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Intergen SharePoint 2010 and RecordPoint new wave of document and records management


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From Concept to Reality – overview of how Intergen delivers the solutions to achieve the outcomes required.

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Intergen SharePoint 2010 and RecordPoint new wave of document and records management

  1. 1. SharePoint 2010 & RecordPointNew Wave of Document & Records Management From Concept to Reality 25 May 2011
  2. 2. From Concept to RealityIntroduction – Steve Lapwood  40 years international experience of business systems  ECM/IM consulting for 11 years  Focus on achieving beneficial business outcomes for
  3. 3. Intergen
  4. 4. OUR HISTORYHISTORY 2001 2005 2007 2008 2010 2011 Intergen Microsoft New Intergen Microsoft NZ Intergen Microsoft Intergen Microsoft formed Dynamics Hosting Centre Partner of the Year Partner of the Year Partner of the Year Projects Intergen becomes opens Microsoft 2008 2010 – NZ Inner Circle & Presidents showcased at Microsoft Dynamics CRM Microsoft Presidents Inner Circle & Club NZ .NET launch Dynamics partner hosting Club achieved Presidents ClubPEOPLE 2001: 38 2005 : 100 2007 : 150 2008 : 220 2010 : 240 2011 : 280OFFICES Wellington + Auckland + Christchurch + Sydney + Dunedin + Perth $33m $28m $24m $18m $12mREVENUE $1m 2001 2005 2007 2008 2010 2011
  5. 5. OUR EXPERTISE IN SHAREPOINT 3 2009 Microsoft Business Productivity Enterprise Content Management Solution of the Year 280+ 47
  7. 7. From Concept to RealityIntergen’s Solutions and Services
  8. 8. From Concept to RealityOUR VALUE FOR YOU Help You Realise Deliver Business Specific Benefits Business Take Solutions Great for You Products
  9. 9. From Concept to RealityECM-EDRMS SOLUTION AND SERVICES Roadmap Integrated Implementation and and IM Technology Solutions Deployment Services GovernanceStrategy ECM Classification Information Business Vision Search Scanning Solutions delivery Management Transformation EDRMS RecordsRoadmap Management Office Envision & Plan Change Outlook SharePoint Fuji Xerox Records Management Develop Search Apeos/ Management SharePoint Stabilise Standards & FAST ESP SMARTConnect Process RecordPoint Practices OnePlaceMail Deploy Improvement
  10. 10. From Concept to RealitySOLUTION DELIVERY FRAMEWORK – KEY DELIVERABLES Pilot Sites Implementation Awareness/Requirements Workshops Design Workshops PMP Integration/Migration/ Deployment Strategies Business Requirements Solution Architecture Training Migration Change Management
  11. 11. Our Experience
  12. 12. From Concept to RealityEDRMS CLIENTS
  13. 13. An Example Engagement
  14. 14. From Concept to RealitySTATING THE PROBLEM Paper Email File shares  Hundreds of folders Intranet Pictures LoB repositories Silos of information Finding stuff Sharing to build value Knowledgebase  Retiring baby-boomers  Gen X/Y expectations Need to do something:  Have been talking about it for years
  15. 15. From Concept to Reality“The Art of the Possible” TO HELP VISUALISE THE SOLUTION SharePoint 2010 in pictures How does SP2010 deal with Content and Document Management RecordPoint for records management OnePlaceMail for email records Enterprise intranet & collaboration Who is using SP2010 and for what purpose The journey - from concept to reality How to start – the next steps
  16. 16. From Concept to RealityILLUSTRATE THE ANSWER – WHAT IT MIGHT LOOK LIKE A single approach for all documents that everyone uses Simple and effective Easy to find stuff Records management as a by-product of normal activity
  17. 17. From Concept to RealityARTICULATE THE DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT GOALS To deliver to the business a single, Improve processes for creating easy to use document large, key documents management framework for Provide access control and electronic and hybrid documents version control to managed To improve access to information documents whenever and wherever needed Improve the value and use of To improve the ease and value of “smart” templates for document finding stored information through creation better document classification Effective change management is To reduce the reliance on paper conducted as an integral part of documents deployment To significantly improve the effectiveness of staff through better information management practices
  18. 18. From Concept to RealityCAPTURE BUSINESS REQUIREMENTS - FUNCTIONALITY TO BE EXPOSED Type Description Business Priorities Business Benefits Intranet • Sites/pages  Single place to find • Libraries High information • Lists  Collaboration environment • Views • Project workspaces • Blogs Document • Single document management  Single place to store and find Management environment High  Clear and easy to apply IM • Classification standards • Content types  Easier to find • Information Architecture  Correct version • Metadata standards  Controlled access and • Versioning actions  Fast previewing Document • Review, approve, publish  Document lifecycle Workflow • Email integration Medium management for controlled documents  Notification and tasks Search • Sites  Single enterprise search tool • Libraries High with previews • File shares  Security trimmed results
  19. 19. From Concept to RealityDESIGN THE HIGH-LEVEL SOLUTION MODEL LAN/Web SharePoint 2010 Intranet Content Mgt Doc’t Mgt Team Sites Libraries Collaboration Search Libraries Documents Forms Dashboards Integration RecordPoint Office ActiveDir Views and Rules Engine Outlook WCF Reports BCS / Metadata Retention and Management Disposal Explorer BCS OnePlaceMail Migration Tools Legacy EDRMS LoB Applications
  20. 20. From Concept to RealityHOW TO ACHIEVE BENEFITIAL BUSINESS OUTCOMES Governance Framework Information Management Integration ECMS Solution Migration Tools Content Management Business Transformation Operational Outcomes
  21. 21. From Concept to Reality… IN MANAGEABLE PHASES– ROADMAP TO SUCCESS Functionality  Function exposed to users Content  Structure  Source  Migration Process  BAU  Project  Governance for changes Change management  Communications  Training  Support
  22. 22. How to Get Started
  23. 23. From Concept to RealitySUGGESTED NEXT STEPS Engage Intergen to Facilitate Requirements Workshops and document Develop Vision and Roadmap Define Phase 1 Plan and Budget Help develop the business case
  24. 24. Thank you!Questions?