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Nm2216 w44 presentation final PDF


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Nm2216 w44 presentation final PDF

  1. 1. Wendy Toh Stella Tang Isa Foong Cherylene Dewi Lim Qian Wei U091082U U090514N U092016L U082883L
  2. 2. (

  3. 3. Based on basic mobile application technology 3G enabled tap on GPS to detect eateries digital database Pervasive 137.4% mobile penetration rate (Dec ‘09) 3G network coverage island-wide Immediate response and feedback Convenient Generate awareness & interaction between users
  4. 4. Target audience Issues physical differences singaporean youths, 16-25 years old Students, NS men, or entering workforce psychological differences BMI indexes 87% own mobile phone 68% of youth engaged with social networking, their top online social activity social stigma usage differences food hype health-conscious heterogeneous group with different needs and wants e.g. Halal diet, food allergies Problem: how and where?
  5. 5. Activity: Finding available dining options Goal: Encourage healthy eating (e.g. fulfilling 2+2 requirement) Task: Create awareness about healthier eating choices available
  6. 6. Physical anywhere, anytime, with Internet access cross platform Social individual vs. group settings peer pressure, social norms gender Culture community & individual culture “foodie” culture dietary limitations
  7. 7. 3G GPS (Global Positioning System) Servings & Calories Counter ‘Smart Fridge’
  8. 8. Uh oh.. You have not taken enough fruits for today. How about an apple? 
  9. 9. Uh oh.. You have Bananas not taken enough contain a natural fruits for today. chemical which How aboutaan can make apple?  person happy. 
  10. 10. Incentive to use Mobile: use it anywhere, anytime Personalized catered to our own goals, needs and wants
 Goal-oriented, task-focused Free for users, low maintenance cost A portal to reach out to our target audience, but not limited to our target audience A healthy diet, as compared to just eating 2+2
  11. 11. Food For Thought 1.  Do you think people will be distracted by the food directory part of the application? Suggest ways to bring the focus back to healthy eating. 2. Do you think this application is suitable for both male and female users? Are there any social implications of using such an application?