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Intergen Twilight - Empowering Marketing and Sales using CRM and ClickDimensions


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Marketing automation solutions help organisations better understand and target prospective customers, providing email marketing, web tracking, form capture, surveys and more.

ClickDimensions is an email marketing and web analytics add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM that joins together marketing automation with your CRM system. Steven Foster, Intergen's CRM Product Manager showed attendees how this single marketing solution can help their organisation's identify who is interested in their products or services, their level of interest and help you take action.

He also showed how you can use ClickDimensions with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to identify customers, generate compelling newsletters, deliver rich email content, manage web content with smart forms, create landing pages and surveys and generate qualified leads through intelligent web analytics.

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Intergen Twilight - Empowering Marketing and Sales using CRM and ClickDimensions

  1. 1. Empowering Marketing and Salesusing CRM and ClickDimensions Steven Foster 16th May 2012 @FozzyNZ
  2. 2. Empowering Sales and MarketingTopics Introduction Marketing and Sales Woes What you would like to know as marketing What is ClickDimensions Demo Summary
  3. 3. Empowering Sales and MarketingSteven Foster: CRM Product Manager  My role is to drive the Microsoft CRM business, delivery and partner relationships  People call me passionate about CRM and even an evangelist!  I have been working in the field of CRM for over 13 years, implemented many CRM and xRM solutions and have experience across a broad range of CRM technologies, industries and countries.
  4. 4. Empowering Sales and MarketingMarketing and Sales Woes MARKETING WOES SALES WOES  What is my ROI for that marketing effort?  How did that Lead find out about us?  How many people opened my email, or  What are they interested in? clicked the link, who were they?  Have they downloaded anything of  How long did the person spend on my interested? website  What emails have we sent to them  What did they look at, what are people  Have they been looking at the interested in newsletters, do they care, if not why  How did they get to my website, who were not? the referrers  What events have they attended?  How successful have my online advertising  Do my contacts care about the emails been we are sending them?  I want more call to actions without the  What are they are looking at and for headache of manual how long?  I want to manage the content of my emails and landing pages
  5. 5. Empowering Sales and MarketingImagine a world where ….. One System to You could Manage all Sales would know how a lead found measure the Marketing direct traffic as Activity you, what they are interested in, what a result of an they have been online ad looking at Real time Stats on Email Subscription Management effectiveness by area rather than Yes You can create Please or No Thank you forms and landing pages and integrate to CRM with no You could create Developer input You can create forms appealing and landing pages newsletters with and integrate to relevant content CRM with no Developer input
  6. 6. Traditional Marketer’s ToolsBasic lead/contact integration; constantlysynching, exporting, importing Email Marketing Social ? Discovery and/or Monitoring Web Site List ≠ List Analytics Campaign ≠ Campaign Surveys Lead (Prospect) ≠ Lead
  7. 7. CRM + Email + Analytics + Surveys + SocialClickDimensions onWindows Azure- ClickDimensions API Customer Web Site(s) All Data in One Place - Dynamics CRM data - Email Marketing Data - Web Analytics Data - Surveys, Social Recipient Inboxes
  8. 8. ClickDimensions Email MarketingDedicated, ManagedCloud Email Service- Deliverability- Inbox Seed Testing Create HTML Email Templates- Return Path Reputation Send Email to Marketing Lists Monitoring- Sender Authentication (SPF, Trigger Email from workflow Recipient Inboxes Sender ID, DKIM) Send single emails to Leads - All open, click and bounce- Complaint Management - and Contacts tracking returned to your CRM Feedback Loop - ClickDimensions tracks what- Service Protection recipients view when they click through to your web site
  9. 9. Marketing AutomationEmail Marketing Web Tracking Lead Scoring SurveysSocial Discovery Campaign Tracking Form Capture API (with Event and eCommerce Tracking) Nurture Landing Pages Search/Advertising Subscription Marketing Management
  10. 10. Making the Visitor ConnectionAnonymous Visitors Identified Organizations Identified Visitors Qualified VisitorsClickDimensions ClickDimensions Through email link clicks Through socialtracks all web site discovers the or form captures visitors discovery, formvisitors and their organizations from which identify themselves capture, web behavior,activity visitors are browsing lead score, etc. ClickDimensions calls qualified leads Social Discovery become obvious ClickDimensions links Sales wins past anonymous browsing opportunities more quickly and efficiently Can be new CRM Lead or existing CRM Lead or Marketing measures, Contact refines and improves
  11. 11. Lets see it in Action…
  12. 12. Empowering Sales and MarketingSo how did you find it?
  13. 13. Empowering Sales and MarketingDeep Dive Twilight Stats •Managing Events Email Templates •Free Form and Block Editor Sending emails •Test, Inbox Preview •Delivery Statistics Web Content •Forms and Surveys •Landing Pages Web Analytics •Who is looking at what
  14. 14. Empowering Sales and MarketingIn Summary … Empowers Marketing to deliver insightful information that generates Leads Provides the tools that marketing needs to deliver and measure ROI Build upon Dynamics CRM marketing Foundation For the standard package, it only costs around 4 days of developer effort per year, you could not build website form integration in that time
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  16. 16. Thank You