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Torque QA Webinar Slides


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A webinar hosted by Interface on November 4th where attendees submitted their questions to be answered during the live broadcast by Keith & Chris.

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Torque QA Webinar Slides

  1. 1. How do you address unknown issues such as "start-up torque" and "unknown torque transient spikes.“? Is a safety factor sufficient to address these problems? Ken
  2. 2. When designing a rotary torque transducer into an application, do you think the pedestal-mount or the general purpose rotary torque transducer is the best approach? Ken
  3. 3. I usually recommend shrink disk couplings over keyed couplings. Is this the right thing to do? Ken
  4. 4. What is the best way to measure shear (lateral) forces applied to a flat plate that is used to measure vertical force (e.g. weight)? Frank
  5. 5. How can you tell the direction of rotation from the output voltage? Jon
  6. 6. How would you go about minimizing slippage at the mounting locations for torque cells that measure in both directions? Richard
  7. 7. Are there sensors available that can measure both applied load and torque simultaneously? Richard
  8. 8. Big Torque Measurements: What do I need to know about high capacity torque measurements? Nesko
  9. 9. What will be the uncertainty budgets for the torque transducer comparison calibration? Li-Ming
  10. 10. If the torque spec is 90 N.m +60 – 75 degrees, what fastening application would be best? Torque and Angle or Angle and Torque Jimmy
  11. 11. Why does the metrology community, specific to torque measurement, not properly estimate the associated uncertainty with the measurement being made? Charles
  12. 12. What adaptors do you use to hold the torque wheel to the transducer centerline? On some transducers the centering square pocket that accepts the adaptor are not perfectly square leaving side to side movement of the adaptor and torque wheel. This does seem to make a big difference on torque below 250“ lbs. The square pockets are not always square or the same size. What can I do to reduce my uncertainty and how do you correct these issues? Chuck
  13. 13. Do you add repeatability of a torque wrench to your MUA budget? If so, how many measurements are made? Do you do repeatability at each calibration point? If repeatability is made would you repeat the test point multiple times and move on to the next test point or go through all test point and then repeat? Do you add resolution of the torque wrench to your MUA budget? If so, what resolution do you use for a non reading, settable type torque wrench? If the resolution and repeatability are included in the MUA budget, how is an adequate TUR ie 4:1 maintained when conformance testing? Do you take multiple readings and verify all readings are within specs? How often do you calibrate the Moment arm that is used to calibrate torque cells? Dale
  14. 14. What are the largest contributors in an uncertainty for a torque calibration? David
  15. 15. Aside from a more compact format is there any reason to use a torque transducer over a load-cell at a known offset? Aaron
  16. 16. Measurement of torque on a 8" driveshaft is needed. High resolution (to accurately measure torque under no-load conditions) to a maximum of 24000 ft.lbs (4000 ft-lbs engine torque reduced 6:1) is needed. The sensor is also for field use (no slip rings and IP67 sealing) and re-usable. Do you have any suitable torque sensors for this application? Bob
  17. 17. We are looking for a facility to perform torque measurement on fastener over 1" diameter. Coefficient of friction using Ni-ease vs. Copaslip vs Loctite. Can you advise? Lana
  18. 18. Is there any protection in case the test torque goes over the expected capacity? Jose
  19. 19. What is the difference between a rotary and reaction torque sensor? John
  20. 20. How do you ensure that the torque sensor is installed on-center? Brian
  21. 21. What type of couplings do you recommend? Jeff