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Intergen Smarts 12 (2006)


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Intergen's newsletter, Smarts, now available for online reading.

Intergen provides information technology solutions across Australia, New Zealand and the world based exclusively on Microsoft’s tools and technologies.

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Intergen Smarts 12 (2006)

  1. 1. None of this detracts from the large number of bespoke enterprise solutions being developed for clients, and this type of work will continue. It provides a useful set of tools and capabilities to deliver more comprehensive solutions with better integration to businesses. A key strength of Intergen’s work is its Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status. To ensure this status continues competencies have been developed in four areas: >> Business Process & Integration Solutions >> Information Worker Solutions with a specialisation in Portals & Enterprise Content Management >> Data Management Solutions with a specialisation in Business Intelligence >> Custom Development Solutions. We are also working to complete the requirements for Business Solutions competency with specialisations in both Dynamics CRM and Dynamics NAV. These competencies and specialisations have been specifically targeted, as together they reflect exactly the kind of solutions that will be the mainstay of Intergen’s business for the future. You will find an early preview of 2007 Office System in this edition of SMARTS and you will see much more over the coming months. We welcome the opportunity to talk to you more about why we are so excited, and I hope we will have an opportunity to work with you in the future to help your organisation realise the benefits of the new generation of technologies. The upcoming release of Microsoft’s 2007 Office System is very exciting. It is more significant than just another upgrade to Office. The 2007 Office System has a suite of 14 client applications and five servers that present huge possibilities for productivity enhancement. Office System required a significant investment from Intergen in training, recruiting staff with different skill sets and acquiring businesses with the necessary skills to complete our skills and experience. In addition to Intergen’s technical development and deployment skills, its capabilities in areas such as Business Process, Information Architecture, Business Intelligence, CRM, Finance, Workflow and Enterprise Search have also improved. The focus on 2007 Office System goes hand in hand with Intergen’s acquisition of a Microsoft Dynamics NAV business and a growing number of Dynamics CRM implementations. There are great benefits in combining Intergen’s broad set of technical skills gained through the development of numerous bespoke solutions with an increasing amount of business-focused application implementation, configuration and customisation. < Copyright 2006 Intergen Limited. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced without permission of Intergen Limited > I S S U E T W E L V E >> HOT NEWS: >> T H E I N T E L L I G E N T B U S I N E S S M A G A Z I N E Productivity enhancement – you bet! 2007 Office System: A two page summary of 2007 Office System is a challenge our writer almost failed, but with tight editing we got there. So for those who want a succinct summary of the most significant improvements and features check out pages 4 and 5. TechEd 2006: TechEd was a sell-out and as usual a great success. Intergen were there in force with yellow seen in every direction!! As well as running the Hands-On-Labs we had three speakers in Auckland and one at the Gold Coast. Andrew Tokeley was, for the second year running, voted the best non- Microsoft speaker. Thanks to Microsoft for running such a great event. On the move: Intergen Wellington is moving to new premises in December. Due to increasing staff numbers we are moving over the road to Plunket House, 126-132 Lambton Quay. All contact details will be the same. We look forward to seeing you in our new offices. SERVICES >> 2 3 4/5 6 7 8 USER ACCEPTANCE TESTING >> TECHNICAL PREVIEW >> INTERGEN AT LARGE >> SUPPORT SERVICES >> INTERACTIVE DESIGN >> Intergen’s BA/Consulting Team
  2. 2. The scalability of our solution, the depth and breadth of its functionality and our knowledge is such that we can provide a return on investment to clients whether they have a small five user system or a very large system with over 150 users. The industries we support are as diverse as the size of our clients. Our clients include not for profit organisations, SOEs, distribution companies, a holiday resort, government agencies, local authorities and many more. PORT NELSON GETS THE BIG PICTURE Prior to 1988 all New Zealand ports were owned by Harbour Boards which simply levied rates to fund their operations. Since commercialisation, financial management systems were installed in the late 80s and early 90s, many of which were still used until last year. But a changing market presents shifting challenges. Mason Robinson, accountant for Port Nelson, says, “A lot of the management decisions and drivers that led to decision making were no longer being identified through the financial management reporting systems.” “In a relatively small city like Nelson, we didn’t want to head towards the likes of Oracle databases where you need specialised staff.” Instead, the Port chose to go with Microsoft SQL Server. Essentially Port Nelson needed a program that would combine the information from accounting, payroll and harbour management software, creating an overall picture of the port’s current state. On Christmas Eve 2004, Port Nelson finalised the deal to implement the Microsoft Dynamics NAV accounting application, and throughout January 2005, both Dynamics NAV and PayGlobal were put through their paces in scoping exercises. PayGlobal went live in February 2005, followed by Dynamics NAV in May. According to Parke Pittar, Port Nelson’s Chief Commercial Officer, a close partnership has been critical to the system’s success. “The team clearly understood our business and our needs and are a key factor to the success of the implementation. They did a very thorough implementation plan, provided the right level of technical detail and strong support – they just got the job done.” >> INTERGENITE: < S M A R T S - T H E I N T E L L I G E N T B U S I N E S S M A G A Z I N E . I S S U E T W E LV E >>> S E R V I C E S>>2 A supercharge to Intergen clients Intergen can now provide a complete end to end solution of all the information in an organisation. The result of combining Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP suite and Intergen’s Business Solutions team is bringing together people, process and collaboration, content, and process technologies into an integrated solution – a solution that can work harmoniously to capture ideas, experiences, knowledge and financial information. The complete lifecycle of all enterprise information, i.e. its creation, sharing, archiving, retrieval and eventually its deletion can be managed – right across the organisation! The Intergen Business Solutions team Intergen Business Solutions supplies, implements and supports Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Dynamics NAV is a comprehensive suite of software application modules including applications for retailers, manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and service companies doing business domestically or in multiple countries. By leveraging the services available from the other Intergen teams, we are able to provide useful business information tools to staff right across the organisation. Now for the first time forecasters and analysts, sales and marketing, customer service and warehouse personnel are all able to interact and contribute to the success of your company. Why the Business Solutions team The Intergen Business Solutions team was formed from the original purchase of the Ernst & Young Navision practice. The team has an enviable record of success and many years of experience with Microsoft Dynamics NAV including implementing over 40 solutions. Richard Jacobs What do you do? Lead Intergen’s newest team, called Business Solutions. As well as strategic thinking I’m focussed on the welfare of our greatest asset, our people. I see it very simply, our staff come to work for three key reasons: have fun, make an impact, make a living. How do you make a difference? I originally trained as an accountant, however the last 15 years have been in the IT business in a variety of roles. As a former ERP user I have first hand practical knowledge of the potential operational issues. I see business as common sense – investment needs to have an ROI. This approach helps when looking for the value proposition we can provide our customers. What do you love about your job? I love mentoring and seeing my team grow in confidence, skill and experience. I enjoy the thrill of the chase when looking for new clients and the feedback from clients who commend the team’s good work. A bit about me I live in Auckland with my beautiful wife, Philippa, two lovely daughters (aged 16 and 14) and my son 11. My hobbies include boating, fishing, hydroponics, an old toy collection, and in Latin Ballroom and Rock ‘n’ Roll dancing. We are actively involved in Christian Life Centre Auckland. I am also on the Board of Trustees for Botany Downs Secondary College. Two Intergen case studies
  3. 3. < S M A R T S - T H E I N T E L L I G E N T B U S I N E S S M A G A Z I N E . I S S U E T W E LV E > >>3>> S E R V I C E S Users have unique and valuable knowledge about the processes specific to their roles within the business. Therefore, it is critical to test processes behind an application’s functionality to ensure the system complies with all business procedures and workflows. A user is any person who uses an application. For example, most of us are users of various applications at work, such as e-mail, payroll, or an accounting or call desk support system. User acceptance testing (UAT) is performed by users of the application once it goes into production. The primary objectives of UAT are to ensure that the system requirements have been met and to test usability and business processes behind the application’s functionality. >> Where does UAT fit within testing? UAT usually comes at the end of the testing cycle. User Acceptance Testing >> Various aspects of UAT UAT needs to be planned and managed to be successful. Some aspects that should be considered prior to UAT are defining scope, schedule and user groups, writing documentation and providing training for participating users. >> Let us help you We encourage our clients to perform user acceptance testing to prove that the delivered solution meets their needs and to give them confidence in the final product. UAT can be a complex and involved process that stretches far beyond testing of the application. Intergen can offer guidance through the UAT process to ensure that clients achieve the most value out of it and to provide confidence that the application is ready for production. HERITAGE FURNITURE FIRM LAUNCHES INTO THE 21ST CENTURY McKenzie & Willis has been operating for over 100 years, and today is a high-end provider of luxury furniture with stores throughout the South Island and a Natuzzi-branded store in Auckland. Until 2000 each branch did out its own accounts, which meant the company struggled to obtain the “big picture”. The tools and processes weren’t there to deliver what they needed. “We had six computers in the whole company based in the back office, with none of them talking to each other,” says McKenzie & Willis director Tim Willis. “There was a combined creditors and general ledger program, with a separate debtors system.” This meant there was no accurate record of inventory, supply chain management, reporting and calculating the most vital KPI of all – gross profit. A fully integrated accounting solution was needed to realise the opportunities for McKenzie & Willis. After presentations from prospective vendors, McKenzie and Willis selected the Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formally Navision) product as ideal to deliver to the requirements for an integrated solution. The Intergen team were tasked with the implementation and addressing the need for the integrated solution. Today McKenzie & Willis is a changed business. There are more than 60 computers in use throughout the branches and, most importantly, they all talk to each other. Dynamics NAV provides the automation, integration and management capabilities the company was looking for, from supply chain management through to point of sale. UNIT TESTING INTEGRATION TESTING SYSTEM TESTING USER ACCEPTANCE TESTING REGRESSION TESTING Testing of individual components Testing of how well components work together Testing of functionality, performance, reliability, usability, etc. Testing of how well the system fits within the business environment and processes Selective retesting of the system to ensure that fixes and modifications have not caused additional defects For more information about UAT and Intergen’s quality assurance process contact:
  4. 4. < S M A R T S - T H E I N T E L L I G E N T B U S I N E S S M A G A Z I N E . I S S U E T W E LV E >>> T E C H N I C A L P R E V I E W>>4 Mission Impossible – Microsoft Office System Suite Highlights The upcoming release of the 2007 Office System is an exciting leap forward. It provides a powerful set of tools to enable organisations and their information workers to work more efficiently with ever increasing amounts of information. There are many significant improvements and opportunities that the 2007 Office System brings. In this SMARTS issue we would like to highlight just a few of the significant features and improvements. RESULTS DRIVEN USER INTERFACE The new client applications for Word, Excel and PowerPoint feature a new user interface that focuses on a results-driven user experience. The primary interface is called the Ribbon and provides contextual access to the tools and options a user needs. What this means is when a user creates a table the Ribbon changes to show options for working with tables. Insert an image and the ribbon shows options for working with images. This change to a dynamic contextual user interface, with richer tooltips, allows users to easily discover the rich formatting and productivity features that are currently buried in Office client applications’ sub-menus and pop-up panels. The Ribbon also provides significant improvements to how custom functions and features can be integrated into Office client applications. This enables developers the ability to easily extend and integrate the Office client applications and meet specific business needs. NEW OFFICE OPEN XML FILE FORMAT Arguably more significant than the shift in the user interface, is the adoption of a new file format for Office documents. The file extensions for Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents are extended with the addition of an “x”, .docx , xlsx, pptx. Or if the document is macro enabled then they are extended with the addition of an “m” .docm, .xlsm, .pptm. Now corporate policy can easily determine which documents are macro-enabled and are possible security risks coming into the corporate network. The new file format is also considerably more robust and significantly smaller. A current .doc Word document saved as a .docx will be over 50% smaller in file size. This not only reduces the required storage space, but also offers a significant reduction in network and email traffic with smaller documents being moved around. And for those worried about backwards compatibility with Office XP and Office 2003, there is already a public available beta of the Compatibility Pack: IMPROVED DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT AND COLLABORATION While the new Office client applications enable users to author great documents, the 2007 Office System includes SharePoint Technologies that provide effective tools to store, share and manage these documents. Windows SharePoint Services version 3 (WSS v3) continues to enable collaboration, and now provides improved features for document management and workflow. With minor and major versioning, version roll-back, forced check out and automated approval workflows, WSS v3 boasts a rich set of features to support creating, controlling and sharing information. This core document management capability is also complemented by, the ability to easily publish an RSS feed of a document library allowing users to email documents directly into a document library, and new site templates to create Wiki and Blog sites. Illustration 1: the Ribbon enhances the user experience
  5. 5. >> INTERGENITE: >> T E C H N I C A L P R E V I E W < S M A R T S - T H E I N T E L L I G E N T B U S I N E S S M A G A Z I N E . I S S U E T W E LV E > >>5 Stephen Dujakovic What do you do? I am the Solutions Manager at Intergen’s Christchurch office. I capture our clients’ needs, translate them into geek-speak for our Development & Integration team and make sure we deliver what the client expects us to deliver, within timeframe and budget. How do you make a difference? I have been privileged to experience all three sides of the story during my career: as a developer, employer and a client. This gives me an insight into everyone’s challenges and helps me understand what they need to succeed. What do you love about your job? It is extraordinary to have so many talented people around me to learn from. The fact that I can learn and improve every day makes me get up every day (and sometimes stay late at night). A bit about yourself A combination of Gallic and Slavic blood can give interesting results. Very passionate sommelier, keen football and basketball player, opinionated… I am also a proud papa of my nine-month old daughter, Clara. Illustration 2: Enhanced document management capabilities of the 2007 Office System. DOCUMENT RETENTION AND DISPOSAL Building on the WSS v3 features to provide enterprise solutions to Document Management, Web Content Management, Forms Management and Record Keeping, is Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS). One of the important new solutions MOSS enables is an Official File Store to meet record keeping requirements for all content including, documents, web content, emails and non-digital assets. Through workflow and information policies an organisation can control their official records, automate archiving, manage retention and disposal policies, and place holds on records. This solution is designed to help organisations achieve compliance with standards and legislation such as the Public Records ACT 2005 in New Zealand and the Sarbanes-Oxley ACT 2002 in the United States. EXPOSE, SHARE AND INTEGRATE BUSINESS DATA Business Intelligence solutions span a number of new features in the 2007 Office System. The Excel client application provides some easy to use conditional formatting features to easily visualise patterns within data. These Excel documents can then be published to a SharePoint document library to be controlled and shared from a central repository. Excel and MOSS both provide new data connection functionality to streamline integrating and viewing data from SQL Server 2005 cubes or other data sources. Within MOSS the new Business Data Catalogue has a framework for integrating application data into a SharePoint solution. This can be done either as a read-only view, or by supporting pushing data changes back to the external applications, or utilising the new Excel Services that provide a web services model for accessing spreadsheets. BUT I’M JUST GETTING STARTED! So how do you squeeze all you want to say about one of Microsoft’s biggest ever software releases into a two page spread? Well, you squash a whole list of other features into the last section: >> Improved search with best bets and keyword management, usage reports, and some cool features around social networking >> Significant improvements to customsing the user interface through the use of master pages >> Security trimming of the menus and actions to improve the user experience >> Take document libraries offline with Outlook 2007 integration >> New site manager that unifies tools and tasks for site administration >> Enhanced profile management, storage and audience targeting to provide a rich personalised experience >> New features to facilitate content translation and content reuse >> Create and publish compliant web forms using InfoPath and MOSS or integrate InfoPath forms into ASP.NET websites or even windows applications >> Enhanced Single Sign-On features leveraging new authentication providers >> Improved task management and visualisation of tasks within a gantt chart. Illustration 3: The Core SharePoint investments that provide an extensible framework for enterprise solutions CREATE EDIT/REVIEW READY TO PUBLISH, SIGN OFF & APPROVE PUBLISH ARCHIVE Eamon O’Rourke COLLABORATION CONTENT MANAGEMENT SEARCH PORTAL BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE BUSINESS PROCESSES
  6. 6. >> INTERGENITE: < S M A R T S - T H E I N T E L L I G E N T B U S I N E S S M A G A Z I N E . I S S U E T W E LV E >>> I N T E R G E N A T L A R G E>>6 Duncan Smith What do you do? I am an Auckland-based Senior Team Lead Developer in the Development & Integration team. My role is to guide the development team to ensure that projects use the best choice of technology, with a focus in the Business Intelligence space. How do you make a difference? I provide an intuitive link between the client and the development team to increase project efficiency and ensure a clear understanding of the deliverables. “Keep things simple” is my motto and I put this into practice by making use of the most suitable technologies. What do you love about your job? Being able to learn a wide range of technologies and put them into practice commercially is a fantastic experience. Delivering successful solutions that make clever use of technology is what IT is all about and being a part of Intergen gives me this opportunity. A bit about yourself My wife Claire and I moved to New Zealand six months ago and we both enjoy the outdoor pursuits here. I enjoy racket sports and play indoor football. I am a keen musician but trying to find the time to practise is tricky! The climate here is much better than Scotland’s and, fortunately, most people seem to understand what I say! In the fast lane Intergen’s MD, Tony Stewart, has been competing in motorsport for over 20 years. He is currently competing in the PRINTSTOP OSCA (Open Saloon Car Association) championship in a Mazda RX7 Turbo. The OSCA championship is for the wildest, most highly modified cars in New Zealand with plenty of big V8s and turbo cars. The car was brand new for last season and, despite missing two rounds, Tony finished the North Island Championship eighth overall out of the 47 cars that took part. The team are currently preparing the car for the 2006/07 North Island Championship and a first attempt at the NZ OSCA Championship. The season starts at Taupo on Labour Weekend, then has rounds at Manfeild, Pukekohe and Christchurch leading up to the final round back at Taupo in Easter 2007. Competition this season will be more intense than ever with a number of new cars joining the championship. The cars competing include former Transams from the USA, former V8 Supercars from Australia, Porsche Turbos, V8 Capris, RX7 Turbos, Subaru WRXs, Nissan Skylines and even a Mini with a turbo charged rotary engine. Photos by Trey Guinn CAR Mazda RX7 ENGINE Mazda 20B Triple Rotor Turbo, Steel Crank, Dry Sump, Ported and Doweled. 705bhp (530kw) at rear wheels TURBO Garret GT42R Turbo, HKS 60mm wastegate. ENGINE Motec M800, Sequential fuel injection, multi-coil MANAGEMENT DATA LOGGING Motec ADL2 Dash Logger. Logging G-force, wheel speed, steering angle, suspension travel, braking, boost, oil pressure, fuel pressure, water temp, air temp, air-fuel ratio, rpm and lap times with Track Mapping and Overlay capability. CLUTCH 5.5 inch Quartermaster Triple Plate GEARBOX Richmond 5 Speed DIFF Winters Quick Change SUSPENSION Tein Type N1 Double Adjustable Dampers, Custom Wishbones BRAKES Outlaw 4 pot Callipers, 330mm rotors WHEELS/TYRES Simons 3 piece 17”x12”, Dunlop 300x640x17 slicks SEAT Racetech Kevlar/carbon fibre BODY Mostly Fibreglass, Montgomery Motorsport Wide Body (250mm wider than standard) PERFORMANCE 0-100ks under 4 seconds, Top Speed over 280km (depending on diff ratio) BUILT BY Montgomery Motorsport, Palmerston North RACE SERIES PRINTSTOP OSCA Super Saloons – From left: Nadine and Maria take in the sun on the deck of the hired launch during the social club weekend. The Intergen crew enjoy a BBQ on the launch. Emma Barrett sports her Intergen branded shirt at the Intergen sponsored labs. Jeremy Boyd gets the crowd thinking during his TechEd presentation. The Intergen team does Taupo and TechEd
  7. 7. Perspective – focusing on the client and end user view of the world and how issues and benefits impact them, is imperative to understanding and resolving issues. Communication – keep clients and users informed, communicate and share knowledge, consult and set clear expectations, and regularly follow up to ensure issues are resolved to a high level of satisfaction. Proactivity – look, listen, observe behaviours and trends and take appropriate action before they escalate into major issues. Be alert for new ways to help clients and colleagues and make their jobs easier. Improvement – continuously strive for improvement in service capability, team and personal performance. Focus on the source of problems, not just symptoms, and cultivate ideas of how to make improvements. Features of Intergen’s support offerings include: >> 7 x 24 hr phone call logging service >> Online issue internet logging tool >> Support email >> Dedicated support team including developers >> The flexibility to tailor support solutions to fit a client’s requirements. >> S U P P O R T S E R V I C E S < S M A R T S - T H E I N T E L L I G E N T B U S I N E S S M A G A Z I N E . I S S U E T W E LV E > >>7 24/7 and a whole lot more One of the key growth areas for Intergen has been the Support Services team. This team has a suite of support offerings to ensure that clients get the best from their information technology solutions. Intergen’s Support Services team provide quality services from direct end user support and second tier technical escalation, to implementing product defect fixes and small enhancements. Clients invest a significant amount of time and resource in developing an effective solution and in our experience, user participation and ‘buy-in’ can be quickly eroded if the solution is not supported effectively. Intergen has a proven track record in the development and ongoing support of business applications and complex web solutions. The Support Services team operates on the following principles: Case management – the case for collaboration Few things are more frustrating than a call to a customer support centre that results in a string of transfers from one department to another. How could this be? Most customer bases of any size these days are serviced via a call centre. Originally seen to provide a single point of contact most have been implemented to support a multitude of customer interactions. They service everything from billing and payment enquiries through to service requests or service delivery status enquiries. However, the further along this continuum you travel the more complex the interactions become. When complex multi party interactions are required, telephony and customer relationship management (CRM) systems alone are inadequate. The best CRM systems are only as good as the contact and service notes recorded, but even then they are historical. Enter Microsoft’s Live Communication Server and Office Communicator This is a tool-set designed to enable true collaboration. It is an intelligent business solution that delivers a more responsive customer service solution built by adopting a number of fundamental building blocks: >> Peer-to-peer communication or multi party conferencing >> Multiple communication mode options for text, voice, video and handwriting >> Common work environments through whiteboards, application and desktop sharing >> Presence detection so that the right expertise can be invited to participate. Collectively they provide call centres with a rich suite of options to provide answers and to exchange the information, be it structured data from transactional systems or unstructured or complex digital assets and provide case management not call management. With a business solution designed and enabled in this way, a call centre operative can construct the right answer, close the call and keep the customer satisfied.
  8. 8. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT INTERGEN: Auckland: 09 966 3070 Wellington: 04 472 2021 Christchurch: 03 964 0017 Sydney: 02 9904 0443 forward to capitalise on the under-utilised opportunities to engage, educate and interact with customers through the possibilities of the internet. Teamed with the Green Man Group, Intergen rose to the challenge and the all new website at is just the first output of the partnership. Sevens fever grips Intergen team! Sevens fever has long since passed for 2006, however this was our first involvement as official Sevens website partner/sponsor – an extension of our existing supplier relationship with Positively Wellington Tourism. Our game plan was to ensure eager fans of this highly anticipated event on the Wellington rugby calendar were aware of ticket sale dates, timing and key event information. This is no ordinary rugby tournament so the design needed to reflect the festival experience and ‘champagne rugby’ that the Sevens provides – where anything is possible. To ensure online interaction, the website at contained up-to-date information for fans before, during and at the end of the tournament. Work has already begun on the 2007 design! Exciting user interface design challenges for our Interactive team >> I N T E R A C T I V E D E S I G N < S M A R T S - T H E I N T E L L I G E N T B U S I N E S S M A G A Z I N E . I S S U E T W E LV E > It’s been an exciting and busy year so far for our Interactive team with a full and varied workload as well as a few new faces on the team. Most significantly, we have moved on from our centralised Interactive resource model and placed – we hope – the first of many designers in our Auckland office to help meet customer demand. Sam Allen is a recently returned kiwi ex-pat with a raft of user interface design experience gained over six years in Australia and Canada. In this issue of SMARTS we’ve chosen three diverse projects to give a taste of the fantastic solutions we’ve been producing with our growing range of team skills and experience. All aboard – virtual frigate sets sail! “Get into it! – for a life less ordinary” captures the recruitment vision for the Royal New Zealand Navy, and they were determined there would be nothing ordinary about the first step people could take in seeing the real Navy life at sea. To get a foot on a career path within the Royal New Zealand Navy, the gangway onboard was about to become a virtual gateway, with an exciting redevelopment of the Navy’s existing website delivering a virtual birds-eye tour of the frigate HMNZS TE KAHA. What does the inside of a warship look like? What happens on the flight deck? Want to find out about the Five Inch Gun? No life jackets required, just hit Gillies Group – All things property Malcolm Gillies is the man well known to most Wellingtonians as “Mr Professionals” and is soon to be associated with a far broader range of property services and interests. Malcolm’s rapidly expanding business vision required a great leap Sam Allen is our new designer at large on the growing Auckland Intergen team. Find out how Intergen’s Human- Centred Design approach can benefit your interactive project, contact our Creative Director Eamon O’Rourke at