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Microsoft System Center 2012 Delivering better IT Management


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Presentation at Intergen's event: Delivering IT Performance across Devices, Data Centres and Clouds.

Understand how Microsoft System Center helps you to empower your people to use their devices and theapplications they need to be productive, while maintaining corporate compliance and control. How do you managethe influx of devices, of various shapes, sizes, ownership and provenance all while maintaining the compliance anddata protection needs of your enterprise?

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Microsoft System Center 2012 Delivering better IT Management

  1. 1. Microsoft System Center 2012:Delivering Better IT ManagementStu FoxMicrosoft NZ
  2. 2. Challenges to enabling Consumerization I want to use the How can IT support device I prefer and manage all those devices? I want to connect to How can IT provide people and be access to apps and productive data while maintaining anywhere, anytime security?
  3. 3. Infrastructure ConsiderationsManagement of Devices  Userdiverse devices Corporate  ConsumerSecure, anywhereaccess to apps Application Security and Access& data Infrastructure
  4. 4. Device vs User, Corp vs ConsumerShift from device centric to user centric App Infrastructure Security & Access Applications
  5. 5. Device vs User, Corp vs ConsumerShift from corporate owned only… App Infrastructure Security & AccessTo supporting consumer owned devicesalongside corporate devices Corporate Owned Consumer Owned Consumer Owned Not Compliant and Compliant and Compliant or Not Compliant Secure access to Full Access apps and data No Access
  6. 6. Device vs User, Corp vs Consumer App Infrastructure Security &Modern Security and Access Model Access Email Secure the devices VPN Modern Collaboration Secure the network Gateway Secure the data Virtual Internet Intranet Desktops
  7. 7. Paradigms for supporting ConsumerizationManagement of Provide user-centric unifieddiverse devices management on premises and from the cloudSecure, anywhere Build an optimized Apply end to endaccess to apps application security and access& data infrastructure models
  8. 8. Support managementHow can Microsoft infrastructure of diverse devices solutions help? Provide secure, anywhere access to apps and data
  9. 9. Intelligent Infrastructure for FlexibleWorkstyles Optimized application Unified management End to end security infrastructure on-premises and from and access the cloud
  10. 10. Asset and Inventory Unified Management on Settings Managementpremises and from the cloud Application Delivery Cloud Management for Windows
  11. 11. Unified management on-Unified Asset Inventory premises and in the cloud • Licensing Management • Software Inventory Virtualization • Hardware Inventory Aware • User Exchange Active EAS Protocol Sync Connector • User • Hardware ID • Mobile Device OS
  12. 12. Unified managementUnified Settings Management on-premises and in the cloud Windows Devices (MDOP) Portable • Policy Control Desktop • Compliance Reporting Virtualized Desktops Exchange Active Sync Connector EAS-enabled • PIN / Password Devices • Remote Wipe
  13. 13. Unified management User-Centric Application Delivery on-premises and in the cloud Software Distribution RDS + • User identityRemoteFX • App dependencies • Device types • Network characteristics Virtualization Aware
  14. 14. DemoUser-centric application delivery
  15. 15. Unified managementCloud Management for Windows on-premises and in the cloud Windows Devices Inventory Settings Application Distribution Virtualized Desktops Other devices Perform security and Help secure PCs from Deploy updates and line of management tasks malware and virus threats business applications remotely from a web-based with endpoint protection through the cloud console Greater performance and security with the ability to upgrade to the latest and best version of Windows.
  16. 16. DemoWindows Intune
  17. 17. AntiMalwareModern Security and Access System Integrity and Device Encryption
  18. 18. Modern securityAntiMalware and access • Management and Security Convergence • Unified Infrastructure • User Centric Reporting • Automatic Settings Management Highly accurate Consolidated tools, A unified view of signatures along with processes, and configuration and behavioral detection infrastructure to create security information techniques to protect new efficiencies and that makes it easier to against both known lower desktop identify and remediate and unknown threats. ownership costs vulnerabilities
  19. 19. Modern securitySystem Integrity + Device Encryption and access (MDOP) Datacenter security, • Provisioning image management • Deployment and backup • Recovery Device Encryption EAS Connector Remote Wipe • OS Deployment with BitLocker
  20. 20. DemoAntimalware and Settings Management
  21. 21. Intelligent Infrastructure for FlexibleWorkstyles Optimized application Unified management End to end security infrastructure on-premises and from and access the cloud
  22. 22. Paradigms for supporting ConsumerizationManagement of Support management on premises Unified device diversity, balancingdiverse devices user needs and IT compliance and from the cloudSecure, anywhere Efficient Optimized End Anywhere, to end securityaccess to apps application application anytime, and access models& data management and infrastructure on any device productive users
  23. 23. Device diversity supportedConsumerization of Productivity with secure,IT anytime, anywhere accessrealized… Implemented with Microsoft Flexible Workstyle Solutions
  24. 24. © 2012 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or othercountries. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft mustrespond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any informationprovided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.