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Taming the feral Teams


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The Coronavirus pandemic had a profound impact on the way we work. Almost overnight, organisations have had to learn how to work remotely – and collaborate effectively – often by the most expedient means possible.

The good news is that the flexible, remote working practices and tools that always seemed like a good idea in principle, have now been tested under extreme conditions and, in many cases, have been proven to be highly effective. To maintain the momentum and continue to realise the benefits, it's essential that we balance that flexibility and immediacy with governance and management. This is particularly true with 'easy to use' tools designed with user empowerment at their heart, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and others.

In this webinar, we explore common pain points and problems arising from the explosive growth of these tools and potential solutions to those problems. We will hear from Anthony Martino, IT Operations Manager at flybuys (Australia), on how they plan to balance user empowerment with effective governance and management. We will look at practical approaches available to all customers, to continue realising the benefits of flexible working in a secure, streamlined and controlled manner.

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Taming the feral Teams

  1. 1. Taming the feral Teams
  2. 2. Agenda Introduction The flybuys Australia journey Overview of Governance Our approach to Governance (demo) Next Steps Q&A
  3. 3. Introducing your speakers… Vanessa Larsen Senior Consultant Modern Workplace Linden Hocking Practice Lead Modern Workplace Andre Miller Senior Consultant Modern Workplace
  4. 4. Guest Speaker Anthony Martino IT Operations Manager flybuys
  5. 5. >75 million Daily Active Users >200 million Microsoft Teams meeting participants in a single day Generating >4.1 billion meeting minutes
  6. 6. Does this look familiar?
  7. 7. Microsoft Teams • Who can create a team? • Are approvals are required? • Naming your Teams • Can you share with external users? • What happens when a Team is old? • How does telephony fit in? • What happens when a Team owner leaves the company? • What are the roles & responsibilities WHAT’S REALLY INVOLVED?
  8. 8. The flybuys journey
  9. 9. Governance in Microsoft 365 Ownership Lifecycle MonitoringSecurity Compliance Policies
  10. 10. Teams lifecycle Planning for lifecycle management of Teams is essential if your organization is to get the most benefit out of Microsoft Teams.
  12. 12. Taming those feral Teams! START SIMPLE • Define your key owners • Put a process in place • Naming Conventions • Group Expiry • Check Reports
  13. 13. Get the Balance Right PRODUCTIVITY GOVERNANCE
  14. 14. Types of Tools Requirement Microsoft Governance Hub ShareGate Apricot AvePoint Provisioning Process Basic Medium Basic Advanced Templates Basic Medium Basic Advanced Automatic Expiry/Archival Basic Medium Medium Advanced Admin Reports Basic Medium Medium Advanced Granular External Sharing Basic Medium Medium Advanced Information Architecture None Medium None Advanced Hub for governance guidance and training None Yes None None Extensibility Yes Yes Basic Yes Ongoing Costs No No Yes Yes
  15. 15. Our Approach to Governance
  16. 16. 1. Health Check - Audit and clean up your existing Teams. 2. Define your Team and SharePoint site creation process 3. Kickstart with setting up your top 3 Team and Site templates. Here is your 3-step plan to Tame your feral Teams:
  17. 17. 1. Assist you in defining your governance approach. 2. Implement a governance framework. 3. Automate your governance policies. 4. Adoption to maximise your investment. 5. Continuous evolution to keep you moving with the technology. How we can help:
  18. 18. Next Steps… Check out our Health Check:
  19. 19. Questions?
  20. 20. Visit… Our website: Contact us:
  21. 21. Contact… Australia: Linden Hocking Practice Lead – Modern Workplace New Zealand: Jo Healey General Manager – Client Success
  22. 22. Thank you! For more information please follow contact us here: