Creation: Microsoft recommended practices associated with creating Windows system images. • Platform Delivery: Image deployment in your lab environment using either a Lite-Touch or fully automated Zero-Touch deployment method • Windows To Go: Portable deployment option • Security: Options for securing and securely accessing the desktop. • App and User Data Strategy • Application delivery options. • User state and data managed across devices. • Devices – Windows 8 device options and selection strategies Windows 8.1 + Office Overview Image Creation and Deployment Windows To Go Security App and User Data Strategy Windows 8 Devices
  3. 3. Windows XP SP3 and Office 2003 SP3 End of Support April 8 2014 Windows XP Launch October 2001 April 2008 Windows XP SP3 Launch Reminder: Time to retire Windows XP and Office 2003 On April 8, 2014 Windows XP and Office 2003 will reach the end of support lifecycle and will no longer be supported. Office 2003 Launch October 2003 Office 2003 SP3 Launch September 2007 Security risks Compatibility issues No one to call Potential down time
  4. 4. Top Three Reasons to Retire Windows XP and move to a Modern OS today! 1 Windows 7 Windows 8 “Windows 7 has gotten positive reviews, and many Gartner clients are now in the midst of their production deployments.” - Gartner Get Value today. Get Modern. Eliminate Risks of Windows XP End of Support Risks • Lack of support from ISVs and OEMs for the new applications and PC hardware • Security and compliance issues running unsupported software • Need to purchase expensive custom support • Office 2013 does not work with Windows XP Organizations that continue to retain a Windows XP environment not only are leaving themselves exposed to security risks and support challenges but also are wasting budget dollars that would be better used in modernizing their IT investments.” - IDC Whitepaper (May 2012) 2 Deployment is easier than you think • Deployment tools, guidance and best practices on Springboard /TechNet • Windows 8 Evaluation edition Accelerate 3
  5. 5. Next Steps If you want to…. Modernize Productivity FastTrack Full Office 365 service Pilot in an hour, Deploy in days, Extend in weeks Customer Immersion Experience Hands-on, true-to-life user experience Office 365, Windows 8 and Devices For business and ITdecision makers Build Windows 8 Applications CA Accelerate 1:M App Clinic Lab Windows 8.1 LOB app fundamentals Build a working prototype based on your data and branding Gain a clear understanding of next steps and resources Get Off Windows XP POC Partner-Led POC/Deployment Projects or Accelerate 5/10/15 Day POC Trial Trial deployment for 500+ employees Proof of Concepts
  6. 6. Questions