Car rental Costa Rica


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Travelling around the tropical country of Costa Rica may simply be more convenient with wheels around. For this reason, a lot of auto shops are offering car rental Costa Rica to the public, may it be for tourists or residents of the country.

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Car rental Costa Rica

  1. 1. Tips To Remember For Car Rental Costa Rica VAMOS4X4.COM
  2. 2. Choosing auto shops in Costa Rica Travelling around the tropical country of Costa Rica may be more convenient with wheels around. A lot of auto shops are offering car rental Costa Rica to the public, may it be for tourists or residents of the country. Some rules have to be followed though to truly enjoy that getaway. Read through for the information!
  3. 3. Where to look Finding the right shop can be confusing due to the many existing offers. One can opt to look at the yellow pages. Or use certain websites to collect information on which ones give the best promos. It is more reliable to ask someone who has experienced renting an automobile in the country. They can give first-hand impression on the service each company is offering.
  4. 4. Calling the agencies Narrowing down the search to a couple of names Then call the agencies for some specific questions:  how much is needed to pay the renting,  some special deals,  availability of cars  associations with known airlines and hotels. This would allow better weighing of pros and cons of each company, and eventually making the perfect choice in the end.
  5. 5. Policies Select an auto leasing shop that provides:  unlimited mileage,  free pick-up and drop-off for the cars. Some may charge customers with a large amount if they fail to return the car at a specific period of time. Avoid this by being informed of the many policies that govern and the picking and dropping off of the automobiles.
  6. 6. Choose the right vehicle Do not pick up the one that is not needed. Big vehicles are often charged more. Bringing along ones own car seats would save the cost. Renting compact cars may also save a lot in the budget. But nobody can stop customers from choosing any size: compact, midsize, full-size or 4x4.
  7. 7. Booking Book for the car according to ones preferred paying method:  credit cards  cash are both acceptable. Online reservations are also highly possible. Just be careful about the credibility of the company to avoid troubles in the future. Reserving a week or two before would assure the availability of ones ideal car
  8. 8. Insurances Most auto leasing shops would offer insurances for the cars they offer. Customers should ask their own insurance companies first if they cover rented cars before saying yes to the offer of the auto shop. This would save a lot of money spent for unnecessary materials.
  9. 9. Driving rules Car rental Costa Rica may be convenient for clients. But they have to remember about the driving rules in the country. For tourists, they may be unfamiliar with the place and may encounter accidents or violate rules. The country has a strict implementation of traffic rules and care about its natural setting. Crushing on some turtle nests at the beach is something worth considering.
  10. 10.