Dynamics Day 2012 Welcome and Keynote


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Featuring Craig Dewar, Director of Product Management for Microsoft Dynamics CRM at Microsoft Corporation; Chris Auld, Chief Technology Officer from Intergen; and Simon Bright, Chief Operating Officer from Intergen. This multifaceted keynote will look at the current state of Microsoft and its Dynamics offerings, and what lies ahead over the next few years.

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Dynamics Day 2012 Welcome and Keynote

  1. Dynamics Day Keynote
  2. Welcome The Fourth Dynamics Day More technology on-show Celebrating new product & OS launch The team @ Dynamics Day 200 attendees from Australia and New ZealandDynamics Day 2012 Keynote
  3. A look back on the last 12 months …a long term partner for our clients Local and Be ready for Support our responsive - the new clients move to onshore product the cloud presence in ‘cadence’ Australia Effective Embed support for Capability: long frameworks for local and global term partner success clientsDynamics Day 2012 Keynote
  4. The picture today Thanks for your support Clients Total New Zealand Australian leveraging the Intergenites Growth Growth Cloud (NZ, AU & US) (Revenue) (Revenue) 22% 370 24% 180%Dynamics Day 2012 Keynote
  5. A focus on our Dynamics Practice Our clients Our Practice Our Innovation Largest Dynamics Practice in NZ with over Microsoft Dynamics Convergence keynote 148 Dynamics clients 105 people for 2011 & 2012 First complex AX 2012 Process Mfg site Microsoft concept designs for Dynamics Microsoft Partner of the Year 2012 live in NZ solution of the future Global and local, complex and Grown from ’22’ people to ‘105’ people in Continued TAP programme attendance straightforward last 4 years for CRM, NAV and AX Strong desire across Australia and Wrote the Dynamics CRM connector The best people in the market New Zealand to invest in technology training Region dedicated to innovating with Microsoft CorporationDynamics Day 2012 Keynote
  6. Licensing model to support scale Dynamics AX on the Enterprise Agreement Increased Only Top Dynamics AX certification partners able to now on volume requirements support large licencing for Partners clients Intergen is the only Dynamics AX Enterprise Agreement Transact Partner in NZ (announced 26th October 2012)Dynamics Day 2012 Keynote
  7. Agility Capability Simplicity Insight Launched 1st October 2012Dynamics Day 2012 Keynote
  8. Windows 8 & Surface Meet the new WindowsDynamics Day 2012 Keynote
  9. Future visionIntroducing Craig Dewar
  10. Preparing for TomorrowIntroducing Chris Auld
  11. Themes for the next 12 months A managed embrace of consumer technology Identify maturing Cloud services Social will move from silo’d apps to platform Put platform pieces in place Pay down technical debt in core IT
  12. Please Sir,May I HaveSome More?
  13. My PC My Gadgets My Apps Work from home PC  Smartphones  Social Networks Bring my own laptop  Slates & Tablets  Personal Productivity
  14. Key Benefits… Improved Productivity Recruiting and Retention Fun to Use ‘It just Works’… …’even when I’m not at the office’
  15. … and Challenges Identity Management Data Security Employee & Customer Privacy Increased Attack Surface Increased support costs
  16. A FrameworkFor EnablingConsumerTechnology
  17. Low Risk – High Value High Risk – High Value Permit and Manage Embrace • Allow by explicit policy • Adopt as core enterprise offering • Best endeavours support • Explicit support • Test + Try not to break • Invest and Fund • Provision enabling technology Low Risk – Low Value High Risk – Low ValueBusiness Value Permit with Policy Block • Unsupported • Protocol filters • Self hosted, self managed • Explicit prohibition • Self funded • Apply size 12 boot • Self certify compliance Risk
  18. Permit and Manage Embrace Mature Integrate Supplant Transition Permit with Policy BlockBusiness Value Risk
  19. Format of the day Start/End Stream 1: Stream 2: Stream 3: times Dynamics CRM Dynamics NAV Dynamics AX9.00 10.15 Welcome and Keynote Presentation10.15 10.45 Break Dynamics NAV Update Dynamics AX Update and10.45 11.25 Dynamics CRM Case Study and Roadmap Roadmap Dynamics CRM Update and Deep Dive: Dynamics NAV 2013 Client11.30 12.15 Bringing Role Centres to Life Roadmap Options12.15 1.00 Lunch1.00 2.00 Panel Discussion Extending your Current AX2.00 2.40 Driving Campaign ROI Dynamics NAV Vertical Options Implementation How to Make the Most out of Lead Enterprise Projects – Setting up for2.45 3.30 Business in the Cloud Management and CRM Success3.30 4.00 Break4.00 4.40 Tips and Tricks with CRM 2011 Business Intelligence: Unlocking ERP Data for Key Insights4.45 5.30 Stepping outside of the box: Creating innovative end user experiences using the Microsoft platform
  20. Experience Lounge Applications & DevicesCustomer Insight that change the gameOperational ExcellenceBusiness InsightDynamics Day 2012 Keynote
  21. Feedback hashtag #dynamicsday wireless: “Rendezvous” – 3 free hoursDynamics Day 2012 Keynote
  22. Thank you