Bushnell Trophy Cam Review


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I wish I had purchased this game camera that day it came out! View this detailed review by http://www.DeerTrackingCameras.com .

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Bushnell Trophy Cam Review

  1. 1. Bushnell Trophy Cam
  2. 2. Bushnell Trophy Cam 5 Megapixel Digital Game Camera Passive Infra-Red motion sensor 24 Infra-Red Emitters ?
  3. 3. Bushnell Trophy Cam
  4. 4. Bushnell Trophy Cam Low Power Consumption. Six Months of Standby Operation on eight AA alkaline batteries. Twelve Months of Standby Operation on eight AA lithium batteries.
  5. 5. Bushnell Trophy Cam IR Flash Lens Passive IR Sensor Lock Hole
  6. 6. Bushnell Trophy Cam Mounting Strap Slots Latches
  7. 7. Bushnell Trophy Cam 6 volt external power Screw Mount
  8. 8. Bushnell Trophy Cam 6 Volt Power SD RAM Slot TV Connector USB Connector
  9. 9. Bushnell Trophy Cam Trophy Cam Manual Strap & Buckle USB cable TV Cable
  10. 10. Bushnell Trophy Cam Three position switch Off Setup Mode On
  11. 11. Bushnell Trophy Cam LCD Display Shows all of the cameras current settings, picture status, and battery strength.
  12. 12. Bushnell Trophy Cam Easy programming! Menu button OK button Left / Right buttons Up / Down buttons
  13. 13. Bushnell Trophy Cam Setting Default Options Camera Mode Images Video Image Size 3 MP 5 MP Video Size 640x480 320x240 Video Length AVI 10 Sec 1 – 60 Sec Capture Number 1 photo 2 / 3 photos
  14. 14. Bushnell Trophy Cam Setting Default Options Interval Between 1 minute 0-59 secs 1-60 mins Sense Level Normal High / Low Time Stamp On Off Timer Switch Off On 00:00 – 23:59
  15. 15. Bushnell Trophy Cam SD Cards up to 2 GB supported. Make sure the camera is off when inserting or removing memory cards.
  16. 16. Bushnell Trophy Cam Other features: Trigger Time < 1 second PIR Range = 45 feet IR Flash Range = 45 Feet Temperature Range = -5F to 140F Color pictures and videos by day, black and white pictures and videos by night.
  17. 17. Bushnell Trophy Cam We Like: The ultra compact design just over 3” x 5”. The battery life. Trigger speed. Overall performance of the camera.
  18. 18. Bushnell Trophy Cam We Don’t Like: Lock hole / Security. Weak buckle. Slightly grainy video.
  19. 19. Bushnell Trophy Cam Lock hole is very small and made of plastic. Requires use of small gauge lock.
  20. 20. Bushnell Trophy Cam Recommend use of camera lock box from CAMLOCKBOX.COM.
  21. 21. Bushnell Trophy Cam Overall Opinion:
  22. 22. Bushnell Trophy Cam For more Game Camera Reviews, Game Camera Pictures, Game Camera Videos, and just a bunch of Game Camera Talk… Visit: DeerTrackingCameras.com