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Learning Interactions On Mobile


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This document talks about why & when do we need to use leaning interactions on mobile & what role does interactivity play in mLearning.

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Learning Interactions On Mobile

  1. 1. 8/24/2011LEARNING INTERACTIONS ON MOBILE WHAT WORKS? AND WHEN? Janhavi Padture Harbinger Knowledge Products Demands on mobile Learning “I want it to be SHORT, BUT MEMORABLE” “I want HIGH END, FUN STUFF in mLearning” “I want it to work on DESKTOP AND MOBILE” “I would like to SHARE MY OPINIONS” “I need it to work ACROSS VARIOUS DEVICES “I want INTERACTION, NOT JUST BUTTON CLICKS” Mobile Learning Interactions 1
  2. 2. 8/24/2011 Why Interactivity in mLearning? Tell me and I will forget, Enhances understanding Show me and I may remember, Involve me and I will understand.” Improves retention Creates engagement/hold learner’s attention – greater challenge in mLearning Reduces boredom and tune-outInteractivity will remain a constant and crucial component for effective learning! Mobile Learning InteractionsSpeaking of mLearning interactions… YawnBuster Connect link: Session ID: B419-9EB3 Mobile Learning Interactions 2
  3. 3. 8/24/2011 What are mobile interactions? Used to augment learning on mobile devices Engaging way to present, interact and assess Ability to track progress Examples: interactive diagrams, exercises, games, simulations, videos etc. GamesInteractive exercises Videos Simulations Mobile Learning InteractionsLike it or not, mLearning interactivity is here Mobile Learning Interactions 3
  4. 4. 8/24/2011Challenges facing mobile interaction development External Challenges: • Devices • Screen sizes • Operating Systems (OS) • Browsers • Technologies - Objective C, HTML, Flash, Java • Connectivity/bandwidth • Media formats supported Mobile Learning Interactions What does this all mean? Mobile Learning Interactions 4
  5. 5. 8/24/2011 Tablet Device Differences Feature Apple iPad Motorola HP Blacberry Dell Streak Samsung HP Slate 2.0 Xoom TouchPad Playbook 7 Galaxy Tab 500 Screen 9.7" 10.1 9.7" 7" 7" 7 - 10.1" 8.9" Processor 1 Ghz 1 GHz 1.2 GHz 1 GHz 1GHz 1GHz 1.86 GHz Storage Upto 64 GB 32 GB Upto 64 GB Upto 64 GB Up to 32GB Up to 32 64 GB GB Battery Life 10 hours 10 hours 8+ hours 7 hours 4 hours 10 hours 5+ hours Build-in Hardware Keyboard Multitasking Yes Yes Yes Adobe Flash No Yes Yes Yes 10.1 Yes 10.1 Yes 10.1 Yes Built-in Camera Yes 720p Yes 5 MP Yes 1.3 MP Yes 5 MP Yes 5MP Yes 3 MP Yes 3MP OS iOS4 Android 3.0 HP WebOS Blackberry Android 2.2 Android 3.1 Win Phone Tablet OS (Froyo) 7 Resolution 1024x768 1280x800 1024x768 1024x600 800x480 1280x800 1024X600 Browsers Safari Webkit HP Webkit Webkit Webkit Internet based Touchpad based based based Explorer browser based Mobile Learning Interactions SmartPhone Device Differences Samsung Motorola Blackberry Blackberry Galaxy S Pro iPhone4 Droid X Droid Nexus One Nokia N900 Bold 9700 Storm 2 9550Processor 1GHz 1 GHz 1GHz 600MHz 1 GHz 600MHz 624 MHz 528 MHzMemory 512MB 512MB 512MB 256 MB 512MB 256 MB 256 MB 256 MB UptoStorage Upto 32GB Upto 32GB 32GB Upto 32GB Upto 32GB Upto 32GB Upto 32GB Upto 32GBScreen Size 4" 3.5" 4.3" 3.7" 3.7" 3.5" 2.44" 3.25"Resolution 800x480 960x640 854X480 854X480 800x480 800x480 480x360 480x360Camera 5 MP 5 MP 8 MP 5 MP 5 MP 5 MP 3.2 MP 3.2 MP AndroidOS Android 2.3 iOS 2.2 Android 2.2 Android 2.1 Maemo 5 Blackberry Blackberry3G Yes Yes YesFlash Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Android Android AndroidBrowser Webkit Safari Webkit Webkit Webkit Webkit Mobile Learning Interactions 5
  6. 6. 8/24/2011 Evolving market place • Mobile OS space is fragmented Market Share of Mobile OS Market Share (%) fromFeb - Apr 2011 37 27 22 9 3 2 Android Apple RIM Blackberry Windows Palm Symbian • Internet Connection speed dependent on location and Carrier’s network . (Only Sprint and Verizon have 4G networks with 4G coverage in limited areas) • Technology Debate • Native vs. Web apps • Flash vs. HTML5 Mobile Learning Interactions What is the Business Case?• Do you want cross platform delivery?• Do you need to create once, deploy anywhere?• Will you know the mobile devices your learners carry?• Is Bandwidth/connectivity predictable?• Is there lot of media to be delivered?• Will it be resource intensive?• Do you need sophisticated visual effects?• Is it important to create content without relying on proprietary software or native apps? Mobile Learning Interactions 6
  7. 7. 8/24/2011 Native vs. Web Apps Native WebDevelopment environment Platform dependent. Platform independentInternet Connectivity Not required RequiredDeployment has to be installed/ n/a (updates propogate downloaded immediately)Speed Fast SlowerRich media compatibility Fewer issues Limited by Audio/video support inconsistencies within browsersContent searchable on web No YesAnimation development More sophisticated, by Good, but less flexibility accessing core animation framework using native codeCross platform compatibility Must be developed for can be achieved each platform relatively easily using separately Mobile Learning Interactions Native or Web App? Cross platform compatibility? Web Performance & speed is Native critical? Native vs. Internet Web Connectivity Web predictable? Resource intensive/high Native bandwidth utilization? Mobile Learning Interactions 7
  8. 8. 8/24/2011 HOT TOPIC: Flash vs. HTML5 OR Mobile Learning Interactions Why the hype? iPads/iPhones of course!But… besides that:• Fairly easy – just an extension of HTML & JS• No special software or plug-ins needed• Better interactivity and layout control than HTML• Could give Flash the run for the money Mobile Learning Interactions 8
  9. 9. 8/24/2011 Flash may not be going anywhere anytime soon…But before dismissing Flash here are some statistics: – 1.2 billion mobile phones are Flash capable – Android sales surpassed iOS for first time in 2011 – 20+ tablets coming in 2011, many support Flash – 98% percent of Internet-enabled desktops use it – 85% of top 100 websites use Flash Mobile Learning Interactions HTML5 or Flash Faster/ Better HTML5 or Flash Performance? (Results vary) HTML5 Cheaper? (Its Free!) Flash vs. HTML5 Better visual Flash effects? (as of today) Compatibility on HTML5 iPad/iPhone? Compatibility ? Compatible with Flash old browsers? Mobile Learning Interactions 9
  10. 10. 8/24/2011 Technologies Custom Development 3rd Party Rapid Development Tools Web Apps Flash, HTML, HTML5 Raptivity Hot Lava mLearning Studio Articulate Storyline Lectora X4 (Sencha Touch - framework) Native Java, Objective C (PhoneGap - framework) Mobile Learning InteractionsCharacteristics of mLearning interactionsIdeal characteristics: Modular Interactive Non-linear Selectively render content Balance of text & media SCORM trackable SWF or HTML5! Mobile Learning Interactions 10
  11. 11. 8/24/2011Few Tips for creating mLearning interactions• Keep them short - Edumercials• Separate Content from Presentation• Videos & Animation are effective mLearning interactions• Use caching and local storage for SCORM• Viewport meta tag <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0"/>• Use rapid development tools like Raptivity for quick turnaround• Use tools like PhoneGap to convert to app• Test…Test…Test!!! Mobile Learning Interactions Edumercial A leading insurance company uses the concept of commercial Advertisements to train sales staff - Short duration - Lively - Entertaining - Non-linear Mobile Learning Interactions 11
  12. 12. 8/24/2011 Video interactivityShort customerservice trainingmodules deliveredsuccessfully viacross platformvideo to franchiseemployees Mobile Learning Interactions Raptivity: Flash/HTML5 Interactivity side- by-sideFlash interactivity samples: HTML5 interactivity samples: Mobile Learning Interactions 12
  13. 13. 8/24/2011 Thank You! Contact information: Janhavi Padture 510-378-8409For more information about our products: Raptivity: YawnBuster: Mobile Learning Interactions 13