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Intergen Interconnect


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Business Change Management is more than just sending out a few emails, doing a bit of training and writing a new policy. It is about understanding the things that make the business unique, working with people to find out how the change will actually affect them and how they feel about it. You can then provide them with the right information and tools to comfortably and confidently transition to the new system.

Equally, it’s not a one off, hit and run activity. Supporting people as they transition to new ways of working should be ongoing throughout the life of a project and beyond.

This approach leads to the development of a change strategy, creation and delivery of communications and training resources, and the facilitation of all staff training.

Working with people to understand their needs and then coming up with practical and creative ways to address them allows you to come up with targeted approaches to getting people on board.

It’s hard not to be inspired by someone who is actually excited and committed to change. Alternatively, change is never successful when a solution is thrown in and people feel that leaders are ‘doing it to them, not with or for them’.

Enters InterConnect, a proven approach that focuses on what your business wants to achieve and then works with your people leaders to give them the skills and confidence to support their teams through the transition. The approach is based on having conversations, providing an open forum for teams to discuss the changes and giving your leaders the knowledge and skills to maintain the drive for change.

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Intergen Interconnect

  1. 1. InterConnect © ON-BRAND PARTNERS 2016 Solutions deliver benefits only when they are used. We help you ensure your people demand to use your solutions. Great technology solutions deliver transformational results for organisations – whether it’s streamlining processes, automating mundane tasks, allowing for new services or products or even creating new business models. But why is it that over the past three decades, fewer than 40% of change or transformation projects have been successful? The recipe for success is not simply “build it and your people will follow”. The success of any major technology implementation depends on how well an organisation engages its people in the process, helping them to understand the ‘why’ as well as the ‘what’ and the ‘how’. The InterConnect approach maximises your technology investment by taking everyone in your organisation on the journey, ensuring that your people and their change journey are an intrinsic part of the solution, not a separate stream of work or afterthought. InterConnect provides a practical approach to informing and supporting your people to adopt new systems and processes and ensure a smooth and successful transition. HOW DOES IT WORK? We use a highly engaging, leader-led conversation-based approach that enables the leaders in your organisation to support and drive the change. Change is much more effective when it’s done by you, rather than to you. We guide your leaders to identify key themes and then prepare and support the change so they can lead their people through the change using focused and relevant conversations. Our tools, resources, collateral and support include communications, change leader support and education, and training materials. Finally, we help you assess the success of the change by measuring system adoption WHY IT WORKS DIALOGUE VS DOWNLOAD By involving people in constructive dialogue around the transformation, we achieve greater buy in, and action. SUSTAINABLE Transformation isn’t a one hit wonder. Concise, bite-sized modules ensure that learning stays fresh, and momentum builds. LEADER-LED Change is led from within. We transfer the skill and competency to lead change to your managers. Taking ownership drives better outcomes. RELEVANT Learning is put into immediate context by applying it to the challenge at hand. We learn about change, while we’re changing. Download Debate Dialogue 70% 20% 10% CONNECTING YOUR PEOPLE AND TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS, THROUGH LEADER-LED CHANGE, FOR BETTER BUSINESS OUTCOMES “The central change challenge is not strategy, not systems, not processes. It is changing people’s behaviour.” Kotter & Cohen, The Heart of Change
  2. 2. WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE? The InterConnect approach helps your organisation to embed change that is people-centred and delivered by your business leaders at every stage of your technology journey. THE BUILDING BLOCKS • A series of workshops with tools and resources specifically chosen to get managers discussing the change at hand • Tailored and relevant topics for your organisation • Focused dialogue with managers and teams • Connection and collaboration throughout the transformation User/Systems Training sessions equip everyone in the business with the skills and knowledge required to use and get the most out of our new technology. Business Matters sessions are leader-led team based conversations. Each Business Matters theme consists of 4 x 30 minute conversations, based around a continuous improvement cycle. Management Matters sessions are half day skill building sessions for managers and leaders. Each bite- sized session focuses on one specific leader capability relevant to the transformation. Themes are chosen by the Executive/senior leaders during Discovery. ALIGN & ENGAGE DISCOVERY & ENGAGEMENT PULSE CHECK PULSE CHECK MOST SIGNIFICANT CHANGE TALK TO US TODAY Contact us today to find out more about Intergen’s InterConnect approach and how it will drive a successful implementation outcome for your organisation. To find out more, please email