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Mahindra Blues


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Mahindra Blues

  2. 2. Background• The Mahindra Blues Festival is scheduled to be a two day festival in February ’11• This is preceded by a series of smaller events across January ’11• The website for the festival will be designed to disseminate information about the festival, artist line-ups, schedules of gigs, ticket purchasing options and multi-media content around the artist and category
  3. 3. Our Approach• Website developed in liquid layout introduces the festival• Horizontal spanning of all the artists pictures and profile information• Gallery section to comprise of all the previous years video and some of the artists videos• Ticket purchasing options with online payment facility through• A merchandise section where the user can view and call-to- buy the merchandise
  4. 4. Website - Screenshots
  5. 5. Website - Screenshots
  6. 6. Website - Screenshots
  7. 7. Website - Screenshots
  8. 8. Website - Screenshots
  9. 9. The Results: Timeframe of a month• 3,066 Visits• 2,397 Unique Visitors• 3,859 Pageviews• 1.26 Pages/Visit• 00:01:00 Avg. Time on Site• 78.18% % New Visits