Dynamics Day '11 - NAV Update and Roadmap


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Presented at Intergen's Dynamics Day '11

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Dynamics Day '11 - NAV Update and Roadmap

  1. 1. NAV Update and RoadmapDave Roys and Derek Lamb10 August 2011
  2. 2. NAV Update & RoadmapAgenda Dynamics NAV Roadmap 2009 R2 features New reporting/Budgeting features Questions
  3. 3. NAV Roadmap
  4. 4. NAV Update & RoadmapMicrosoft Dynamics NAV Roadmap NAV “9” NAV “8” Continued innovation targeted at mid-market NAV “7” with particular focus on: Compelling Business NAV 2009 R2 Functionality Application enhancements More Users, More Simplicity Integration to Microsoft SharePoint User Productive Productivity Dynamics CRM Client Richness More Software + Services Dynamics User Online Payments Service RoleTailored .NET Experience Leadership Page Design/Debug Role Tailored Client access Programming Environment Microsoft technology Improved Reporting for hosted, remote and w/in NAV Rapid Time-to-Value Office 2010 roaming users Full .NET Runtime Online Services Windows 7 UX Business Data Visualizations MAJOR RELEASES Q4 2010 2011-2012 2013-2014 2016-2017 SERVICE PACKS / MINOR RELEASES Additional Additional Additional SP’s SP’s SP’s RTM RTM RTM
  5. 5. NAV Update & Roadmap10. Improved Help and Documentation
  6. 6. NAV Update & Roadmap9. Send to Word/Excel
  7. 7. NAV Update & Roadmap8. Custom Controls
  8. 8. NAV Update & Roadmap7. Web ServicesEasily create Web services that allow otherprograms to extract data from NAV and run NAVbusiness logic, e.g., Interface programs. Scheduled tasks. Web-based clients (such as Stratus).
  9. 9. NAV Update & Roadmap6. Improved ReportingNew report definitiontool allows better-looking reports withability to use charts,colour and to save asExcel, orPDF.
  10. 10. NAV Update & Roadmap5. Role Centre
  11. 11. NAV Update & Roadmap4. Saved Views
  12. 12. NAV Update & Roadmap3. Action Pane
  13. 13. NAV Update & Roadmap2. Personalisation
  14. 14. NAV Update & Roadmap1. Menu Search
  15. 15. NAV 2009 R2
  16. 16. NAV Update & RoadmapKey Features of NAV 2009 R2  Out-of-the-box integration with CRM  RoleTailored Client connecting over the internet  Online Payments Services (USA and Canada)  User experience enhancements for Windows 7  Business Data Visualisations  System Indicator  Ability to call .NET code and other programmer tools
  17. 17. NAV Update & RoadmapCRM Connector
  18. 18. NAV Update & RoadmapRoleTailored Client over Internet
  19. 19. Demo of R2 Features
  20. 20. What’s next?
  21. 21. NAV Update & RoadmapNAV ‘7’  SharePoint client  Better Office Interaction  No more Classic Client Forms  Better reporting  More User Experience Enhancements  Azure (NAV in the cloud)
  22. 22. Reporting/BudgetingOptions
  23. 23. NAV Update & RoadmapReporting/Budgeting options Jet Reports Microsoft Management Reporter Microsoft Forecaster
  24. 24. Jet Reports
  25. 25. NAV Update & RoadmapJet Reports Excel based reporting solution. Jet Report Express for Microsoft Dynamics NAV will be released in Q3 CY2011. Jet Report Express is only available for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 or later. Free for new or existing customers on current enhancement plan. Microsoft Excel 2007 or later required.
  26. 26. NAV Update & RoadmapJet Express Functionality
  27. 27. NAV Update & RoadmapJet Essentials
  28. 28. NAV Update & Roadmap•Excel-Centric•Design Reports •Use Excel-type Formulas•Run Reports •Present information in a format which you understand
  29. 29. NAV Update & RoadmapJet Reports solution thoughts Free version has limited functionality Users do require a good understanding of database structures Good option for limited IT team
  30. 30. Management Reporter
  31. 31. NAV Update & RoadmapTechnology Introduction Management Reporter is both the Microsoft FRx replacement product, as well as the foundation for which future Microsoft Dynamics performance management functionality will be built Provides real-time financial reporting to achieve greater visibility across the organization. Empowers decision makers with streamlined reporting that doesn’t require IT assistance Direct Integration with Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions Build custom reports based on GL data. 33
  32. 32. NAV Update & Roadmap Management Reporter Road MapManagement Reporter FP1 Management Reporter R2 Management Reporter V3 •Microsoft Dynamics AX •Dynamics NAV •Strategic and integration integration operational •Microsoft Dynamics SL •Richer report viewing budgeting/forecasting integration experience •Budget reporting •With Dynamics SL •Consolidate data from •Migration from release other General Ledgers Forecaster •Currency translation in •More flexibility in •Financial reporting Microsoft Dynamics GP report output types enhancements •Microsoft Forecaster and locations where integration reports are stored, including SharePoint •Scheduled reports 2H CY2010 2H CY2011 2012+
  33. 33. NAV Update & RoadmapManagement Reporter Report designer
  34. 34. NAV Update & RoadmapReport Viewer
  35. 35. NAV Update & RoadmapSolution thoughts Current version has a tired look and feel GL based only Reporting Services better option
  36. 36. Microsoft Forecaster
  37. 37. NAV Update & RoadmapKey Features Tailored input screens Detailed Security Detailed budget planning for HR, Capex & Revenue Tracking of budget processes using Workflow Reporting capabilities of planning Copy plan features and top-down budget adjustments. Microsoft® Office Excel® integration
  38. 38. NAV Update & RoadmapForecaster Input Screen
  39. 39. NAV Update & RoadmapRevenue Tab
  40. 40. NAV Update & RoadmapHR Master screen
  41. 41. NAV Update & RoadmapWorkflow
  42. 42. NAV Update & RoadmapDynamics NAV integration Not licensed in Australasia for NAV Requires purchase of AX License Integration would be through Excel dumps
  43. 43. NAV Update & RoadmapSolution thoughts Tier 2 Budgeting tool Good for organisations who want distributed budgeting Currently stand alone solution
  44. 44. Questions
  45. 45. Thank you