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Returning to the Personal Shopping Experience


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In this infographic you will learn more reasons why focusing on personal buyer interactions is more powerful than any online click-to-order.

Today's headlines shout that malls are closing and brick-and-mortar shopping is in a steep decline, with predictions that more than 19% of retail sales will be online by 2020. Traditional shopping experiences continue to enjoy unique advantages over online shopping. For example, four out of five customers still want to experience a product before they buy-to see it, touch it, try it-an impossible task for ecommerce.

Some Key Takeaways:

• Four out of Five shoppers want to see, touch, and try products before they buy.
• Buyers appreciate and expect engaging in-store shopping experiences.
• Shoppers now demand online-like conveniences in brick-and-mortar stores.

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Returning to the Personal Shopping Experience

  1. 1. Returning to the Personal Experience of Shopping Returning to the Personal Experience of Shopping Creating a personalized shopping experienceCreating a personalized shopping experience Interaction between sales personnel and the customer is vital But 79% of retailers still lack a “single view of a customer”3 39% of shoppers are more likely to share personal data in-store than online2 A frictionless shopping experienceA frictionless shopping experience Data enhances the customer experience and reduces friction of shoppers that access additional information about an item via a smart phone still purchase in-store2 of online shoppers want to buy from a store that provides online conveniences1 45% 64% 84% of customers shop at places they are familiar with1 61% say that they are loyal to brands they like3 More than 50% of today’s shoppers do not trust online reviews1 Where everyone knows your nameWhere everyone knows your name Brick-and-mortar retail should be focused on delivering a consistent experience across each of its outlets Think brick-and-mortar retail is crumbling? Consumers might disagree. Here’s why shopping’s gone ‘social’ again, and how retailers can capitalize on it. Shopping is about the experienceShopping is about the experience 84% are looking for expertise from sales personnel1 78% want to see it, touch it, try it1 +80% of shoppers prefer the immediacy of in-store experiences1 Want to learn how NEC retail technology provides near-time and intuitive store data, arms your team with essential customer information, and provides your customers with a frictionless shopping experience? Visit us at 1 Pew Research. Online Shopping and E-Commerce. December 2016. 2 NEC / Frost & Sullivan. Leveling the Playing Fields: Leveraging Brick and Mortar Advantages to Compete with eCommerce. July 2016. 3 PWC. Total Retail 2017: 10 Retailer Investments for an Uncertain Future. 2017.