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Dynamics Day 2015: Dynamics CRM Roadmap


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What’s an insight? Find out how you can consume and combine external data with your Dynamics CRM data to drive new opportunities and importantly insights.

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Dynamics Day 2015: Dynamics CRM Roadmap

  1. 1. Dynamics Day 2015 Dynamics CRM Roadmap
  2. 2.  15+ years CRM experience  CRM Evangelist  Microsoft CRM MVP & Microsoft Partner seller  @FozzyNZ  Steve Foster CRM Product and Marketing Manager  15+ years CRM experience  CRM Evagelist  Microsoft CRM MVP & Microsoft Partner seller  @dylanhaskins  Dylan Haskins CRM Solution Architect PRESENTERS - THE TEAM
  3. 3. For the next 40 mins we will be talking about … Intergen’s CRM Year What’s just been and what's next Let’s take a look
  4. 4. CRM Year in Review
  5. 5. Intergen + Empired = Leaders in Dynamics CRM Microsoft Partner Awards 2015 Winners of Dynamics CRM and Dynamics ERP 3 Dynamics CRM MVPs (3 out of 64) 100s of CRM projects delivered Over 10,000 CRM seats sold Implemented Dynamics CRM for Microsoft Corp, key global trusted partner Over 70 CRM Team Members Over 300 CRM Customers 2014 Microsoft Inner Circle Member of the Partner Advisory Council 1 of 20 Largest reseller of 3rd Party Add Ons ClickDimensions, Resco, ADXStudio
  6. 6. Intergen + Empired = Leaders in Dynamics CRM CRM in the cloud has been high the agenda this year Top Industries: Public Sector, Agri-Services, FMCG, Education Largest deployment 200 users 20+ new CRM customers Over 5 new CRM consultants Over 110 CRM pieces of work delivered Hot Topics - Mobile CRM Simplicity Marketing Team presented at global events – CRMUG Reno, Idea Conference
  7. 7. Summary Announcements 2015
  8. 8. Key Announcements Acquisitions Mojo Surveys VOC Field One ADXStudio Fantasy Sales Team Go To Market Cloud Solution Provider Intergen Tier 1 Empired Tier 1 Marketing Automation CSP Offer
  9. 9. Advanced Marketing Automation $225 per user per month*  Base Marketing Implementation Services  Pre-built IP  Pre-built Power BI dashboards for Google Analytics and ClickDimensions included  ClickDimensions Standard Package**  Web to lead form  Social Engagement (min 10 users)  Unlimited On-going Training  Auto Upgrades * One off set-up costs excluded ** Subject to a fair use policy
  10. 10. Released May 2015 – CRM 2015 Update 1
  11. 11. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Themes for CRM spring 2015 wave
  12. 12. Let’s take a look at the Spring release
  13. 13. Late “Fall” 2015 – CRM 2016
  14. 14. Investment Themes System of Intelligence Contextual, Productive Relationships Predictive Analytics for the rest of us] Knowledge Management Platform XRM as a Service Bulk Data Loader Ecosystem Growth Next-Gen Search Interactive Service Hub Voice of Customer Integrated Productivity Platform Office App V2 One Drive for business Mail Merge Update Excel Analysis Power BI Dashboards Mobile Offline Task-based Experiences Rich controls for business users Mobile Marketing Fall highlights
  15. 15. Next Generation Search 15 Entities enabled for Relevance Search are syncing to an external search index. Learn more Set up Search Select entities for Categorized Search Enable Relevance Search
  16. 16. Bulk Data Loader 16
  17. 17. Voice of the Customer Enterprise feedback management across multiple channels Capture customer issues more effectively during or after support calls Test new products, offerings and pricing with specific customer segments Analyze customer feedback to help identify gaps and deliver insights on service, products and offerings
  18. 18. Mobile User Productivity • Cortana • Document management • App-to-App deep linking Mobility Themes Mobile Platform for Business Analysts • Mobile focus controls • Task based experiences • Mobile client form preview • Web Resources & IFRAME Enterprise Grade Capabilities • Offline support • InTune mobile management
  19. 19. Calendar Arc Knob Auto-Complete Bullet Graph Flip Switch Input Mask Linear Gauge Linear Slider Multimedia Number Input Option Sets Radial Knob Signature/Pen Star Rating Website Preview 15 New Mobile Controls
  20. 20. Calendar Arc Knob Auto-Complete Bullet Graph Flip Switch Input Mask Linear Gauge Linear Slider Multimedia Number Input Option Sets Radial Knob Signature/Pen Star Rating Website Preview
  21. 21. Form Preview
  22. 22. Let’s take a look at the Fall release – Mobile
  23. 23. Interactive Service Hubs
  24. 24. Real-time dashboard for a One-place view of workload Configurable data streams for multiple entities Interactive chart based visual filters Perform actions directly from Streams Granular and customizable filtering criteria Customizable display
  25. 25. Understand your data at a glance With charts and tiles Quickly see changes and patterns to act effectively Monitor Queue volume and drill down to see queue data thru tiles Associate color-identifiers for cases in streams Apply interactive visual filters to prioritize workload
  26. 26. Customer 360 for a complete view of your customer’s touch points Timeline allows a unified view of your customer’s interactions across channels Engage directly with your customer from the timeline and create follow-up activities, set reminders.. Redefined business process interactions Quick commands provide the ability to act on records without losing context. With the Reference panel, Integrated KB and contextual viewing of related info.
  27. 27. Knowledge Base
  28. 28. Summary • Complete overhaul of creation, authoring, approval and translations • New WYSIWYG editor • Leverages the new forms created in Interactive Service • Versioning • Capture who is using what - views • Embedded KB in CRM forms now using CRM or Parature
  29. 29. Let’s take a look at the Fall release – Engagement Hub
  30. 30. Please find listed below the steps for signing up for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Fall 2015 Preview programs, which include Microsoft Dynamics CRM “Ara,” Microsoft Dynamics Marketing “Capella,” and Microsoft Social Engagement “Corvus.” Signups are open to all org types and individuals. The sign-up survey supports self-sign-up only – sign-up -on-behalf-of scenarios are not supported. To sign up for the Fall 2015 Preview Programs Step 1. To turn on your permission to the Preview Sign-up site on Connect, please click the following link: Note: You must complete any “mandatory” surveys (using sample data if the survey is not relevant) presented to you prior to gaining access to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Fall 2015 Preview Programs Sign-up Survey. If you must complete a mandatory survey, please click the link in Step 1 a second time before proceeding to step 2. Step 2. (optional) After completing step 1, for an overview of each program, please see the Preview Summary deck available via Connect Downloads at the following link: This download package also contains a copy of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Services Pre-Release Subscription Agreement translated into Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, and Spanish. Step 3. To access the sign-up survey, please click the following link: Please complete and submit one survey for each organization that you would like to sign up. The survey supports signing-up an organization for all three products with one submission. Preview sign-up timeline (all three programs) – August 6th – December 1st Preview start – September – Fall 2015