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Dynamics Day 2015: Dynamics AX and Enterprise Cloud Computing


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This session shows how to use Lifecycle Services to redesign and develop business processes faster. It also shows how to mine your data and use Machine Learning to predict trends.

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Dynamics Day 2015: Dynamics AX and Enterprise Cloud Computing

  1. 1. Dynamics Day 2015 Dynamics AX Enterprise Cloud Computing
  2. 2. Agenda • Use Lifecycle Services to redesign and develop business processes, faster • Use AX 7 technology stack to make better decisions, faster • Mine your data and use Machine Learning to predict trends
  3. 3. Dynamics AX Roadmap R3 CU9 PreviewAX 7 AX 2012 Update Update Update GA Update Update 2015 2016 2017 Disclaimer: This roadmap is Intergen’s interpretation of expected release cycles and is subject to confirmation of release dates as announced by Microsoft
  4. 4. The Value of AX 7 Immersive Experience New Web Client Azure Cloud Lifecycle Services Extensive Functionality Integration Developer Experience Continuous updates
  5. 5. Upgrade Readiness Upgrade to AX 2012 CU9 Adopt Best Practice Processes Ensure Smart Development and Design Stick to Patterns with Customisation Clean Up and Standardise Configuration and Data Ensure IT are familiar with Azure and Visual Studio Encourage Power BI over Fixed SSRS Reporting Minimise Future Customisation
  6. 6. Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services Implementation priorities and challenges
  7. 7. Best of both worlds Best practices and differentiating processes
  8. 8. AX cloud momentum
  9. 9. ‘Box’ implementation process
  10. 10. Azure marketplace – Dynamics Solutions
  11. 11. ☁ ☁ • On-demand scalability • Data is many times already there • One-click publish of production-level service • High-level solutions already available Using Azure Machine Learning…
  12. 12. Azure marketplace Machine Learning
  13. 13. Dynamics Day 2015 • Calculate reorder points, safety stock and update in AX. • Predict who’s likely to default on payments and surface to Collection agents • Use sensor data to predict machine or part failure • Move customers within price groups to maximize margin How could ML help you?
  14. 14. Takeaways • Embrace and familiarize yourself with Lifecycle Services • Consider AX2012 R3 as a pathway to AX 7 if you are not on that release • Talk to us about how Power BI can help you • Talk to us about how Machine Learning can help you predict trends in your business