A UCaaS/Hybrid RFP: What Can Cloud Providers Deliver?


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This year's Enterprise Connect RFP workshop will be dedicated to Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) offerings, in "pure" form and in a hybrid with premises systems. Workshop leader Dave Stein of Stein Technology Group consulting will once again craft a mock RFP for communications service for a medium-sized enterprise, but this year will seek responses from UCaaS providers, so as to provide a deep dive on the state of the art in UCaaS features, functions, and pricing. Enterprise Connect Orlando 2016 attendees will receive both a detailed view on how to write an RFP for UCaaS services, and will see the responses provided by major players in this space. You'll come away from this workshop with a rich supply of documentation, as well as a detailed description and discussion that will help you understand how mature today's UCaaS services are; how they stack up against each other; to what extent they may transform your communications environment; and how providers can support migration and hybrid strategies.

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A UCaaS/Hybrid RFP: What Can Cloud Providers Deliver?

  1. 1. Enterprise Communications Platform A UCaaS/Hybrid RFP: What Can Cloud Providers Deliver? March 7, 2016 David Stein Stein Technology Consulting Group dave@steintechconsult.com www.steintechconsult.com
  2. 2. My Background • Independent Consultant for >23 years – Member of Society of Communications Technology Consultants (SCTC) and BC Strategies – Contributor to nojitter.com and UC Strategies • IT Infrastructure – Business Communications (Voice, UC), Physical Plant, Wireless, Data Center, Networking • End-User Orientation • Technology Lifecycle: Stein Technology Consulting 2
  3. 3. New for This Year? • New Vendors and Solutions • Eliminated Premises-only solutions • Cloud and Hybrid • Expanded Panel session Stein Technology Consulting 3
  4. 4. Session Agenda • Introduction – Session Objectives – Quick Overview of RFP – Observations and Findings • Break ~ 2:45 - 3:15 • Vendor review • Panel Q&A Stein Technology Consulting 4
  5. 5. Q & A No question cards this year… We will take questions from the floor, so jot them down as they come to you and we’ll get to them later! Stein Technology Consulting 5
  6. 6. Session Objectives • Enhance understanding of leading Hybrid and Cloud IP Telephony System/UC offerings through a review and analysis of RFP responses • Discuss highlights, new offerings, and differentiators of vendor offerings: – IP telephony systems, UC, Management, Mobility • Provide guidance for system pricing, TCO • Rankings • Panel Discussion + Q&A Stein Technology Consulting 6
  7. 7. Premises/Private Cloud • Classic Capex model • Frequently Lowest Cost – Stable – Operationally Competent • PBX Replacement – Familiar to staff – Control
  8. 8. Cloud
  9. 9. Cloud Characteristics • Opex Model • Flexibility • SMB • Operation is not core competence or strategic – ‘Outsource model’
  10. 10. Today - Hybrid
  11. 11. Hybrid Defined
  12. 12. Hybrid Defined ‘a thing made by combining two different elements; a mixture’
  13. 13. Hybrid Use Cases – Geographic/Distribution Models • Large Offices – Premises Based • Small or Remote Offices – Cloud Based – Increased Reliability – Enhanced Feature Delivery
  14. 14. Hybrid Remote Office #1 (200 users) HQ – 1680 users Remote Office #2 (50 users) Private Cloud Internet PSTN Remote Office #3-10 (10 users ea)
  15. 15. Additional Information • Model: • 100% Users: Voice + UC • Still have Phones • Emphasis on Management, Mobility and Conferencing • Summary analysis will likely be published on nojitter.com dave@steintechconsult.com Stein Technology Consulting 15
  16. 16. Collaboration Stein Technology Consulting 16
  17. 17. Useful Definition Stein Technology Consulting 17 Collaboration software enables the sharing, processing and management of files, documents and other data types among several users and/or systems. Collaboration software is primarily designed to enhance productivity within a group of individuals and, more specifically, within organizations.
  18. 18. Why do an RFP? • Changing environment – The growth of cloud and hybrid-based solutions – The importance of channel partners – Industry consolidation – Potential lack of in-house knowledge – Vendor pricing models • The RFP remains the most effective way for enterprises to evaluate the appropriate solutions against their stated requirements. Stein Technology Consulting 18
  19. 19. Why do an RFP? • No one knows it all (Enterprise, Consultant, Vendor) Stein Technology Consulting 19
  20. 20. Project Statistics • Issued RFP 58 pages + pricing sheets • Average Vendor Response 118 pages (ranging from 75 pages to 211 pages) & 17.9 Mbytes (ranging from 6.1 MB to 45.6 MB) • Totaling 825 pages and 153 MB Stein Technology Consulting 20
  21. 21. Stein Technology Consulting 21 Current Enterprise Connect Network Remote Office #1 (200 users) Current EC 2016 Network Configuration HQ – 1680 users Remote Office #2 (50 users) Private Cloud Internet PSTN Remote Office #3-10 (10 users ea)
  22. 22. RFP Requirements (1) • Single system image for software feature operations, systems management admin • Emphasis on redundant/resilient architecture – No single point of failure via Cloud and/or hybrid Stein Technology Consulting 22
  23. 23. RFP Requirements (2) • Desktop telephone instrument models: Basic (Public); Standard, Advanced, Softphone, conference and Operator Console • Unified Messaging (Exchange 2010 Integration) • Systems Management: full function, including provisioning, basic analytics, VoIP monitoring and measurements Stein Technology Consulting 23
  24. 24. RFP Requirements (3) Stein Technology Consulting 24 Description Wall/Public (Basic) IP Phone Conference Phone Standard IP Phone Advanced IP Phone PC Attendant Console Analog (Re-use Existing phones provided by EC) HQ Quantity (1750 users) 25 25 1,450 173 2 25 RO # 1 Quantity (200 users) 5 5 124 35 1 10 RO #2 Quantity (50 users) 0 3 40 2 0 5 RO #3-10 (10 users each) 0 1 8 0 0 1
  25. 25. RFP Requirements (4) Stein Technology Consulting 25 (Many UC users) Unified Communications Client, including User Profile, Presence, Instant Messaging, Social Network functions, and Click-to-Communicate 2000 (All employees) • Ability for all employees to participate in peer-to-peer secure instant messaging. • Ability to expand to group instant messaging from peer-to-peer session. • Ability to add or close media types from IM session or UC Client session interface. • Ability to see presence within defined groups and also across all employees, and launch communications from that presence indication: IM, voice, video, and/or sharing. • Ability to search based on range of terms and criteria to find qualified, available (presence) employees for consultation. • Ability for these functions to be available from e-mail client. Conferencing Busy Hour sessions: 200 voice 133 voice/app sharing 67 video/app sharing Proportional for each location: (HQ/RO#1/RO#2) 500 hosts 2,000 (all) participants • Ability to join a multi-party (up to 25 participants) conference session using an IP software-based client with any combination of voice, video, desk/apps sharing, and IM. • Ability to initiate conference both via a scheduled conference and through ad-hoc addition of other parties to an in-progress peer-to-peer UC session or an established conference. • Room video systems are excluded from this RFP although proof of the ability to add them or integrate with them for consistent call control should be available • Users able to join voice conference via IP client (softphone – wired or wireless) or telephone • Users able to join voice/document sharing conference by telephone (PSTN, Cellular, on-system) in parallel with doc sharing. • Ability to invite external (non-user, non-employee) participants into any conference; appropriate client will be downloadable as part of meeting invitation. • Support for both scheduled and ad-hoc conferences.
  26. 26. RFP Requirements (5) Stein Technology Consulting 26 Mobile Communications Smartphone Client and Softphone Client: 1125 users • Management and others (525 users) will use mobile devices (smart phones and/or tablets (user brand preference)) for presence, IM, voice (preferably VoIP; cell voice OK as option). Optionally, these users may use mobile devices for doc sharing and video calls. Presence should be location aware depending on device functionality. • Sales and Service (600 users) will not have desk phones; will use mobile phone for all communications. • Mobile clients should have Wi-Fi option if device supports Wi-Fi • Signaling and media must be encrypted (i.e. no VPN should be required) UC Function User Quantity Use Case Examples Communication-Enabled Business Processes and/or Comm-enabled Portals 600 users Staff for logistics, back office, administration, etc... will use communications embedded into their business application software (assume Windows PC desktop) with wired headset for private audio. Embedded communication client will include presence (for relevant co-workers or federated suppliers/partners), IM, voice, screen sharing or video, with click-to-communicate from application data fields. (Cannot assume the application will be a web browser with tagged fields). Communication-Enabled Workspaces 500 users • Management, Research (roles), and Sales (roles) will be able to communicate via click-to- communicate to any workspace participant from within project and client workspace software products, such as Microsoft SharePoint or IBM Quickr. • All employees must be able to utilize presence and UC click-to-communicate functions from within the leading enterprise social networking products. Federation 2000 users • UC solution must be able to federate with enterprise UC solutions of other brands and with public UC solutions (as specified below).
  27. 27. RFP Requirements (6) • Robust Unified Communications – Presence, IM, Mobility, Conferencing • Functional Call Flow Scenarios • Turnkey Installation • Trunking moved to Cloud Stein Technology Consulting 27
  28. 28. RFP Requirements (7) One-Time Costs – Hardware, Licenses, Professional Services (Install, Training, PM, Shipping, Tax, etc...) – Maintenance on equipment • Recurring Costs - MRC - Support Stein Technology Consulting 28
  29. 29. in the RFP • Contact Center • Multiple UC scenarios – Softphone/Mobile only – Partial UC for user base • Room-based Video • Internal WAN (Vendor circuit to premise is included) • Long-Distance Charges Stein Technology Consulting 29 Not
  30. 30. Key Observations (I) The ‘Obvious’ for 2016: • Vendor attention and resources on the Cloud • Continued dominance of Android and iOS platforms for mobility offerings (A little bit of Windows) • Everyone has a the ability to provide a highly reliable and secure system (with some variances!) • Significant positive activity in the development of UC offerings – Live in Outlook or Vendor Client. (This RFP didn’t require Team Collaboration – see my session Tuesday at 8 a.m.) • Voice differentiators are narrower • Prices decreased 2016 vs. 2015 Stein Technology Consulting 30
  31. 31. Key Observations (2) The ‘Not so Obvious’ for 2016: • Not every vendor has every feature you may want (Still!) • Gap in UC capabilities among the respondents still notable in areas • Management/Analytics offerings have significant differences Stein Technology Consulting 31
  32. 32. Key Observations (3) Speaking of Management Stein Technology Consulting 32
  33. 33. Key Observations (4) • Significant differences still exist in vendor solutions (Architecture, E911, UC, Operator, Management, $) • Notable variances in Professional Services Approach and Costs • Incremental Changes in responses as compared to other years (Innovation stall?) Stein Technology Consulting 33
  34. 34. Comments on Comparisons (1) • Generic RFP informs evaluation results – Your actual results will vary • Product Life Cycle Impact! • Pricing Normalized (as best as possible) • Professional Services are typically provided by partner Stein Technology Consulting 34
  35. 35. Comments on Comparisons (2) Stein Technology Consulting 35 Bundling
  36. 36. Includes UC Standard & Basic UC Desktop  IM/Chat  Presence  Call Control  User Profiles  Device Mgmt  UC Mobile Client Mobility  UC Basic Mobility Video Conferencing  Softphone or  Video Phone Device License  Hard Phone or  Softphone UC Premium UC Standard Includes UC Basic Unified Messaging  Web-based & TUI control  E-mail integration Device License  Hard Phone Basic Standard with over 200 features including:  Device License - Hard Phone  911 Service  Call Waiting  Caller ID  Call Transfer  Call Forward  Tech Support 24x7  Call Accounting  SIP Trunks Licensing Package Add-Ons • Basic Voicemail (TUI Only) • UC Desktop / Mobile Client • UC Basic Mobility • UM Only User • UC Fax • Audio Conferencing • Video Calling Conferencing • Desktop Collaboration Moderator • Video Collaboration Moderator • Mass Notification • Additional End Point Account Add-Ons • Queue Announce • Call Recording • Auto Attendant • Trunk Licenses • Analog Station Licenses • E911 Emergency Response Location (ERL) Carrier Service Add-Ons • MPLS • Packaged Long Distance • New DID Numbers • New Toll Free Numbers • Ported DID Numbers • Ported Toll Free Numbers • Directory Listing • 411 Information Other Fees • Activation Fees • Cancellation Fees
  37. 37. Comments on Comparisons (3) Stein Technology Consulting Category Weight Functional/Technical 50% Architecture 25% Pricing 25% TOTAL 100% 37
  38. 38. Comments on Comparisons (4) – 5-Year TCO Discount Price – Overall (Functional, Architecture, Price) – Functional + Architectural (without price) Stein Technology Consulting 38
  39. 39. Key Elements of Each Proposed Solution Stein Technology Consulting • Architecture - Soft Switch - E911 - Multi-Tenant vs. Multi-Instance - Gateways - Reliability/Failover - Business Continuity • Security • Mobility • Unified Communications • Management and Provisioning • Phones • Product Differentiation • What’s New 39
  40. 40. Stein Technology Consulting 40 BREAK!!! Back at 3:15 (Please)
  41. 41. Stein Technology Consulting 41
  42. 42. NEC Panelist Stein Technology Consulting JP Najar JP currently works as a Systems Architect for NEC Corporation of America in the Cloud Division. JP comes with close to 30 years combined experience in the design of complex telecommunications and IT solutions. He has specializations in Voice Systems, Networking Architecture, and Software Integration, with an early history of Systems Engineering. JP has taken these skills and combined them to support successful efforts in taking NEC to the cloud. With a strong background in design, sales, and engineering, JP concentrates on bringing sophisticated VoIP applications, IVR development solutions, and Call Centers to Unified Cloud Communications for NEC. 42
  43. 43. HQ IP Phone Unified Communications HQ Conference Access Router With FXO PSTN Remote Office 1 IP Phone Unified Communications RO1 Conference Remote Office 2 IP Phone Unified Communications RO2 Conference Access Router With FXO 50Mb 10Mb FXO FXO PSTN MPLS Access Link MPLS Access Link OTT Access Links Proposed Hosted Enterprise Connect Configuration 50 Users – 5Mb and 3Mb MPLS 200 Users – 10Mb and 5Mb MPLS 1,680 Users – 50Mb and 20Mb MPLS Access Router With FXO 20Mb 5Mb 3Mb 5Mb MPLS Access Link MPLS Internet Remote Offices 3 - 10 IP Phone Unified Communications 7 Remote Offices Conference 10 Users – 10Mb OTT circuit Data Center 2 UNIVERGE® BLUE Network Operations Center Carriers Carriers DS3 SIP PRI DS3 SIP PRI Data Center 1 UNIVERGE® BLUE FXOPSTN FXO PSTN
  44. 44. Internet PSTN IP Phones PC’s Private/Public IP Cloud Room VideoRouter SBC/Media GW Unified Msg. (UM8700) Web Collab. (UCMC) Mobile Device Unified Comm (UCM) Distributed Software Architecture | Open and Standards Based | Multi-media Call / Session Management | Media Services | Unified Messaging | Presence | Instant Messaging | Web Collaboration | Federation Services | Native Mobility | Management Communications Devices: • Fixed and Mobile • Wired and Wireless • Hard and Soft Operator Cons. (CCM) Video Devices: • Desktop / individual • Room based / shared • SIP based • Web based UNIVERGE Cloud Services
  45. 45. Internet SIP PSTN Mobile • Unified Communications Manager • Collaboration Meeting Manager • Unified Messaging Phone Router PC’sVideo UCMC Phone Router UCM Mobile PC’s UCM UM Phone Router UCM MobilePC’s Cellular data Cellular data Cellular data HQ Office Remote Office 1 Remote Office 2 Remote Offices 3 -10 SIP trunks UNIVERGE Cloud Services Data Centers UNIVERGE Cloud Services SBC RouterPC’sMobile Phone
  46. 46. UNIVERGE BLUE Security Architecture Certified and Deployed by the US Department of Defense for Mission-Critical Command and Control Applications • User Credentials: User logon is authenticated via single sign- on principles based on the Enterprise / Active Directory profile containing Enterprise security policies such as password complexity and expiration. • Session Security: all sessions including application access and device access are authenticated and encrypted using Transport Layer Security (HTTPs/TLS and SIP/TLS) • Media Security: voice and video media streams are encrypted using secure RTP (sRTP) • Server/Server communications: all inter server communications is encrypted using IP security (IPsec). • Device Management: Web application access, configuration files downloads and firmware file downloads are encrypted using Transport Layer Security (HTTPs/TLS) • Software Integrity: all NEC software components, including server software, client software and device firmware includes a digital signature validated by the platform Operating System • System Integrity: the system has been certified for “Information Assurance” by the US Department of Defense. This comprehensive certification covers reliability, high availability, information integrity and resiliency against denial of service. • Audit logs: system events, including configuration changes, are securely logged to ensure that security violations such as attempted intrusions such as failed password verification, are captured and can be investigated. CM M UC M • UC Clients, • Collaboration Clients, • Application add-ins • UC enabled Web Portals • Softphones • Etc. UC M UC M CM M Enterprise / Active Directory Media Gateway IP Phone UNIVERGE BLUE •Unified Communications Manager •Collaboration Meeting Manager •IPsec •HTTPs •SIP/TL S •sRTP UNIVERGE BLUE UC&C Server Roles UCM CMM Administration Log SIP Trunks
  47. 47. UNIVERGE BLUE Mobile Client UNIVERGE BLUE Mobile Client for iOS and Android – Main Screen
  48. 48. UNIVERGE BLUE - Unified Communications Client with workgroup slider panel open “User” view •Caller ID selection allows a user to choose a caller ID associated with one of their assigned workgroups, or their individually assigned caller ID. •The active call window displays the call(s) that a given user is involved in along with available call actions such as: answer, park/un-park, record, etc. •Workgroup slider panel is opened/closed by the user. •Workgroup calls are listed along with call detail information and available call actions. •WG slider displays all workgroups assigned to the user. The user selects the groups to “expand”. •Active call count is noted by the workgroup name. UC Client Workgroup Services
  49. 49. Web-Based Administration • Allows for common administrative tasks to be completed via a web browser • Multiple users • Uses Web Services • Installs automatically • No additional licensing • Authenticated log in System Server Cloud Tool
  50. 50. Complete Line-Up of SIP Phones DT730G Color Phone Idle Screen DT730 Color Phone Feature Menu Screen DT730G Color Phone Configuration Menu
  51. 51. UT880 Multi-media Tablet Phone Full Capacitive Color Touch Screen Telephone Handset and Hands free operation Suite of Android Apps User selectable interfaces • Traditional telephony oriented • Unified Communications Oriented with mobile softphone extension “portability”
  52. 52. • Blue Essentials – Low-cost, quick-to- quote packages • Simplicity, Business phones made easy UNIVERGE Blue – New in 2015/2016
  53. 53. UNIVERGE Blue – New in 2015/2016 • Enhanced Work Group Functions – Soft work groups • Enhanced support for mobile Softphones • Mobility as a DR Strategy • WIFI/Cellular Data Handoff • Conferencing and Collaboration • Contact Center is fully released – Multi Channel • Universal Queue – Web Chat, Email, Voice, Self Service IVR • End-User Portal and Dealer Portal Enhancements • Project Module, Change Order Module
  54. 54. Product Differentiation • Built on “One NEC” – Utilizes all NEC Intellectual Property • 100 Years of Telecommunications innovation • 40 Years of Leadership integrating Computer and Communications Technologies • Strength in Verticals; Higher Ed, Government etc. migrated to Cloud – crawl, walk, run approach to Cloud • Simple, Reliable, Secure • Enterprise needs High touch. NEC provides this with a strong dealer-centric model • Friendly Pricing Model • UNIVERGE Blue does not charge for Trunks or speech path • Cloud is a key initiative for NEC Global - a $36B Company
  55. 55. NEC Summary Stein Technology Consulting 55 Category Weight RFP Scenario Architecture 25% 24.9 Functional/Tech 50% 47.0 Price (TCO) 25% 25.0 TOTAL 100% 96.9
  56. 56. Stein Technology Consulting 56
  57. 57. 8x8 Panelist Stein Technology Consulting 57 Ramana Gottipati is the Vice President of Product Management at 8x8. In his role, Mr. Gottipati defines the product roadmap for 8x8's unified cloud communications service offerings and leads internal and external teams in the execution of new product development initiatives across mobile and broadband platforms. Mr. Gottipati has over 18 years of product management and marketing experience across software, media and mobile industries. Prior to joining 8x8, Mr. Gottipati worked at Apple and various startups as an executive consultant overseeing strategic mobile, web and e-commerce initiatives. He has also served in leadership roles at RealNetworks and Autodesk, leading the development and implementation of product development, marketing and partnership strategies.
  58. 58. 8x8 redundant core routers 8x8 redundant core routers 8x8 customer PBX, core call flow processing and backup servers MPLS/ Private Cloud Internet NNI Remote Office #3-10 10 users ea Internet/Cloud connect OTT Circuit Internet 10 Mbps HQ 1680 users Remote Office #1 200 users Remote Office #2 50 users QoS Router Customer-provided Switch IP Phones Customer/End-user provided computers, mobile devices QoS Router IP Phones Customer/End-user provided computers, mobile devices IP Phones Customer/End-user provided computers, mobile devices 8x8 Proposed Configuration PSTN Customer-provided PSTN Gateway Customer-provided Switch Customer-provided PSTN Gateway
  59. 59. Industry-Leading Security & Compliance • Cloud Security Alliance • SIP over TLS and SRTP available • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 • Cyber Essentials Plus • HIPAA • FISMA • PCI-DSS • EU Safe Harbor • UK Government Authority to Operate • UK Government G-Cloud
  60. 60. 8x8 Mobile Client • Business features – Park, Recording, Call Flip • Video calling • Media inbox • Extension setting control • Outbound Caller ID • Presence & Instant message • WiFi, 3G, 4G, Cellular Redirect • Corporate directory, local contacts • Supports iOS and Android devices Gain flexibility and avoid excessive roaming charges iPad
  61. 61. 8x8 Integrated IP Softphone and UC Desktop Client Integrated Directory/Presence Click-to-Chat/Call Continuous Communications all in one integrated application Business Capabilities Park, Record, Fax Escalate to video call or web conference
  62. 62. 8x8 Unified Administration (Account Manager)
  63. 63. Phones Polycom VVX 201 Polycom VVX 310 Polycom VVX 500 Polycom IP 6000
  64. 64. 8x8 PC Attendant Console 8x8 Switchboard Pro with softphone functionality 8x8 Queue Board with Virtual Office Analytics
  65. 65. What’s New from 8x8 New Features & Enhancements • Barge-Monitor-Whisper • Hot Desk • Group Call Pickup • BLF Call Park • Virtual Office mobile app – Android • Switchboard Pro enhancements • Virtual Office Analytics enhancements New Supported Endpoints • Polycom VVX 201/101 • Panasonic KX-TGP600 DECT • Yealink T23P/G • Yealink W52p DECT
  66. 66. Global Reach Network Guaranteed Reliability and Uptime Local Numbers for Global Companies Superior Security and Compliance Big Data Analytics End-to-End SLA Robust Application Integrations Elite Touch Deployment Methodology 45,000 Customers | 100+ Countries | 100+ Million Calls Monthly Enterprise-Grade Cloud Communications
  67. 67. 8x8 Summary Stein Technology Consulting 67 Category Weight RFP Scenario Architecture 25% 23.0 Functional/Tech 50% 39.0 Price (TCO) 25% 21.5 TOTAL 100% 83.5
  68. 68. Stein Technology Consulting 68
  69. 69. 6969 System Architecture Dialpad, built in the cloud from the ground up ● Over 1 billion minutes ● 7 DCs (media) in 4 continents ● Worldwide termination ● 12x Carrier Partners ● Origination in 60+ countries ● SMB to ENT get same service
  70. 70. Security Enterprise Security Measures Stein Technology Consulting 70 ● Media hosted in world-class data centers with ISO 27001 and SOC 3 compliance ● Customer & application data hosted in Google App Engine ● Authorization through OAuth, data sent via HTTPS, SSL, TLS ● MPLS direct connections for enhanced security and quality ● Regular vulnerability scans and failover events
  71. 71. 7171 Unified Communications Client Dialpad ● Communications for the modern, mobile worker ● 1 number rings all devices (PC, mobile, desktop) ● Integrated with Google Apps & O365 (view Gmail messages, Drive docs, Calendar invites & launch Hangouts) ● Switch between devices/ connections (internet & mobile network)
  72. 72. 7272 Mobile Clients Dialpad Android and iOS
  73. 73. 7373 Provisioning Administration
  74. 74. 7474 Obihai Model 1032
  75. 75. 7575 Unified Communications Client UberConference ●Easy to Join oNo PINs on Dial In oDial Out to Participants ●100 People via Phone or Web ●See Who’s There, Talking ●Lock, Record, Evict, Mute
  76. 76. What’s New from Dialpad Fax solution – Ability to send fax from your Switch number Integration with Office 365- Google App Engine, WebRTC Enterprise SKU - add context to your communications
  77. 77. Product Differentiation People-first approach - built for modern employees, admins, IT Born in the Cloud - Google App Engine, WebRTC Remarkably Simple - add/move/manage offices, employees, and locations Connect Anything - Open framework for productivity apps Enterprise Quality and Security - Secure HD quality communications Transparent Pricing - no hidden cost
  78. 78. Sprint Dialpad Summary Stein Technology Consulting 78 Category Weight RFP Scenario Architecture 25% 23.8 Functional/Tech 50% 31.0 Price (TCO) 25% 21.2 TOTAL 100% 76.0
  79. 79. Stein Technology Consulting 79
  80. 80. Masergy Panelist Stein Technology Consulting Dean Manzoori is Vice President of Product Management - UCaaS at Masergy, a managed networking and cloud services provider. He brings over 25 years of telecommunications experience in a variety of roles including operational management, strategic planning and business development. Combining his experience in communications technology and passion for innovation, Dean co-founded Broadcore to bring advanced communications capabilities to enterprises globally. Broadcore was acquired by Masergy in July 2012. In his current role Dean is responsible for developing and executing Unified Communications strategies to meet or exceed short-term and long-range corporate objectives. He holds a BSEE from CSU, Long Beach with Great Distinction and an MBA from Pepperdine University. 80
  81. 81. Masergy Architecture 81
  82. 82. Scalable Enterprise UCaaS 82 Extensiblefunctionality Scalable in size SMB Multi-Location Enterprise Telephony Unified Messaging IM & Presence Video Conferencing Mobility WebRTC Web Collaboration Future Applications A Full Stack of Customized Cloud Communications Services  Enterprise Class Unified Communications  Call Center  UCaaS Analyst  Call Recording  Communications Enabled Business Process (APIs)  Intelligent SIP Trunking  Hybrid Deployment Solutions
  83. 83. Masergy Voice Architecture 83  Best of breed and globally available  Built on industry-leading BroadSoft BroadWorks platform  Embedded into high-performance network with: – 100% in-sequence packet delivery – Latency metrics guaranteed per route (POP to POP) – Jitter < 1ms (POP to POP) – Fast-Failover < 1s – End-to-End Service Availability Guarantee – Proactive Customer Notification < 5 minutes  Enables consistent services with unsurpassed user experiences worldwide
  84. 84. Stein Technology Consulting 84 Security • Designed for premises, cloud, and hybrid networks • Integrated architecture with sharing of data between subsystems • Patented network behavioral analysis and correlation • Automated correlation between vulnerability scanner and IDS/ IPS subsystems • Technology delivered as a 24/7 managed security service
  85. 85. Mobile Client 85 Desktop iPhone Android
  86. 86. UCaaS Hybrid Delivery Model 86 Intelligent SIP Trunking UCaaS  HD Voice  BYOD features  CRM integration  Web collaboration  Detailed analytics  Disaster recovery  Instant Messaging  Mobility  Presence  One inbox  Video calling  Lifetime support …integrated into Masergy's high- performance managed cloud network platform Cloud UC, Global UCaaS Strategic business communications with hybrid delivery models SIP trunks or a hybrid of both…
  87. 87. Web Admin Portal 87
  88. 88. UCaaS Analyst 88 Unique Cloud-Based Application for Real-time UC Analytics  End-to-end UC performance visibility across WAN infrastructure  Unlimited monitoring of endpoints for all subscribed users and services  Manage, filter and analyze data into actionable insights to reduce time to resolution
  89. 89. Phones 89 VVX 300/310 VVX 400/410 VVX 500 VVX 600 SoundStation IP 7000 VVX Expansion Modules
  90. 90. What’s New 90 • Skype for Business Integration - Users have the option of using S4B with our Hosted PBX service • Virtual Meeting Room - a secured collaboration space where people can meet at any time. VMR offers multiple video conferencing participants incredible interoperability from anywhere, on any device leveraging WebRTC technology • Visual Automated Attendant - enables real-time customer interactions directly from any Web page by leveraging WebRTC and bypassing the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) altogether • Dialer for Chrome - Free Chrome extension with built in integration with Salesforce.com and other popular CRMs • UCaaS Analyst – Web-based call quality measuring tool. Provides MOS on every call along with forensic information including Packet Loss, Jitter, Latency, and CODEC • Flexible Seating Assignment - A zero-cost Hoteling option where a phone can be used by several users • Voicemail transcription email with links to allow saving or deleting messages from the Telephone User Interface and controlling the Message Waiting Light on the telephone
  91. 91. Differentiators 91  Fully-customizable global UC with hosted, SIP trunking and hybrid deployment options  Integrated communications from any device  Strategic consultation that future proofs your business communications  Customized integration with leading CRMs  Global service availability  Industry-leading global SLA  Single point of contact 24/7 with proactive monitoring  Built-in disaster recovery with auto failover  Lifetime warranty and support for all hardware Engineering expertise and consultation Unified Communications as a Service Intelligent SIP Trunking Custom Deployment Strategy
  92. 92. Masergy Summary Stein Technology Consulting 92 Category Weight RFP Scenario Architecture 25% 24.5 Functional/Tech 50% 46.3 Price (TCO) 25% 23.6 TOTAL 100% 94.4
  93. 93. Stein Technology Consulting 93
  94. 94. Sprint Panelist Stein Technology Consulting 94 Joseph Martin has been the Director, National Solutions Engineering, supporting Enterprise Solutions. Joe has led teams that provided advanced solution engineering sales support for wireline and wireless solutions across all business sales channels and segments, including Small and Mid-Market, Enterprise, Public Sector, Federal, Wholesale, and Alternate Channels for stand- alone and integrated solutions. Joe leads groups of Tier 2 solution engineers and pre-sales program managers that support business sales efforts around Mobility and Fixed Wireless including Sprint LTE+; Android, iOS, MS operating systems; Location-Based Services; 3rd party applications; Sprint Data Link; Enterprise Messaging; and including all wireless devices and form factors. A dedicated contact center in Denver has been managed for managed customer trials (“Try-Buy”) and solution sales help desk functions.
  95. 95. 9595 System Overview and Architecture Cisco HCS Architecture
  96. 96. Cisco HCS Internal Architecture
  97. 97. Outbound Survivability
  98. 98. Stein Technology Consulting 98 Security
  99. 99. 9999 Cisco Jabber Mobile Clients Jabber for iPhone Jabber for Android
  100. 100. Jabber for Windows - UC
  101. 101. 101101 Provisioning and Management
  102. 102. 102102 PHONES Basic Advanced Conferencing
  103. 103. What’s New 103 • Cisco Expressway – Used to enable Remote Jabber users without the need for a VPN Client • Additional Features: Such as Persistent Chat, Hybrids with Cisco Spark (Cloud IM/P, HCS Voice/PSTN), newer IP Phones and Gateways etc.
  104. 104. Product Differentiation 104 • Cisco HCS has been available for quite a few years and could be considered somewhat mature in the Hosted Cloud space • It is very agile. It supports hybrids and interoperates with the vast majority of 3rd Party equipment and applications (GAfW/SFDC/S4B etc.)
  105. 105. Sprint Business Summary of Proposed HCS Solution Stein Technology Consulting 105 Category Weight RFP Scenario Architecture 25% 23.4 Functional/Tech 50% 45.0 Price (TCO) 25% 18.0 TOTAL 100% 86.4
  106. 106. Stein Technology Consulting 106
  107. 107. Vonage Panelist 107 Jeff Savage Vice President of Enterprise, Vonage Vice President of Enterprise, Jeff Savage joined Vonage upon the Company’s acquisition of Telesphere, where he served as Vice President of Strategic Development. Jeff brings more than 25 years of experience in the communications industry and as an entrepreneur to Vonage’s Enterprise channel, where he is responsible for driving success in migrating businesses with thousands of employees to cloud-based communication solutions. As one of Telesphere’s first employees, Jeff held a number of key positions throughout the company’s growth, playing an integral part in managing inside sales, direct sales, and reseller programs, as well as spearheading the deployment of leading edge, fully hosted UCaaS solutions.
  108. 108. Vonage Architecture 108
  109. 109. Vonage E911 109
  110. 110. QoS for OTT Stein Technology Consulting 110
  111. 111. Vonage takes a holistic approach: The Ten Domains of Security ● Access control systems and methodology ● Telecommunications and networking security ● Business continuity and disaster recovery planning ● Security management practices (governance & risk) ● Security architecture and models ● Laws, investigation, and ethics ● Application and systems development security ● Cryptography ● Operations security ● Physical security Security
  112. 112. Vonage Business Mobile App • Business Identity Called and calling parties see business number • Voicemail Listen to and delete voicemails, return missed calls, view voicemail transcriptions • Directory Check phone activity at office or make one-click calls to colleagues while outside office • Call Log Review call logs, return missed calls and messages • Never Miss a Call Configure away settings and always stay connected • Settings Update profile, call routing preferences, and change active devices
  113. 113. Unified Communications
  114. 114. Provisioning and Management
  115. 115. Provisioning and Management
  116. 116. Provisioning and Management Stein Technology Consulting 116
  117. 117. Stein Technology Consulting 117 Phone Polycom VVX 300
  118. 118. App performance over Cable, DSL and LTE circuits WAN Monitoring • Automatic capacity testing • Continuous link & path quality monitoring App Steering • Aggregate links • App aware per packet steering • Optimal link & path across Internet and private Link Remediation • Error & jitter correction • Automatic steering for brownouts/blackout Dynamic Multi-path Optimization
  119. 119. Application Firewall L7 stateful firewall Cloud Web Security Identity Based Access Control 802.1x authenticated access Automated Monitoring Deep Application Recognition Packet inspection for application recognition Application & Link Visibility Link status and application usage Application Performance Application network performance statistics Security Services Assured WAN Performance Dynamic Multi-Path Optimization Application steering and link remediation Business Policy Application prioritization & network service insertion Comprehensive LAN Services 3rd Party Ecosystem partner apps Zscaler Websense Auto IP Address Management By sites and profiles DHCP, DNS, WLAN… LAN network services Secure Overlay Cloud VPN Auto IPsec VPN between Edges and 3rd party devices Hybrid VPN IPsec VPN and MPLS Product Differentiation
  120. 120. Vonage Summary Stein Technology Consulting 120 Category Weight RFP Scenario Architecture 25% 24.5 Functional/Tech 50% 46.3 Price (TCO) 25% 20.5 TOTAL 100% 91.3
  121. 121. Stein Technology Consulting 121
  122. 122. Sprint Panelist Stein Technology Consulting 122 Joseph Martin has been the Director, National Solutions Engineering, supporting Enterprise Solutions. Joe has led teams that provided advanced solution engineering sales support for wireline and wireless solutions across all business sales channels and segments, including Small and Mid-Market, Enterprise, Public Sector, Federal, Wholesale, and Alternate Channels for stand- alone and integrated solutions. Joe leads groups of Tier 2 solution engineers and pre-sales program managers that support business sales efforts around Mobility and Fixed Wireless including Sprint LTE+; Android, iOS, MS operating systems; Location-Based Services; 3rd party applications; Sprint Data Link; Enterprise Messaging; and including all wireless devices and form factors. A dedicated contact center in Denver has been managed for managed customer trials (“Try-Buy”) and solution sales help desk functions.
  123. 123. 123123 System Overview and Architecture Microsoft SFB Architecture
  124. 124. Stein Technology Consulting 124 Security Skype for Business traffic (both signal and media) is encrypted by using the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol and Secure Real Time Protocol (sRTP)
  125. 125. Mobility
  126. 126. Skype for Business Clients
  127. 127. 127127 Provisioning and Management
  128. 128. 128128 Phones Basic (Polycom VVX 201) Advanced VVX-410 Conferencing CX3000 Standard (Polycom VVX-300)
  129. 129. What’s New 129 The power and simplicity of Skype for Business where it's easy to find and connect with co-workers. Use the devices you already have to reach businesses through an enterprise-grade, secure and managed platform. • New look and feel • Enhanced support for IM, voice and video calls, and online meetings • Enterprise security and authentication is enhanced • Call from Skype for Business using your desk phone for audio • Integration with Office 365 • Quick access to call controls • Emoticons
  130. 130. Product Differentiation 130 • Easy to setup and use • Full Integration with Microsoft Office 365 • Cost-effective pricing plan • Complete Hosted solution • Local and Long Distance included in seat • Skype client available on many devices • Clarity Connect Contact Center Integrated
  131. 131. Sprint Business Summary of Proposed SFB Solution Stein Technology Consulting 131 Category Weight RFP Scenario Architecture 25% 24.3 Functional/Tech 50% 46.1 Price (TCO) 25% 14.8 TOTAL 100% 85.2
  132. 132. Stein Technology Consulting 132 Overall Comparisons
  133. 133. Stein Technology Consulting 133 Weighting Category Weight Functional/Technical 50% Architecture 25% Pricing 25% TOTAL 100%
  134. 134. Overall Pricing Summary (5-year TCO Discount) Stein Technology Consulting 134 2016 TCO Comparisons 8x8 Masergy NEC Vonage Average Sprint Switch Sprint HCS Sprint SFB
  135. 135. Overall Subjective Rankings (including pricing) Stein Technology Consulting 135 83.51% 94.37% 85.20% 86.36% 75.87% 96.90% 91.21% 88% 8x8 Masergy Vonage Average NEC Sprint Switch Sprint HCS Sprint SFB
  136. 136. Overall Subjective Rankings (without pricing) Stein Technology Consulting 136 0.0% 10.0% 20.0% 30.0% 40.0% 50.0% 60.0% 70.0% 80.0% Masergy Average Vonage NEC Sprint HCS Sprint SFB Sprint Switch
  137. 137. Stein Technology Consulting 137 FINAL OBSERVATION
  138. 138. Stein Technology Consulting 138 THANK YOU!!!
  139. 139. Stein Technology Consulting 139 PANEL DISCUSSION
  140. 140. Stein Technology Consulting 140 PANEL • JP Najar – NEC • Ramana Gottipati – 8x8 • Joseph Martin – Sprint • Dean Manzoori – Masergy • Jeff Savage - Vonage
  141. 141. Stein Technology Consulting 141 THANK YOU!!!