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Case study braincraft

  1. 1. Case Study: Braincraft, Norway 1.1. Quote from the Managing Director“We chose Raptivity because we wanted to be able to make flash interactionsourselves, and to give our customers the means to create interactiveeLearning themselves. Raptivity gives us a competitive advantage in theNorwegian market by providing our customers with an advanced toolkit tocreate interactivity themselves” 1.2. About BraincraftBraincraft is a Norwegian eLearning specialist, provides creative eLearningsolutions such as customised eLearning content development, LMSimplementation and blended eLearning. Braincraft has a customer-basecomprising of retail companies, construction industry, publishing houses,industrial tool providers, railroad, training companies etc. Braincraft focuseson creating eLearning content where the focus on interactivity andtechnology are well balanced. 1.3. Prior to RaptivityTo develop eLearning courses, Braincraft trainers gave ideas about theinteractions and used some templates which they had created in their ownauthoring tool and outsourced their Flash development of interactivities. Thiscost a lot of time and money. 1.4. Client: Largest Supplier of Health and Wellness ProductsThis organisation is Norway’s largest supplier of health and wellnessproducts. They import and distribute known, leading brand-name products invitamins, minerals, supplements, natural cosmetics and herbal remedies. 1.4.1. The SolutionNow Braincraft can chose between a number of templates and make dragand drop exercises, a simple “drop down list” or a match the pair’s activitythemselves instead of having to buy these services externally. This has alsoenhanced the interactivity and hence increased participation from learners.The development time for this exercise was minimal.
  2. 2. 1.4.2. Example: Multiple Choice Question InteractivityFigure 1: Example of using Raptivity interactivity by Braincraft 1.4.3. Drop Down List’ InteractivityFigure 2: Example of using Raptivity interactivity by Braincraft 1.4.4. Benefits to Course Creators: • More creativity, more templates to choose from, this is without requiring any knowledge of programming. It is very easy to create loads of interactions in a short span of time. 1.4.5. Benefits to Learners • More interaction in the courses • More fun • More variety • Grasp & retain attention 1.4.6. Feedback shared by Braincraft: • Raptivity enables Braincraft to produce more content themselves which gives them more control over the result and the costs. • We like Raptivity because it is easy to use. We can make our own flash files and integrate them into our courses easily.