Dynamics Day '11 - Add-ons demo backup


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Presented at Intergen's Dynamics Day '11

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Dynamics Day '11 - Add-ons demo backup

  1. 1. Streamlining Operationswith NAV Add-onsDerek Lamb & Dave Roys10 August 2011
  2. 2. Streamlining Operations with NAV Add-onsAgenda Why add-ons? Procurement  Document Management  Advanced Purchase Approvals Allocations Intergen Dynamics NAV Extensions Stratus Web based Client Summary
  3. 3. Why Add-ons?
  4. 4. Streamlining Operations with NAV Add-ons Wholesale/ ServiceManufacturing Distribution Industries Public Sector Retail Other Financial Management Reporting and Business Intelligence Supply Chain Management Sales and Marketing Human Resources Management Interoperability and Productivity
  5. 5. Procurement
  6. 6. Streamlining Operations with NAV Add-onsElectronic Document Management Potentially reduce data Reduce carbon input SharePoint footprint integration Inland Revenue allows electronic copies of invoices to be kept instead of physical Improve the efficiency Reduce the costs of filing, of the document indexing, approval processes. storing and retrieving information.
  7. 7. Streamlining Operations with NAV Add-onsPotential SolutionsINTRODUCTIONS USE NAV LINKS FEATURE  Documents manually saved to windows folder or SharePoint STORE ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS  Emails, PDF’s etc. SCANNING USING BAR CODES  Allows for Bulk scanning OPTICAL CHARACTER RECOGNITION (OCR)  Data extraction & input  Indexing of document allows searching on unstructured data
  8. 8. Advanced Purchase Approvals
  9. 9. Streamlining Operations with NAV Add-onsNAV approval comparison STANDARD NAV APPROVALS INTERGEN ADVANCED APPROVALS  Document total approval  Line, document and annual  Single Approver budget level  Financial Approvers only  Multiple approvers  No support for tolerances  Non Financial approvers optional  Single routing per user  Tolerances can be set by  Basic Workflow and percentage or amount notifications  Routing and permissions by GL account, Dimension, Item, etc.  Workflow and email notifications
  10. 10. Streamlining Operations with NAV Add-onsDemo Scenario Process flow Create Purchase Orders within NAV Capture Purchase Requests Submit Purchase Orders for Approval Post Invoices within Tolerance Approval Requests Receipt Purchase Approved/Redirected Order /Declined
  11. 11. Streamlining Operations with NAV Add-onsSetup Approvers & Delegated Authority Approver Approval Roles Approval Setup has Roles Permissions Approvers  Identity three levels  Dimension restrictions  High level permissions
  12. 12. Streamlining Operations with NAV Add-onsSetup Approvers & Delegated Authority Approver Approval Setup has Roles Permissions Approvers three levels Approval Permissions  Approval limits by line  Approval limits by document  Annual approval limits  Restrictions by:  Item  G/L Account  Dimensions  Job  Posting Group
  13. 13. Streamlining Operations with NAV Add-onsSetup Approvers & Delegated Authority Approver Approval Setup has Roles Permissions Approvers three levels Approvers  Identity (User Name)  E-mail Address  Approval Roles and associated Permissions  Dates
  14. 14. Streamlining Operations with NAV Add-onsPurchase Requests created Capture Purchase Approvers Requests  Purchase Requisitions in portal  Purchase Orders in NAV  Approvers assigned  Lines submitted
  15. 15. Streamlining Operations with NAV Add-onsSubmit orders for Approval Submit Purchase Orders for Approval Approvers  Assign Approvers (per line)  Submit for approval  Email Generated
  16. 16. Streamlining Operations with NAV Add-onsApproval Approval Requests Approved/Redirected /Declined Approvers  Approver notified  Opens Approval screen  Can:  Approve  Redirect  Reject
  17. 17. Streamlining Operations with NAV Add-onsInvoicing Amend Approved POs within Tolerance Approvers  Amendments can be made within tolerances  If outside tolerances needs to be reapproved  Changes to G/L accounts, items and Dimensions can be stopped
  18. 18. Advanced Allocations
  19. 19. Streamlining Operations with NAV Add-onsAllocations Target market is Intercompany Customers reallocations performing Actual or Budget reallocation of direct costs. ROI to customers is very high as currently performed in Excel Powerful rules engine allows calculations to Creates new transactions as be based on other opposed to a simple parts of the system reporting solution
  20. 20. Streamlining Operations with NAV Add-onsAllocation Rules Source Calculation Target
  21. 21. Streamlining Operations with NAV Add-onsAllocation Sequence
  22. 22. Dynamics NAV Extensions(DNE)
  23. 23. Streamlining Operations with NAV Add-onsDynamics NAV Extensions (DNE) Benefit to customer is more value thanPack of standard individual enhancements development Built fromlearnings from working with customers Existing customers - Process for adding new many features
  24. 24. Streamlining Operations with NAV Add-onsDNE Features  Import Journal entries from  GST Statement Excel  Purchasing of Resources  Budget Filters on Account  Bank Reconciliation Reconcile Schedules (Tick)  Customer Ageing available on  Table Dimensions Customer Card  Excelerate (Server-side Excel  One-Time Vendors handling for RTC)  E-mailing of Purchase Orders  Email Customer Statement  Account Schedule Report (more  SMTP Mail Enhancements columns)  EFT Remittance Advice
  25. 25. DNE Demo - Emails
  26. 26. Do you have ideas for the DNE?
  27. 27. Multi-device NAV Client Demo
  28. 28. StratusWeb Client Available 15thSeptember 2011iPad, iPhone,Windows Phone 7clients coming later.
  29. 29. Questions
  30. 30. Thank you