Get Started with HTML5 using Raptivity Interactions: Webinar presentation


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With the increased usage of smart phones and tablets in education, the eLearning course developers are looking for tools and technologies to reach a wider audience in unique ways. Raptivity has launched world’s largest library of eLearning interactions for iPhone, iPad and other cutting-edge mobile computing products

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Get Started with HTML5 using Raptivity Interactions: Webinar presentation

  1. 1. Get Started with HTML5 using Raptivity Interactions Copyright © 2005-2012 Harbinger Knowledge Products
  2. 2. Raptivity Now in HTML5! Presented by Rapid Interactivity for Effective eLearning Developed by Harbinger Knowledge Products March 6 2012John Swindall Jamaica
  3. 3. Agenda
  4. 4. PollAt what stage is your organization in implementing mLearning?o mlearning, what’s that?o It’s been discussed, not right nowo Currently evaluating mlearning solutionso I have an m-learning course on my mobile device now
  5. 5. Raptivity - Now in HTML5 Launching Essential with HTML5 interactions 35 Interactions 6 InteractionsWorld’s largest library of HTML5 interactions
  6. 6. Raptivity HTML5 features 41 HTML5 templatesPublish to HTML5 with a single click SCORM Tracking No programming knowledge required AND…Convert existing interactions to HTML5
  7. 7. Sample Course created using Raptivity HTML5 output Study Module on 3G Technology
  8. 8. Raptivity Demo
  9. 9. Raptivity Output Comparison: Flash, Mobile and HTML5Output Types FLASH MOBILE HTML5FeaturesDevices PCs Windows Phone All platforms Android including iPhone & iPadSCORM Yes Yes YesCompatibilityBrowser Support All All Best supported by Chrome, Firefox, Opera and SafariVideo /Audio MP3, FLV, F4V FLV, F4V MP3, OGG, OGVsupportPublished File Type Multiple File Output Multiple File Multiple File and Single File Output Output Output
  10. 10. Upgrade to Raptivity 7.0 Version Upgrade Details Purchase PriceWithin first 3 months FreeWithin 3 months to 1 year 15% of MSRP (at time of upgrade)After 1 year but less than 2 year 30% of MSRP (at time of upgrade) New product needs to beAfter 2 years purchased Please write to for your specific upgrade details
  11. 11. SPECIAL WEBINAR OFFER 20% OFF on Essential Includes all 35 HTML5 templates Offer Valid till March 31st, 2012
  12. 12. Download a Free Trial 20% OFF To Purchase Raptivity You can also write to info@raptivity.comThank you for joining us today! ~ John & Jamaica