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Your Guide to the Load Cell Field Guide


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Webinar slides from our September 23, 2015 webinar with Ken B and Elliot S

Published in: Engineering
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Your Guide to the Load Cell Field Guide

  1. 1. The Load Cell Primer • A brief history of load cells • How the technology has evolved over time • Different types of load cells and flexure configurations • Extraneous load sensitivity • Input/Output characteristics and errors
  2. 2. General Procedures for the Use of Load Cells • Excitation Voltage • Mounting
  3. 3. Load Cell Characteristics & Applications • Other Application Considerations • Natural Frequency • Contact Resonance • Calibration Loads • On-Axis Loading • Overload Capacity with Extraneous Loading • Impact Loads
  4. 4. Weighing and Testing Industry Application Details • Multi-Static or Weighing Applications • Multiple-Cell Systems • Moment Compensated Platform • One-Cell Systems • Two-Cell Systems • Parallel Paths: Pipes, Conduit, & Check Rods • Paralleling Two or More Cells
  5. 5. Materials & Process Control Testing • Force vs. Deflection • Shear Force vs. Compaction • Peel Force • Adhesive or Bonding Shear Force • Safety: Proof Testing and the Compression Cage • Finding Center of Gravity • Fatigue
  6. 6. Q&A