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Intergen's ECM Service Cohesion launch slides 3rd december 2013


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Cohesion, Intergen’s Enterprise Content Management Service, has been designed to help New Zealand government agencies meet many of their information and records management needs, providing a secure, easy to use, enterprise grade service, accessible from almost anywhere.

Cohesion takes a step towards the future in its user enablement. The focus on individual, team and community use creates a rich user experience while compliance and records management processes are handled in the background. The burden of data organisation and classification is borne by the service instead of the user.

Intergen has been selected as a supplier for the government’s enterprise content management panel, which will provide enterprise content management services to government agencies.

Cohesion is a Microsoft-based enterprise document and records management solution, available to New Zealand government agencies as a standardised service. It provides public sector organisations with a powerful, collaboration-centric solution to manage information as a strategic asset, transforming the way people work. Cohesion is a tool which, when combined with policies, processes and behaviours, will help agencies comply with the Public Records Act 2005.

Cohesion is designed as a catalogue-based service, drawing on Intergen’s many years of experience implementing enterprise solutions within the public sector. This service comprises a core package with additional optional service extensions, providing the ability to configure the package that best suits your organisation.

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Intergen's ECM Service Cohesion launch slides 3rd december 2013

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  2. 2. Cohesion is a Microsoft-based, cloud-delivered content management service available as a standardised offer as part of the New Zealand all-of-government ECMS panel. Cohesion Launch – Tuesday 3 December | 2
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