Survival kit - Going to Game Developers Conference / Game Connection


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Going to Game Developers Conference or Game Connection? All you need to know about … A general introduction + survival tips from Thomas H. Lund, CEO of Full Control

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Survival kit - Going to Game Developers Conference / Game Connection

  1. 1. GDC/GC Survival Tips
  2. 2. FULL CONTROL - Full Control since 2004 - 10 own games released - survived 5 GDC/GC trips - 20+ other conferences - 100s of interviews - 100s of pitches
  4. 4. WHY GO TO A GDC/GC
  5. 5. WHY GO TO A GDC/GC Pick ONE!!!
  6. 6. GDC IS MORE THAN ONE THING @GDC Sessions Expo Play Career IGF Indie Mega Booth @Not-GDC Game Connection Misc indie meetups Hotel suite meetings Bar meetups Parties
  7. 7. NOT WHY YOU ARE THERE Its Work - Not Fun
  8. 8. HINTS - FLIGHT Try to get some hours of sleep DIRECT with SAS!!! Avoid US connections Immigration on connect flights in USA (2-3+ hours) ESTA, “secure flight”, APIS, passport expiration
  9. 9. HINTS - JETLAG +9 hours timezone - major jetlag warning! Arrive Fri/Sat and not Sunday (jetlag) Melatonin pills! Get into the day rhythm
  10. 10. HINTS - HOTEL Downtown around Union Square and towards Moscone Either ultra cheap or very expensive next to Moscone SF very noisy - highest up floor + earplugs
  11. 11. HINTS - USA DONT EXPECT ANY WIFI/PHONE SERVICE Buy 1 month AT&T card or similar 110 volt, US cables
  12. 12. HINTS - USA Cash is king! Multiple credit cards Tips (+15-20%)
  13. 13. HINTS - CONF SURVIVAL No meetings before 10 No important meetings Monday morning or Friday afternoon Leave room for lunch - 1 hour
  14. 14. HINTS - CONF SURVIVAL Good quality business cards ( Good shoes a must Spare deodorant, Tic-tacs or gum Water! Travel light - iPad-only perfect!
  15. 15. PREPARATION 20 second pitch 20 min powerpoint pitch Demo build/video/screenshots
  16. 16. PREPARATION Follow-up material Pitch training!!!!!! Company t-shirts, handouts, …?
  17. 17. PREPARATION Book meetings MIN!!!! 3-4 weeks before Game Connection bookings PR agency Old-school phone calls
  18. 18. PARTIES Book parties 3-4 weeks before Parties are networking events - pick the right ones Go home when people get drunk Nordic party is the best (usually Thursday)
  19. 19. HOTEL LOBBIES Even better than parties From 17-20’ish W, St. Regis and similar high end hotels around Moscone and Union Square
  20. 20. MEETINGS Print meeting schedules and contact info Be polite, but direct on your intentions Dont take meetings that do not fit your intentions Dont linger, dont oversell
  21. 21. MEETINGS BE ON TIME! (Remember travel distances in planning) Be a social human as well as professional STOP if you feel there is no interest
  22. 22. MEETINGS TAKE NOTES! Bring pen Writing on biz cards perfect! (Your brain will be fried and you will not remember)
  23. 23. FOLLOWUP Minimum 2-3 weeks followup VERY hard work Prepare budgets, docs, videos, builds before going
  24. 24. CHANCE MEETINGS TALK TO STRANGERS!! Prepare ice-breakers Always have biz cards Put on the badge!!
  25. 25. QUESTIONS? Thomas Hentschel Lund