Interalpen Magazine 2/2012 - News from Interalpen Hotel in Tyrol, Austria


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The Interalpen Magazine is published three times a year to give those interested in luxury holidays in the Tyrolean Alps all the latest information. Find out about events, spa and wellness offers and more. Look forward to holidays at the 5-star Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol near Innsbruck, Austria.

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Interalpen Magazine 2/2012 - News from Interalpen Hotel in Tyrol, Austria

  1. 1. 2012/02Interalpen MagazinFor guests and friends of the Interalpen-Hotel TyrolNew rooms forstyle-consciousconnoisseursThree new attractions:Café Wien, the SmokingLounge and Salon BellevueFun in the snow!Looking forward to anotherwinter of great sports and activitiesWe predict a warm winterThe Alm and Salt saunas inour Sauna Village have beencompletely renovated.
  2. 2. Editorial / ContentsInteralpen-MagazinDear guestsIt is a great pleasure to be able to write to you as newDirector of the hotel.I have had a special fascination for the Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol, since my first visit many years ago. Our ex-traordinary and exclusive location in the Tirolean Alps,the extensive Spa and wellbeing facilities, the superb,award-winning cuisine and the fantastic team have trulyinspired me. We will work together to preserve all that isoutstanding about the hotel, but remain open to innova-tion, to continuously improve our services and offer youthe most memorable holiday possible.In this edition of the Interalpen Magazine we presentsome new and exclusive spaces where you can relax andbe comfortable: the ground floor of the Karwendel wingis about to be extensively renovated and will be hometo Salon Bellevue, Café Wien and our Smoking Lounge.Renovations will take place during the winter closedperiod and the new rooms will be ready for the mostspecial time of year: Christmas and New Year at the­Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol.I am really looking forward to the first snow of the sea-son in the Tirolean Alps and hope to be able to welcomeyou personally before too long.With best wishesKarl Brüggemann4New rooms forstyle-­consciousconnoisseurs6Fun in the snow!8Tirolean cuisineto try at home11We predicta warm winter12Where Christmas wishescome true14Great prospects32
  3. 3. AmbienceInteralpen-MagazinOne renovation project,three distinct stylesEvery detail has been carefully consid-ered to provide a very authentic expe-rience. From flooring to furniture anddecorations to the lighting concept,each new public space has its own dis-tinct style. Only the original wood pan-elling and hand painted ceilings havebeen preserved.Café Wien* in the style of a traditionalViennese coffee house* waiters with authentic blackwaistcoat, bow tie and white apron* Viennese coffee specialitiesincluding Einspänner andMaria Theresia* Viennese pastries andInteralpen-desserts* a wide selection of newspapersand magazinesSmoking Lounge* ambience of a Britishgentlemen’s club* comfortable leatherChesterfield ­sofas* selection of fine whiskies and rums* wide choice of cigars* individual humidors available* large flat screen TV for sports eventsSalon Bellevue* the style of an exclusivedrawing room* pale colours create acalm ­atmosphere* ideal quiet space to read,chat or play chess* large flat screen for TV highlights* fabulous views of the Tirolean AlpsA place with a relaxed but styl-ish atmosphere where guests can en-joy each other’s company and ­savourlife in general – this concept ­definesthe Karwendel Wing’s new ­venues.“There’s a space to suit every taste”says acclaimed architect Philip Wohl­farth of his designs. “The entire groundfloor of the Karwendel Wing will havea new layout where guests will be ableto relax in Café Wien, ­Salon Bellevueor the Smoking Lounge.“ Elegantlydecorated, with stylish furniture andexquisite service, the new spaces pro-vide perfect surroundings to relax overa drink and enjoy some civilised con-versation.The centrepiece of the new space isCaféWien,whereanauthentic­Viennesecoffee house has been recre­ated withloving attention to detail: iconic Thonetchairs with bentwood backs are placedat small round tables with marble tops.Daily newspapers are on standby andcourteous waiters serve your coffee onsilver trays. Of course, Café Wien atthe Interalpen-Hotel ­Tyrol not only re-flects the style of classic coffee housessuch as Café Central or Hawelka in­Vienna, but the coffee menu leavesno wish unfulfilled. You can expectevery conceivable coffee specialityfrom ­Einspänner to Wiener Melangeand sweet treats such as Apfelstrudeland Sachertorte.There’s an old school, British gen-tlemen’s club feel to the newly createdSmoking Lounge: dark wood, forestgreen Chesterfield sofas and herring-bone parquet complete the look. Weoffer a wide selection of fine whiskiesand rums and an attractive menu forcigar lovers with a focus on the bestexports from Cuba (Cohiba, Monte-cristo, Partagas) and the DominicanRepublic (Davidoff). Our cigar expertwill be pleased to advise on your se-lection and we also offer private hu-midors for especially dedicated cigarsmokers.To complement the comfortableleather furniture, the Smoking Loungeoffers a fireplace, a large flat screenTV and a table at which you can sitand chat, read or smoke your cigar inpeace. Naturally, the Smoking Loungeis equipped with a new, highly effi-cient ventilation system to ensure apleasant atmosphere.Salon Bellevue is a sophisticatedretreat situated right by the hotel hall,and furnished as a comfortable andvery exclusive living room, where youwill feel very much at home. Prettywallpaper and light colours such asbeige, pale blue and cream set the rest-ful tone. The furniture grouping cre-ates a very private atmosphere whereyou can read, relax, chat or play chessin peace. Guests can also watch foot-ball matches or other TV highlights onthe large flat screen TV.The renovation works take placeduring our winter closed period. Wewould be delighted to welcome youto the newly refurbished KarwendelWing when we reopen and hope thatyou will feel inspired to spend manyrelaxing hours there.New rooms forstyle-conscious connoisseursRefurbishment of the Karwendel WingThe Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol presents three new attractions for guests:Café Wien, the Smoking Lounge and Salon Bellevue.Ambience is everythingin our new venues.Café Wien resemblesa classic Viennese coffeehouse in every detail.It’s hard to resist delicious Viennesespecialities.The Highlights54
  4. 4. ActivitiesInteralpen-MagazinWinter PackageFun in the snow!Winter’s first snowfall is a much anticipated event. Becausethis glittering white blanket not only makes the Tirol picture-book perfect, but gives our guests so many different ways toenjoy some sports and activity.Winter season at the Interalpen-HotelTyrolWhen the ‘white magic’ coats tree-tops and mountain slopes, it’s time tohead outside into the pristine land-scape. The mountains around the­Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol are a dream forskiers. There is a 260 km network ofsignposted cross-country skiing trailson Seefeld’s high plateau. You canjoin the trail right at the hotel’s frontdoor, glide through sparkling, winter-white landscapes and enjoy magnifi-cent views.Downhill skiers can also look for-ward to a great choice of pistes. See-feld is home to Gschwandtkopf andRosshütte ski regions and there areother attractive skiing centres in closeproximity.Those who prefer their wintersports fun on runners can take to thepistes on a toboggan. An excursion tothe toboggan run at Gaistal or Strass-berghaus makes an unforgettable dayout for both adults and children. If youprefer a quieter life, the hotel has itsown ice rink where you can skate ortry your hand at curling. Ski equip-ment, toboggans, skates and curlingstones are available from the hotel’shire shop.Keen hikers don’t let winter dis-courage them from enjoying the ­Tirol’smountain world. Equipped with snow-shoes, our experienced mountainguide takes groups along snow-cov-ered trails to picturesque corners andmagnificent viewing points. Whethersnuggled up by a roaring fire or enjoy-ing a night time ramble by torchlight,winter at the Interalpen-Hotel Tyrolis a perfect season for great roman-tics. For a truly fairytale experience,we recommend a carriage ride, wheregentle-natured Haflinger horses leadyou through the peaceful winter idyll.You can snuggle up in a blanket andsavour the pristine natural sceneryand clear mountain air.For more action and a taste of wil-derness adventure, why not take atrip with a sled and pack of huskies.You will explore the Tirolean Alps atnearly 20 kph, and really connect withthe natural world.There are plenty of opportunitiesfor day excursions in winter too. See-feld is a popular destination, with itstraditional weekend Christmas mar-ket of festive wooden stalls offeringGlühwein and roast chestnuts. Inns-bruck is also worth a visit, with noless than five different Christmas mar-kets to explore in the lovely medievalold town quarter. From there it’s justa short hop to Wattens and SwarovskiCrystal Worlds. Discover this treasure-house of gems which sparkle and glit-ter to rival the snow crystals in the­Tirolean Alps.Until 1 April 2013Time to make tracks!With breathtaking views and trails of-fering a variety of sporting challenges,the Seefeld Olympia Region is one of themost popular cross-country skiing re-gions in the world.*Seefeld Olympia Regioncross-­country ski pass*1 fango mud pack (25 minutes)*1 whole body massage (50 minutes)*accommodation in an apartmenttype 2 (68 m2)*Including the Interalpen-Standard luxury package3 nights from € 7494 nights from € 9367 nights from € 1,470(Prices per person in a double room)76
  5. 5. GastronomyInteralpen-MagazinA recipe for 6 peoplePotato dough for dumplings250 g cooked floury potatoes, 100 gstrong plain flour, 1 egg yolk, salt.Boil the potatoes in their skins, leaveto cool, peel and pass through a finesieve. Combine all ingredients andchill in the fridge. Cut open 6 plums,remove the stone and fill each with asugar cube. Cut the dough into 6, rollout into circles and encase the plums.Chestnut crème100 g chestnut purée, 2 cl rum, ­icingsugar. Combine the ingredients.Plums9 plums, halved and stoned, 100 mlport, 100 ml red wine, seeds from avanilla pod, 50 ml elderflower syrup,1 clove, 2 cm cinnamon stick, 1 staranise.Simmer the spices in the port andwine, allow to reduce slightly, andthicken with a little cornflour. Add theplums and leave to cool.Walnut croquant ice cream100 ml milk, 100 ml cream, 3 eggyolks, 40 g sugarHeat the milk and cream. Whisk theeggs yolks and sugar, add to the al-most boiling milk mixture and whiskover a gentle heat until the custard isslightly thickened. You can test if it isdone by dipping a wooden spoon intothe mixture then blowing on the backof the spoon. If wavy lines appear, thecustard is perfect.Walnut croquant  10 g butter, 10 g honey, 30 g cane sugar,15 g cream, vanilla sugar, 200 g walnutsBring the ingredients to the boil; addthe walnuts and leave to cool. Freezethe ice cream base then add the cara-melised walnuts.Our sommelier Andreas Pfingstl re­commends a delicious walnut ­liqueurto serve with the plum dumplings:“M4 walnut liqueur from Mair’sBeeren­garten with its notes of clovesand cinnamon is a regional classic.This is a perfect way to finish an­exquisite dinner.”We wish you bon appétit.Plum dumplings with­chestnut crèmeAn Austrian speciality to try at homeOur head chef Christoph Zangerl and our sommelierAndreas Pfingstl present a magnificent Tirolean dessertand an equally delicious liqueur.Tiroler Gröstl (meat and potatohash), Schlutzkrapfen (cream cheeseravioli), Speck (air-dried ham) andKnödel (dumplings) in endless varietyare just some of the region’s most­famous specialities, which promisereal pleasures of the palate. But whenour head chef Christoph Zangerl, whohas been awarded 3 Gault ­Millau‘toques’, turns his attention to trad­itional Tirolean cuisine, you can besure of particularly refined creationsand unique taste sensations. “I ama great lover of Tirolean cooking, soregional dishes prepared with sea-sonal ingredients always feature onour menus” says Zangerl. He can besure that produce from the Tirol willprovide the best in freshness, qualityand flavour and ­ultimately, top qual-ity ingredients are at the heart of hisaward-winning ­culinary art. “One ofmy favourite traditional dishes is plumdumplings. And when served withchestnut crème and walnut croquantice cream they taste just fantastic.”Until 1 April 2013Please do not disturbDiscover the Tyrol from its exclusiveside – from a romantic carriage ridethrough snow-white landscapes to amassage in our spacious Spa.* A Tirolean gift basket and bottle ofchampagne on arrival in your room* A romantic carriage ride throughthe Wildmoos region (1 hour)* 1 Alpine body wrap and massage* On request breakfast or dinner servedin your room at no supplement* 3 nights in an apartmenttype 2 (68 m2)* Including the Interalpen-Standard packagePer person in a double room from € 730Special Arrangement98
  6. 6. Until 1 April 2013Pure relaxationPampered from head to toe: A care-fully prepared bath revitalises andinstils new energy; you can choosefrom the cold relief bath, whey bathor Tirolean rock oil bath. A stimulat-ing massage of the reflexology pointson your feet and ankles will restoreyour inner balance.* 1 individual massage (50 minutes)* 1 reflexology foot massage(25 minutes)* 1 Alpine bath treatment of yourchoice (excludes plasma bath)* 3 nights in an apartmenttype 2 (68 m2)* Including the Interalpen-Standard luxury packagePrice per person ina double room from € 718Until 1 April 2013Short but sweet­relaxation Nothing induces such deep relax­ation as a treatment on a water bed.While your body wrap works itsmagic, you relax on a bed of pleas-antly warm water without gettingwet!* 1 evening primrose oil or Cleopatrabody wrap on the water bed(35 minutes)* 1 individual massage (25 minutes)* 1 reflexology foot massage(25 minutes)* 3 nights in an apartmenttype 4 (45 m2)* free upgrade according to­availability* Including the Interalpen-Standard luxury packagePrice per person ina double room from € 654Spa PackageThe sauna villageoffers so many waysto relax.On request a sauna master will help you get thebest from your sauna or steam bath visit.WellbeingOur Alm and Salt saunas havebeen completely renovated and nowmeet the highest standards of designand technology. The Interalpen-­HotelTyrol’s sauna masters are particularlyproud of the salt sauna: illuminatedsalt bricks on the walls store up energyover several hours and release infra-red heat. Time spent in this sauna pro-motes relaxation, improves your wellbeing and strengthens your immunesystem. The Alm sauna is a Finnishsauna in classical sense: maintainedat temperatures of 95 –100 °C it isideal for “pouring ceremonies”. In ad-dition to a state of the art ventilationsystem, two windows provide freshmountain air and an excellent oxygensupply.The sauna village has several otherplaces where you can enjoy somepleasant heat. The highlights include aTirolean bake house, where the aromaof freshly baked bread fills the air asyou enjoy the 60 °C heat. The mod-erate temperatures of the Bio saunaare ideal for your first experience ofa sauna, to allow your body to accli-matise to the beneficial heat. The twosteam baths (herbal steam bath and aprecious stone grotto) maintain a moremoderate temperature than the sau-nas and the humid air soothes yourairways.If you prefer, one of our sauna mas-ters will instruct you in the secretsof the most beneficial sauna session,during which he will enhance yoursauna experience by pouring fragrantinfusions onto the coals and circulat-ing the air.During your sauna, pamper yourskin with honey, olive oil, salt, yoghurtor other products. After a sauna orsteam bath it is a special pleasureto wade through the delightfully re-freshing Kneipp hydrotherapy stream,which meanders through the saunavillage. And afterwards why not relaxand restore your energy on a day bedin our spacious Spa area.We predicta warm winterAlm sauna and salt sauna modernised.Our sauna village is an oasis of tranquillity and warmth.Two particularly relaxing features are the Alm sauna and the Salt sauna.11
  7. 7. Dr.-Hans-Liebherr-Alpenstrasse 1,A-6410 Telfs-Buchen/Seefeld, Tel. +43 (0) 50809-30, Fax +43 (0), www.interalpen.comErstes 5-Sterne-Hotel in Tirol mit Superior-Auszeichnung.DerBetragdesGutscheinskannnichtinbarabgelöstwerden.Bestellnr.: 9874123Gültig bis: 01.01.2011Für meinen Schatzist das Beste nur gut genug.Keine Termine, so lang schlafenwie wir wollen. Frühstück imBett. Anschließend lassen wiruns im Spa verwöhnen. UndAbends wird geschlemmert.Das haben wir uns verdient!Liebe Grüße, Dein Thomas• 3 Übernachtungen im Appartement Typ 2 (68m2)• Inklusive aller Leistungen des Interalpen-Standard sowie ein Tiroler Präsentkorbund 1 Flasche Champagner bei Anreise auf Ihrem Zimmer• eine romantische Pferdekutschenfahrt durch das Wildmoosgebiet (90 min.)• eine Alpine Körperpackung und Massage in unserem 500 m2großen SPA BereichOptional servieren wir das Frühstück oder Abendessen ohne Aufpreis auf dasZimmer.• Anzahl Personen: 2 Personen• Gültig: GanzjährigDie Nächtigungspreise sind für die jeweils günstigste Saison und der angegeben Zimmerkategorie. Bei derWahleiner anderen Saisonzeit muss ein Aufpreis berechnet werden.Zusatzleistungen:Relax Behandlung €112,- (70 min.)Wanderbeine€65,- (45 min.)Tiroler Steinölbad€32,- (15 min.)Leutascher Bergheu €44,- (35 min.)Geschenk-GutscheinEntspannung kurz – aber gut!All inclusiveluxury extrasThe Interalpen-Standard* Lavish breakfast buffet* 6-course à la cartedinner menu* Gala dinner every Sunday* Use of the Interalpen Spa* Daily activity programme* Interalpen shuttle serviceon arrival and departure* Tennis – indoor andoutdoor courts* Library in the hotelreception hall* Internet terminals in thehotel reception hall* High speed internet­connection in yourroom* SkyTV in all rooms* Children under6 stay free ** Childcare for childrenaged 3 upwards* Baby phone* Undergroundgarage parkingMore details about the Interalpen-Standard can be foundat ideasRetail therapyYou will find the perfect gift at our hotel, forChristmas or any other special occasion.It’s always a great pleasure to surprise your loved oneswith a special gift. In our hotel shop you will find an ex­clusive selection of gift ideas: a soft woollen blanket bySteiner 1888, who have been working with high qualitynatural ­materials for more than 120 years; a cushion handfilled with dried herbs by Himmelgrün; exclusive access­ories for the home by Lambert or jewellery decorated withSwarovski gems by Oliver Weber. The range of gifts on ­offerwill surprise and delight you. Another popular gift is an­Interalpen-voucher, with which you can make the gift of astay at the Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol. Just order it online andmake someone very happy!*In parents’ room (excluding suites) including half boardChristmas shopping solved!19 December 2012 to 8 January 2013Christmas and NewYear Highlights19.12. Lindemar – refined music20.12. Christmas spirit with Josip21.12. Josip and Esther22.12. Two of Us – Soul and Jazz23.12. The Hoameligen – traditionaland modern folk music24.12. Christmas Eve traditional­celebrations Christmas Mass at Stams­Cistercian Abbey25.12. Corda e Chordae26.12. Wiltener Sängerknaben(Wilten Boys’ Choir)27.12. Excursion to Innsbruck’s­Nativity Museum Operetta Gala Concert28.12. Fashion Show by Percy Müller29.12. Alfred McCrary30.12. Border-less31.12. New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner New Year’s Eve Ball withparty band Smile Jako’s Clown Expressfor the kids Firework display &midnight buffet1.1. Josip and Esther2.1. First Line Band3.1. Reblaus Trio4.1. Ladies Swing Quartet – sophisti­cated musical entertainment5.1. Live music by Inside Out6.1. Josip7.1. Fashion show by Markus Zednik8.1. Excursion to SwarovskiCrystal WorldsThe HighlightsWhere Christmaswishes come trueChristmas and NewYearWhen winter takes hold in the Tirolean Alps, there is nobetter place to be a guest than in the Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol.And Christmas is a particularly magical time.Enjoy some peace and quiet in therun up to the festive season and taketime to recharge your batteries. Idyl­lic rambles in the snow, long eveningsin front of a roaring fire and visits totraditional Christmas markets cannotfail to put you in a celebratory mood.The hotel looks radiant in the glow ofcountless candles and beautifully dec­orated Christmas trees. We invite youmost cordially to spend a peaceful andhappy Christmas with us.We say farewell to the old year withan evening to remember. After an ex­quisite New Year’s Eve dinner menu,you can dance the night away beforewe greet 2013 with a spectacular, mid­night firework display.Look forward to a Christmas andNew Year programme full of highlightsand surprises.12 13
  8. 8. Photography:Interalpen-HotelTyrol,SeefeldOlympiaRegion(pg.15)Don’t miss these highlights from our events and enter-tainment programme.We are here to help you!Our reservations team will be delighted to put together anindividual offer for you:Telephone +43 (0) 50809-31281All hotel rates, offers and events can be found on ourwebsite:www.interalpen.comBooking Information for package dealsWe ask for your understanding that packages cannot be changed or combined.Package prices are shown with the relevant season. If you extend your stay theappropriate list rate per night will be charged. Supplement for south facing roomsis € 20 per person and night. Supplement for Lodge rooms is € 30 per person andnight. Subject to change.Please leave a review of ourhotel on HolidayCheck and tripadvisorHighlights of the Region18. to 20.12.2012Mountain Christmas FestivalA musical celebration of the fes-tive season with ­Christmas choirsand Tirolean brass bandmusic. The highlight is a Christ-mas gala concert starring the­acclaimed Nockalm Quintet.26. and 27.01.2013Seefeld Snow FestivalSeefeld’s pedestrian zone playshost to musical entertainmentand culinary treats. Snow barsat Seefeld’s restaurants and­traditional snow figures add tothe festive fun.02. and 03.02.20133rd Seefeld KristallzauberA fantastic concert evening inSeefeld’s Kurpark. ShowmanGregor Glanz provides the enter-tainment along with star guestsfrom all over the world.JanuaryA Russian ChristmasWe welcome an impressive Don Cossack Choir accompa-nied by Klaus Jürgen Spannhoff on guitar. Look forward toa wonderful evening in the Andreas-Hofer Ballroom.FebruaryFasching (carnival) children’s programmeCelebrate carnival time with a fun and imaginative Fasch-ing party. The Tipsi Club team are on hand to help ouryounger guests with their costumes.MarchEasterTime to take a welcome break. Enjoy a musical evening inCafé Wien, visit the Cistercian Abbey at Stams or go on atraditional Easter egg hunt with the family.June11th Interalpen-GolfTrophyA highlight of the golf season: In June Seefeld-WildmoosGolf Club hosts a scramble tournament as a warm up eventfollowed by a Stableford competition against handicap.July11th Interalpen-Cabriolet RallyTake some scenic and sociable tours along Alpine roadsand passes through Tirol’s mountain scenery.AugustChildren’s Summer FestivalA week of fun, games and parties. The festival theme isstill under wraps, but our younger guests can expect don-key rides, body painting and a bouncy castle.September5th Interalpen-Classic Car DaysClassic car enthusiasts get together to swap experiencesand enjoy road trips to the Tirol’s beautiful tourist attrac-tions.SeptemberTirolean Autumn FestivalLook forward to some top entertainment with live music, atraditional costume fashion show by Gössl and a ­convivialmorning with beer and music. The highlight is a cookingevent with Tirolean specialities.02.04.2013 to 02.05.2013Hotel closing datesAs part of our programme of improvements to ensure­continued high quality, we will unfortunately be closed forrenovations on these dates.Interalpen-Calendar 2012/2013Interalpen-MagazinPlease noteGreat prospectsfor 2013All kinds of events feature on the­Interalpen-CalendarVisit the Interalpen-HotelTyrol –via the internet!For many people looking forward to a holiday, their travel plansbegin on the internet, so the Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol has ex-panded its online service.You can now plan and book your holiday via the Interalpen-­Hotel Tyrol website. Just enter your desired dates and let the­intuitive booking menu be your guide.You can also see other guests’ personal experiences of the­Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol through social media: be informed andinspired by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and our newblog.Interalpen onlineAugustSeptemberJanuaryFebruary / MarchJune / July1514
  9. 9. Dr.-Hans-Liebherr-Alpenstrasse1, A-6410 Telfs-Buchen/SeefeldTel. + 43 (0) 50809-30, Fax + 43 (0) 50809-37190,