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GATES Yearbook - An Erasmus+ Project | |


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GATES – Building skills for social entrepreneurship. Game based training to answer the disruptive shift that will reshape the youth workforce landscape.

~ Running dates: January 2018 – June 2019
~ Programme: Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships in the field of Youth
~ ID number: 2017-2-PL01-KA205-039199

Published in: Education
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GATES Yearbook - An Erasmus+ Project | |

  1. 1. Building skills for social entrepreneurship. Game based training to answer the disruptive shift that will reshape the youth workforce landscape AN ERASMUS+ PROJECT PLAY4IMPACT.EU
  2. 2. Aims & Focus Assess the situation of sub-employed young persons. Detect their training needs with regards to social entrepreneurship. Determinate a set of competences and skills (both hard and soft) that define social entrepreneur. Develop a new pedagogical methodology based on games to promote social entrepreneurship among young people. Design a training tool base on a previous pedagogical approach. Build an informal, open and collaborative environment that supports learning and facilitates knowledge and ideas sharing, while promoting joint entrepreneurship activities (peer-mentoring approach). Create a critical mass on project topic and involve different actors, enhancing the multi stakeholder approach. Define the transfer-ability and compatibility of the developed approach to other young people collectives and to other learning areas. Project’s main objective is to enhance the employ-ability of young people and their position in the labour market, developing their competencies and skills for social entrepreneurship through game based learning.  In order to achieve this main objective, project aims to : Running dates:  January 2018 – June 2019 Programme:  Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships in the field of Youth ID number: 2017-2-PL01-KA205-039199 02PLAY4IMPACT.EU
  3. 3. The board game Gamification 101 Board games are an important tool to provide hands-on and heads-on skill and knowledge development for people of all ages on all subjects in fact. Not only do well-designed games create an engaging atmosphere, they also provide a nonthreatening, playful, yet competitive environment in which to focus on content and reinforce and apply learning. The board itself provides a visual metaphor to help connect information. Effective games serve to organize information in a conceptual framework and to make it concrete. 03PLAY4IMPACT.EU Gamification 101 Games provide not only fun but serious learning in a captivating manner even if commercially available relevant games are used (Bokyeong et al. 2009). They enable the players to become decision makers, experimenting with different ways of thinking, experiencing the subject domain in different ways, creating a platform and capability of future learning and problem solving (Gee 2003).
  4. 4. The document has been developed following a path that we began in the objectives of the project, and we go through it stopping at important aspects such as social entrepreneurship (which shows us the different elements that compose and determine it), the emerging technical, social and/or interpersonal skills that are key to empredner socially (and their interrelations) and the pedagogical approach to use within our training tool. And thus reach our first goal of the GATES project: Conceptual map of the project. OP1. High concept document PLAY4IMPACT.EU 04
  5. 5. GATES board game, will develop two different types of competences, addressed while playing and learning how to set and manage a social enterprise. GATEScompetences Social impact assessment Social Assessment Financing & Resourses Management Time Management Planning 05PLAY4IMPACT.EU
  6. 6. Social intelligence: ability to connect to others in a deep and direct way, to sense and stimulate reactions and desired interactions. Sense making: ability to determine the deeper meaning or significance of what is being expressed. Novel & adoptive thinking: proficiency at thinking and coming up with solutions and responses beyond that which is ruled based Cross-cultural competency: ability to operate in different cultural settings. Computational thinking: ability to translate vast amounts of data into abstract concepts and to understand data-based reasoning 02 06PLAY4IMPACT.EU
  7. 7. 1 board game 4 countries 8 cities Dozens of activities A 5-days transnational workshop Hundreds of players OUR PLAYFULL TRAVEL
  8. 8. We reviewed the goals and aims of the project, contributed to design of the GATES Game for boosting key competences and skills of young social entrepreneurs and discussed about the preparation period for the 5 days GATES TC (Feb. 2019) in Spain. 30-31 JAN. 2018 Kick Of Meeting – Albacete, Spain 08FAVERANDSTONEGROUP POS Co-working Space, our associated partner, hosted us within the framework of the first cycle of entrepreneurship “ReSTART U.P.” organized in collaboration with the University of Patras, for an afternoon Session about social Entrepreneurship and social corporate Responsibilities, there, we got the chance to present GATES Project and present its’ aims and deliverables. 29 MAR. 2018 GATES Project at “reSTARTUP”, Patras, Greece
  9. 9. Our partner organization InterMediaKT presented GATES Project during the Partas IQ 2018 Expo. It is the biggest knowledge transfer & technology event in Western Greece. The project drew the attention of many people interested in its scope. Members of InterMediaKT spoke about the project in the local Media (TV and radio). APRIL 2018 GATES Project at IQ EXPO, Patras, Greece 09PLAY4IMPACT.EU On 6-7 July, our project partner InterMediaKT participated in the first Social Economy EXPO of Western Greece, organised in Patras.For the first time, the EXPO intended to gather together the social enterprises, organisations and stakeholders of the region, inform them about the upcoming opportunities based on the new national framework, create a network, record their needs, and provide advice and mentoring on how to grow. Hundreds of people visited the EXPO, including Minister of Labor Efi Achtsioglou, Vice Minister of Labor Theano Fotiou, Regional Governor Apostolos Katsifaras, and InterMediaKT had the chance to promote our GATES Project explaining the method of gamification as an educational tool, as also how it can be the base for creating a social enterprise idea. 6-7 JULY 2018 GATES project at Social Economy EXPO, Patras, Greece
  10. 10. InterMediaKT happily hosted the partners of GATES project for the two- days meeting. By revisiting the progress on our board game creation, the content development strategy and the upcoming C1 learning Mobility, which will take place in Albacete, Spain, we can now keep up to date with game-based training to answer the disruptive shift that will reshape the youth workforce landscape.The consortium visited our associated partners from Greece, “Cafe Gefyres”, a social cafe in Patras, which is trying to integrate people with mental disabilities in the labor market. Also, POS Coworking Space – POS4work, who is not just associate partners of the project, but also the first co-working space in Patras and who will be the first entrepreneurial setting to enjoy our GATES board game for social entrepreneurship!We spoke with its’ people, we learned all about their upcoming tasks – activities and we’re glad to have them in our network!!! 10-11 SEP. 2018 2nd Transnational Meeting Patras, Greece 10PLAY4IMPACT.EU Within the framework of GATES project, we organized a combined mobility of young persons, held in Spain in February 2019 with Dramblys being the hosting partner. A total of 11 younth workers participated in the mobility: 3 from Poland, 4 from Greece and 4 from Spain. In addition, 4 (one from each partner) persons supported the learners who participated in the mobility as Group Leaders. Together with the training activities, participants developed cultural activities that supported GATES training process. 25/02 – 01/03  2019 Training Activity – Albacete, Spain
  11. 11. GATES C1 TRAINING PROGRAMME Day 1 Morning Session Introduction of the evaluation activities and pre-survey completion Programme presentation, group agreement and our expectations GATES project presentation Youth social entrepreneurship in question Afternoon Session Let´s Play! GATES Board game presentation and evaluation Day 2 Morning Session WOMCA Workshop: Breaking the fears of being an entrepreneur WOMCA Workshop (part II) Visiting Albacete Business Innovation Centre Afternoon Session Visiting AJE Albacete Day 3 Morning Session Mission: “YES, WE CAN” Five Steps Activity to Develop Social Entrepreneurship Spot on & Make it LOUD! Inspiring – Identifying – Visualizing Afternoon Session GLOBE board game presentation: playing for green entrepreneurship Day 4 Morning Session Introduction of the session Reframe the local issue to address: Co-create solutions (the social enterprise) Pitching your ideas Visiting “Restaurante Escuela El Sembrador” Afternoon Session Visiting “Café Tienda Romero” & “Koopera Store" Day 5 Morning Session Training assessment and working on the follow up ideas 13PLAY4IMPACT.EU
  12. 12. On 16th – 17th of March we had the chance with our partn 2019ers from InterMediaΚT to play and test our board game during Social Bus session at Sparti TechLab in Sparta, Greece! More than 20 participants played and tested our game providing valuable feedback and of course, having a great time! MARCH 2019 GATES Game testing phase at Social Bus session at Sparti TechLab - Greece 11PLAY4IMPACT.EU The Young Foundation ran GATES testing session on the 3rd April, with students of 6th grade (ages 16-17) at Wood Green School in Witney (Oxfordshire). Three of their teachers and a social entrepreneur joined with the students and observed them playing. The young people playing found the game very competitive which they enjoyed it, quite challenging to figure out the rules but had fun eventually. APRIL 2019 The Young Foundation – GATES board game testing session | April 3 at Wood Green School in Witney – UK.
  13. 13. The Multiplier event was organised by The Young Foundation in Mulberry Academy Shoreditch, London, on the 8th May 2019, under the title Prototyping ideas, using GATES board game example.The event invitation was disseminated using The Young Foundation’s local networks in Tower Hamlets. Local leaders were invited by invitation and the school supported dissemination. The young participants were recruited within Amplify Youth programme participants at Mulberry Academy Shoreditch.The event was run with a group of young people and a teacher that are already participating in The Young Foundation’s programme Amplify Youth in Town Hamlets. Three experts attended the session – a teacher, a community leader, a community worker and a council representative – contributing to the discussion with young people and participating in the activities with them. APRIL 2019 Prototyping ideas Workshops in London, by The Young Foundation 12PLAY4IMPACT.EU For second consecutive year, οur partner organization InterMediaKT presented GATES Project during the Patras IQ 2019 Expo. It is the biggest knowledge transfer & technology event in Western Greece. The project drew the attention of many people interested in its scope. Members of InterMediaKT spoke about the project in the local media (TV and radio) and informed the visitors about the project goals and the GATES board game. APRIL 2019 GATES Project at IQ EXPO for 2nd time – Patras, Greece
  14. 14. On Friday, 19/4, in POS4work, Patras, Greece, our partners from InterMediaΚT did their second testing of our board game’s draft version!They organized an interactive workshop talking about the effect that a social business can have in society. The workshop included playing the #BoardGame of our project.We keep working, we keep improving, every day closer to our goals APRIL 2019 2nd testing of our board game’s draft version! Patras - Greece 13PLAY4IMPACT.EU On 8th of May our Greek partners from InterMediaKT ran the 3rd test session of the draft version of our board game. The board game introduced the participants into the principles of Social Entrepreneurship and the learning objectives of the European GATES Project. MAY 2019 InterMediaKT’s 3rd test session of the board game
  15. 15. 28 participants took part in the board game session GATES. They were given box with the prototype and written rules. Without any game master, teacher or facilitator they were encouraged to play and make all the comments. Among the young people, we hosted players from Brazil, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Poland. For the organizers it was a nice experience to see if the mechanics works. Well, some points must be improved and comments were really useful. What the people liked the most was the fact that they have to make decision by themselves and the is also a competitive spirit. What thet did like least was the long instruction that made them bored at the beginning. JUNE 2019 Fundacja Autokreacja testing session on 27th of June 2019, Warsaw, Poland 14PLAY4IMPACT.EU On 11 July the Young Foundation ran our second testing session with the GATES board game in Nottingham at the Dice Cup board game café. We had a great time running four different games with the board game enthusiasts at the café and gathered a lot of helpful feedback and advice. JULY 2019 The Young Foundation’s testing session 11 July 2019 – Nottingham, The Dice Cup
  16. 16. On 27 July the Young Foundation ran our third testing session in London at Proceed Clockwise, a board game café just down the street from our office. We ran four games with young people and board game enthusiasts who gave us helpful feedback on the handbook and the game itself. JULY 2019 Young Foundation’s testing session on 27 July 2019 – London, Proceed Clockwise 15PLAY4IMPACT.EU On 5th of September, with all our our partners, InterMediaΚT, TYF-The Young Foundatio and Dramblys we had an opportunity to present our business board game in an event hosted by Fundacja Autokreacja !Together with youth people, we named our game “Sociopolis“!!Soon you will find more information and news about “GATES Project” on our website, in GAME section! SEPTEMBER 2019 GATES Conference – Sociopolis Game Presentation – 5/9/2019, Warsaw, Poland
  17. 17. On 27 July the Young Foundation ran our third testing session in London at Proceed Clockwise, a board game café just down the street from our office. We ran four games with young people and board game enthusiasts who gave us helpful feedback on the handbook and the game itself. SEPTEMBER 2019 Sociopolis in Oldham – 24th September 2019, by the The Young Foundation 16PLAY4IMPACT.EU DRAMBLYS organized two Multiplier Events that took place on the 27th and 28th of September. The event celebrated on the 27th of September took place at Delirio Coffee Place. It counted on the 11 participants, including young people and youth workers and trainers and/or social entrepreneurs. The event celebrated on the 28th of September took place at the Municipal Youth Centre, counting on 9 participants: youth workers and young people interested in social entrepreneurship mainly. During the events DRAMBLYS has presented GATES project and the methodology behind SOCIOPOLIS game and so, the participants had an opportunity to play SOCIOPOLIS. During both events a very positive feedback has been gathered from the participants regarding the game, who enjoyed learning and playing. Below, posters and some pictures from the events. SEPTEMBER 2019 Dramblys Multiplier Events – 27th & 28th of September 2019, Albacete, Spain
  18. 18. 30/09 InterMediaKT’s Multiplier Event “Playing for impact – The “sociopolis” board game” On 30th of September 2019 InterMediaKT organized an event called Playing for Impact – The “Sociopolis” board game” which aimed at young people, students, executives, youth trainers, HR managers in order to promote the use of gamification, to develop a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship for young people / employees through our board game.A sense of initiative concerns not only how to set up a real business, but also the ability of the individual to turn their ideas into action. The use of playing techniques is a way of arousing interest, involvement, motivation and creativity among team members.During the event, InterMediaKT also presented the methodology and results of the European GATES project and played live the board game our consortium developed! 17
  19. 19. Reach Us For questions or more info WEBSITE FACEBOOK PAGE GATES Project | @play4impact EMAIL ADDRESS 18