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BYOC: Build Your Own Community


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Through my work with ALIA Sydney and the International Librarians Network, I have now experienced collaboratively creating two successful volunteer-run professional development communities. Both of these communities engaged professionals across the entire spectrum of experience including the newer sections of the profession by creating opportunities for them to build connections and create their own professional development. Recently I have written a couple of more formal research papers reflecting on my experiences using the communities of practice research literature, however today I will take a less formal approach and synthesize this to talk to you about how you can build your own strong, vital and sustainable professional development communities, plus share a bit of information about how you can join mine.

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BYOC: Build Your Own Community

  1. 1. BYOC: Build YourOwn CommunityUNSW Library
  2. 2. -
  3. 3. @katecbyrne @alysondalby@newgradlibClare McKenzie Kate Byrne Alyson Dalby
  4. 4. @InterLibNet
  5. 5. Why do you want to build a community?- What is it that is currently missing?- Is there a market for it?- Could I work with an existing group?- Is there a reason this doesn’t currently exist?
  6. 6. Find some friends.
  7. 7. Make a plan, and a back up plan.How will you deal with:- Succession planning- Sustainability- Technology and venues- Volunteers- Participants- Money
  8. 8. Ask for more help.
  9. 9. Look after your helpers.
  10. 10. Make a leap of faith.
  11. 11. Remember there’s time to grow.
  12. 12. - Identify your aims.- Find some friends.- Make a plan, and a back up plan.- Ask for more help.- Look after your helpers.- Make a leap of faith.- Take time to grow.
  13. 13. Contact us for more informationKate ByrneOutreach Team Leader, Science Engineering and MedicineUniversity of New South Wales, Librarians