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Interworks promotional-booklet

  1. 1. FOCUS ONYOUR SUCCESSRemove the distractions of technology.“InterWorks has been exceptional with I.T. support, network installations,and any other technological issues we have encountered. The over-hauland transition of our network was smooth, and any questions or issues wehave are resolved quickly.”- J. Brian McFarland, Shawver & Son, Inc.We are an I.T. services and business solutions provider, offering a widerange of services. Our team of experienced consultants and techniciansare dedicated to delivering quality service to each of our clients.Starting with computer networking and technical consulting in 1996,we grew quickly and adapted services to match the needs of ourclients; expanding into web strategy, business intelligence and softwaredevelopment. Today we serve major entities in business, government andeducation throughout the world.Blending technology and expertise greatly enhances the value of yourbusiness but the right blend can be challenging to manage. Let InterWorksremove the distractions of technology so you can get back to business.
  2. 2. completetechnologysolutionsIdeas and support for your business.Your job should be about getting work done, not trying to fix technologyissues that might be holding your business back. Technology is alwayschanging and evolving — InterWorks is at the forefront of those changes.We can cater to the specific needs of your industry, office, and team toprovide personalized solutions. We also provide a strong support networkto ensure that our solutions stay viable, and continue to expand yourbusiness. Our variety of services will enhance the productivity and truepotential of your business.ClientsAny industry - companies both large and small.Our clients include:We pride ourselves on our diverse pool of clients. Our team providessolutions to clients ranging from small home-based businesses to thelargest multi-national corporations, governments and world-renowneducational institutions across the globe. Each client receives the samehigh level of service and responsiveness that has earned us our stellarreputation of customer excellence.
  3. 3. Maximize profit by turninginsight into action.Businesses today are swimming in data. How can you turn thatdata into knowledge and actionable insight quickly?We specialize in developing effective solutions that challengethe old high-cost high-risk model of business intelligence. Withour proven, incremental approach, we utilize the best-of-breedsoftware tools, expert knowledge of database design, andworld-class knowledge of data visualization techniques, tobuild understandable dashboards and reports — turning yourdata into stories that help identify opportunities, address issuesand make actionable discoveries.Whether your needs include looking for a new solution,consulting (short-term or long-term), project management,consolidating data or user adoption services — InterWorksis the leader in low cost/high value business intelligence.Services include: project planning, on-site training, datavisualization with Tableau Software, SQL database design& development, ETL (extract, transform & load) design andsoftware development for business intelligence.Partnering with other industry leaders allows us tospearhead the big data movement.Our Business Intelligence Partnerships• Tableau Gold Partner• Certified TableauReseller• Certified TableauTraining Partner• Vertica PartnerBusinessIntelligence
  4. 4. B.I. ResourcesInterWorks is constantly striving toengage the world with big data.Business Intelligence BlogOur diverse team of B.I. consultants, analysts,developers and network architects work toregularly publish supplemental Tableau andbig data wisdom to the InterWorks B.I. blog. Awealth of information is available to users of alllevels of experience. Tableau users searchingfor answers to questions, insider knowledge,video tutorials or dashboard design expertise,may turn to the InterWorks blog for solutions.Tableau Performance AnalyzerQuickly analyze your Tableau Dashboardsto decrease load times and increaseperformance.Tableau Softwares ingeniously simple interfaceand flexibility with connecting to almost anydata source continues to win praise andsupport around the world. However, Tableauisnt a miracle worker and cannot alwaysproduce the snappy, interactive dashboardsif the data source is overly complex or fraughtwith design errors. If your dashboard suffersfrom these slow load times, we now have asolution: The Tableau Performance Analyzer.We developed this tool to help diagnose theroots of Tableau dashboard performanceproblems. It may seem like pure magic, butour experience in Tableau Software consulting,database development and software designgave us the tools to understand these problems.The Tableau Performance Analyzer is free todownload at“InterWorks has exceeded our expectations ineach aspect of their described services. We’rehappy to have partnered with InterWorks.”- Jim BellangerDatabase AdministrationAera Energy
  5. 5. Complete networking, storageand data recovery are no longeroptional for your business.BusinessI.T. consulting& ServicesInterWorks began in 1996 by offering computer support with a simplegoal: keep the client happy by removing technology as a distraction.Today, computer support is just one of the many areas where we havefocused our attention. Your technology needs may include enterprisesolutions, small business solutions, business continuity planning, VoIPphone systems, DR planning, risk management and much more. Ourexperience and horizons have grown significantly, but the goal of our group has not changed.Through budget analysis, planning, implementation and support, ourtotal I.T. approach will allow you to direct your company’s I.T. needssmoothly and efficiently.By surrounding our company with like-minded organizations, we remain at theforefront of the technology industry.Our I.T. Consulting Partnerships:
  6. 6. DisasterRecovery PlanningWhen disaster strikes,those with a plan comeout on top.Disasters come in many forms. From tornadoesand fires to air conditioning issues, yourcompany needs to be prepared. InterWorks hasworked closely with many public and privatecompanies, analyzing business systems andimplementing disaster recovery plans.We start by understanding your business andexisting I.T. environment. We make sure we knoweverything we can about how your companyworks so that we can help you do what it takesto ensure your company stands firm through adisaster.Work with InterWorks to optimize your internalprocesses and develop a business continuityplan that goes beyond technology and into thecore of your company.Scale your storage andbackup needs with yourbusiness.Storage needs can change dramatically withinany organization. As one server needs morespace for an application, another server mightbe phased out of the infrastructure. Traditionalserver-based storage leaves islands of unusedspace and untapped performance. However,using centralized, enterprise-class storage suchas Dell EqualLogic or Dell Compellent, storageutilization and overall performance can bemaximized.A SAN (storage area network) not only helpscreate an I.T. environment allowing for greaterflexibility, but it also helps to simplify the datacenter. With a SAN, as your business grows andmore storage is needed, adding the necessaryspace and performance is simple. Additionally,using “snapshot” technology, backing up andrestoring your data becomes both faster andeasier.If you are considering virtualization, disasterrecovery, or data simplification, realize thatthe “backbone” to implementing any of theseprojects successfully is an enterprise-class SAN.Data Storageand BackupConsolidate resources toimprove your business’sinfrastructure.Many businesses today face challenges withtheir existing infrastructure due to serversprawl, lack of scalability, lack of redundancy orjust old hardware. One of the leading practicesacross all industries is virtualization, which isthe concept of consolidating resources, both incomputing and storage.InterWorks partners with the leadingvirtualization provider, VMware, as well astechnology leaders such as Dell EqualLogic,Dell Compellent, and Veeam Software toprovide complete virtual infrastructure solutions.Reducing power costs and operationalexpenditures, virtualization increases innovationand scalability as well as opens new doors forbusiness continuity and disaster recovery.Not ready to go virtual yet? InterWorks canprovide you scalability via enterprise storage toprepare you for the next step. We work closelywith clients to determine needs and growthrequirements to ensure your success.Virtualization
  7. 7. WebStrategyKnowledgeable webexpertise to support yourbusiness goals.The revolutionary nature of the web givesorganizations endless opportunities to connectwith their audience. New technologies, creativevisionaries and amazing devices set the stagefor innovation with each new day. Your webstrategy must embrace these opportunities tostand out from the crowd.Success online is now a complex journey anda website is no longer the beginning or an end.An effective web strategy should consider allaspects of online communications; includingdesign, development, social media, mobileapplications and enhanced accessibility. Thisunderstanding is our passion; this is what theInterWorks Web Strategy team loves to do.“InterWorks is THE best web services vendorI have ever worked with, bar none. They areprofessional, knowledgeable about everyprogramming language, timely, and extremelyresponsive. I cant recommend them highlyenough.”- Shani B. MagoskyChief Operating OfficerJaffe PR, Law Firm Marketing & PRWashington D.C.SoftwareDevelopmentEnhance productivity andefficiency through purpose-built applications.Although we understand software developmentbetter than anyone, we know the real key toa successful project is understanding yourexpectations.InterWorks begins any project by helping theclient define exactly what they are looking tobuild. Simply stating the business case for aproject is no longer enough. Understanding theusers and how each expects to interact with thesystem is the core of our success in softwaredevelopment.Combine this effort with the best developers,architects and project managers in the businessand watch your expectations become a reality.Many more on the way...Our software products include:LandbossLeasing SoftwareFightin’ WordsMobile Game App
  8. 8. InterWorks provides total to companies acrossa wide variety of industries.• Banking & Financial• Oil & Gas Companies• Healthcare• Marketing / Social Media• Higher Education• Specialized School Systems• State & Federal Agencies• Construction• Wholesale• Real Estate• eCommerce• Legal Services• Non-profit Organizations• Manufacturing• Retail Industries• Advertising / PR Firms• Dental• Insurance• Business ServicesOur knowledge of the following industries andtheir unique I.T. needs sets InterWorks apartfrom other I.T. service providers.Industries We Servetotal i.t.servicesWe have the experience to quickly understandthe requirements of a client’s market. Let ourdiverse pool of industry expertise move yourbusiness forward.
  9. 9. Global ReachApply technology to enhance your business andeliminate barriers.Nation-wide and around the globe, InterWorks specializes in network support,business intelligence, software development, web strategy, virtualization, datastorage/backup and disaster recovery planning. Whatever the technologyneeds of your business, the InterWorks team can create and implement thesolution that will work for you — location is not a barrier for us.resources available nation-wide and around the globe
  10. 10. TheInterWorks WayGrowth and RecognitionExcelling in all things tech, development, web and design, InterWorkscontinues to be a successful solutions provider for hundreds of clientsfrom an assortment of industries. Company growth has been largelyorganic, and for the past five years, InterWorks has been recognizedas an Inc. 5000 fastest-growing private company. InterWorks is not onlyknown for its success in a number of services, but also for its companyculture and dedicated employees.Industry Swagger• Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Company – 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012• CRN Top 50 Fastest-Growing Company Award – 2010, 2011• Best of Business Award (OKCBiz): Best I.T., Web Design, & Hosting Company – 2010, 2011, 2012• 2010 Dell Partner of the Year• 2010 Veeam Pro Partner of the Year• 2011 Innovator of the Year (The Journal Record): for the development of Landboss Software• Top 10 Best Places to Work in Oklahoma – 2011, 2012• Metro 50 Award (OKC Chamber of Commerce) – 2011, 2012• Certified Tableau Reseller• Tableau Software’s Inaugural Gold PartnerAwards andAccomplishments
  11. 11. Meet our industry-leading teamat withInterWorks
  12. 12. | 866.490.9643 | Corporate Headquarters 1425 S. Sangre Road | Stillwater, OK 74074