Generating Actionable Insight from Social Media


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Generating Actionable Insight from Social Media

  1. 1. Generating Actionable Insight from Social Media Russ Booth – Social Media Specialist #LeadTheConversation
  2. 2. PCS Who we are…
  3. 3. PCS and InterSystems The partnership…
  4. 4. Social Knowledge Generating Actionable Insight…
  5. 5. Social Knowledge #LeadTheConversation “Social media is pure text, so that means we need to understand every word, phrase and conversation because that is vital to getting true insights. It’s not enough to know when, how many and how often people are talking, you need to understand what they’re saying”
  6. 6. Social Knowledge Generating Actionable Insight…
  7. 7. Social Knowledge Generating Actionable Insight…
  8. 8. Social Knowledge Nespresso…
  9. 9. Social Knowledge Nespresso…
  10. 10. Social Knowledge What this means… • Do Nespresso need to invest in A-list celebrities to promote their products? • Opportunity for Nespresso to launch an informed social media campaign to engage with these customers • Should Nespresso reconsider how it positions its product?
  11. 11. Social Knowledge Budweiser…
  12. 12. Social Knowledge Budweiser…
  13. 13. Social Knowledge What this means… • The advert was a huge success • Puppy and Horse could also be utilised in future campaigns, not just across TV advertising • The negative conversations around the Sochi decision died down quickly, suggesting an immediate reaction was not required and could of made things worse
  14. 14. Social Knowledge Nedbank…
  15. 15. Social Knowledge Nedbank…
  16. 16. Social Knowledge What this means… • Despite the Nedbank Cup and its latest advert driving positivity and conversations around Nedbank… • There is a cause for concern regarding Nedbank’s core operations due to the negativity surrounding their accounts • Should inform them to launch a campaign to negate such negativity and re-engage with such customers
  17. 17. Big Data The link with social media… Infographic via Go Grid, 2013
  18. 18. Big Data Volume… • 72% of all internet users are now active on social media • 1.4 billion Facebook users worldwide • 70 billion pieces of content shared on Facebook each month • 3,000 pictures uploaded to Flickr on average each month • 190 million tweets per day
  19. 19. Big Data Variety… Image via Teckconn, 2012
  20. 20. Big Data Velocity…
  21. 21. Big Data Velocity…
  22. 22. Big Data Velocity…
  23. 23. Social Knowledge and Big Data How we are different… • Start performing analysis on big data in just 7 clicks • InterSystems technology enables us to truly understand the Language on social media in real-time • Providing us with Actionable Insight from social media big data • Therefore providing business value from big data by using such insight to produce positive outcomes
  24. 24. Contact How to reach us... +44 (0)1902 374757 @PCSltd1 @Social_Know PCS InterSystems Account Manager: Chris Norton InterSystems France: Tristan Debove / Robert Bira See PCS and InterSystems on stand…